What Are Your New Years Preparedness Resolutions?

Okay, it’s the New Year. It’s a time when many people make their New Year’s Resolutions. Not only might you have some personal resolutions in your mind, how about a few ‘preparedness’ related resolutions?

There are plenty of concerns for 2017, so why not do something about it by becoming better prepared for whatever may come your (our) way?

Some of the ‘concerns’ that were input from our reader comments last week includes…

-Economic decline continuing to gain speed
-Worldwide economic collapse
-Inflation, hyperinflation
-Having enough cash, cash flow
-The ongoing media propaganda war to divide citizens
-The increasing divide in this country
-Civil unrest, riots, racial, political
-Civil War
-International conflict, War
-Rogue foreign powers
-Nuclear war
-Decline in education, more people who don’t have a clue
-The people who are NOT prepared
-The intentions of our current government
-Orwellian legislation
-Continued erosion of our rights and freedoms
-Globalism, World government control
-Influx of illegal immigrants
-Large scale power outage
-Natural disasters

With that said, lets talk about our preparedness resolutions for this year (if you wish)…

Input your comments below:


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    1. Amen!
      Definitely going to be limiting how much garbage i read, and theres a lot of it out there

  1. To be honest,for myself nothing will change. I was on this path 20 years ago and still am. Whose is in charge of the country really makes no difference to me as I don’t think that they really run anything. I just keep doing what I have been doing which is trying to cover bases such as food,water, tools,PM’s ect. While I have stepped it up over the last 5 years or so that’s more due to having more income than anything else. I plan on retiring in about 7 years and push more for that than anything else. While I believe we will come on hard times in the future I have done what I can to cover that so what comes will come.

    1. @ poorman

      I agree with you, I’m heading down the final stretch to retirement in 18 months. Most everything I’m doing now is focused on that.
      Interesting you mention “hard times”, seems to me a lot around here feel we have been living hard times for quite a while now, and that’s probably not going to change soon…. Too much .gov in the air.


      1. @NRP
        Yeah I do know some people think they are on hard times now and I am quite sure some are really haveing some problems but I think most of what we are all going through will pale to what is comming. I hope I am wrong.

  2. Got a mushroom growing kit for Christmas. We harvested our first crop for New Years morning breakfast. Now I’m hooked. So easy and fast requiring little light, little space and very little time. So many varieties.

    I now am ordering various types to keep a crop feeding us year round. Highly recommend it. I thought there was a discussion group here just for growing mushrooms but now don’t see it.

    Ken, is there a discussion or category going on with mushroom growing? I would have thought Survival Garden would have it covered.


    1. Those things are so cool, i cant get them to ship to Hawaii because of ridiculous USDA regs,,,, they let them bring in all sorts of invasive landscape stock but a box of peat and mushroom spores is a no no,,,, go figure

      1. There are definitely local edible mushrooms. Find them at the right time you could get spores and start your own. Or just go hunting wild, if that’s allowed.

    2. When it stops producing, find a good spot for it outside, spread it around, cover it with straw and keep it watered. Depending on the variety and your location you can maintain a “wild” population. I want winecaps in my forest garden.

    3. @ Bug out chicken. AKA, Piano-playing-chicken

      How about writing an article on growing Mushrooms, I would bet that Ken would put on the Blog… Might be very interesting for those of us that just get treated like a Mushroom… HAHAHA


  3. I plan to learn new skills like canning, gardening and work on physical fitness! I will also continue down the path of the lifestyle I have only recently embraced. I have been introduced to some concepts and ideas on this blog, that have helped me find meaning to my meaningless life.

    Here is to a great new year!

    1. @ Tex N

      If ya happen to discover the “Meaning Of Life” pass that along will ya?
      AND I would bet you do NOT have a meaningless life at all…..


      1. @NRP

        That makes me chuckle. I have long since quit looking for the meaning of life! My son is grown, my job is dead end and unfulfilling. I lived hard and travelled when I was young (Navy). Now I go into the wilderness once a year to “challenge” myself, then return to the real world and have the life sucked out of me… again.

        So I guess you are right. My life is not meaningless, just devoid of the diversity I once enjoyed.

        Thank you for your kind words, that caused me reflect on life.

  4. mine is learning how to make pemmican can anyone tell me if ground BEEF would work for making it i mean something like 95% beef the real low fat kind

    1. Yes! I make it all the time. Sliced or ground dried beef, elk and venison. I use rendered beef suet for the game meats. Dried cherries, blueberries. cranberries, raisins, currants, dates (yum), salt and raw honey.

        1. If you have a really good dehydrator like an Excalibur. Set on high. If, not put it in the oven, spread thin on a cookie sheet on the lowest temp with the door cracked open (I use a wooden spoon) over night. Depending on humidity. I live in a dry area.
          Ground beef tends to get a sour taste pretty fast and you will taste it in the pemmican if dried too slow.

          1. i have a nesco so ill have to dry it in the oven or make jerky the old way which i know how to do pretty well

  5. Resolved to work on better health.

    Went through preps arranging foods in order of pull dates. Resolved to do this more often.

    Resolved to use more natural remedies, especially for my indigestion, which is my main health problem (apart from failing memory.) I bought some Turmeric from the grocery store since I had read several articles on this site concerning the health benefits. But I am wondering if I bought inferior stuff. It was only $4.99 for a BIG jar — 6.5 oz. It says “100% pure , Nothing Added” and it comes from Connecticut. Does anyone know what I should look for in a potent product?

    1. DaisyK

      re the turmeric

      I only (for long time now) purchase certified organic turmeric, in sealed foil pouches…can\t recall the brand.

      yrs back when I started using Turmeric, a friend from India warned me, that apparently there is HUGE market in adulterated/fake/dilute turmeric. She said that even when she was back in India, it had been a problem.
      I was a bit stunned, as “fake spices” who knew, and did a fair bit of searching on the net, which seemed to confirm that.

      At that point I started buying the sealed organic stuff (which I do find benefits), but my husband wasn’t yet convinced. He bought a fair sized bag from a regular grocers (MUCH cheaper). After he used it a few times and said he found some kind of “grit” in it, he chucked it.

      the thing my friend said / I read that are put in turmeric to “dilute” it (much like one reads drug deals often do to stretch the product) such as

      -sweepings off factory floors
      -finely ground glass/sand
      -left over dried paint

      1. Anon,

        I think you are right about the grit. I used some in my chicken vegetable soup today and my soup seemed kind of gritty and the taste was off. I will still eat the soup as I made a big pot. It is supposed to be below zero all day today and get to the minus 20’s the rest of the week. Plus it is snowing again so I will be staying home all week and keeping warm with hot liquids. I let my black dog out the back door and when he comes back in a couple minutes later, dusted (or coated) with snow, I can tell how much it is snowing. My version of sending a dove out to see if the flood has subsided.

        1. Daisy K, for hubby be on the look out for citric acid. It is in soooo many products. Especially drinks, even organic juices. I finally found Martinez or Martin something, that has NO citric acid. I eliminated it from my diet and tummy is good now. Takes a little time for healing, but should help.

    2. DaisyK

      re the memory

      I have read many times that very good memory aids are
      real chocolate which is NOT denatured as that kills something…(have bought some in the organic store, but it upsets my stomach…)

      beet juice/beets

      having listed those two, though, only in small regular amounts, as too much of either can increase Nitric Oxide, and too much is not good either

      1. Ken did an article on memory and chocolate not to long ago. The brand was raw cacao powder by Navitas. I use the recipe that was posted alternating with one that is fruit and no peanut butter powder for something with less calories.

    3. Daisy K,

      My husband has terrible digestion problems and after several years of misery, doctors, drugs, tests, surgeries, I can tell you what helps him.

      Aloe juice. He drinks 4oz a day. You can mix with juice of you like. Too much can cause diarrhea.
      Licorice root teas. I make him a bulk tea of licorice root, peppermint and chamomile base, then add extras for flavor to change it up. Dried citrus peals, hibiscus, lemon balm, etc. He drinks two large cups a day. DO research or talk to your Doctor if you have a history of heart problems.
      A square of dark chocolate after meals. He swears it helps.
      Of course the baking soda treatments for acute symptoms.
      Raw milk soothes his guts. Doctors disagree but it works for him. Raw, not pasteurized.
      He still walks around belching and you know what…driving me crazy, but he feels good. Better out than in. Right?
      We make Golden Milk and drink it as a family in the evenings. Any kind of milk, turmeric, ginger, pepper, cinnamon, honey and salt. I make a paste of the herbs and add to the warm milk.

      As to the turmeric purity, I personally do not buy anything that is not organic. If it doesn’t come from my farm or my hands. Organic only. Especially something grown and shipped from overseas. You can’t go wrong with Mountain Rose herbs online. Starwest on Amazon has good products also.
      You can grow turmeric in the southern states outdoors and indoors in pots.
      I understand that some incomes are limited, but don’t spend money on something that you are not sure about.
      That is just me, I am a well mannered food snob.

      1. When I have heartburn, I drink raw milk. i learned that from my pregnant daughter.

    4. It was interesting to learn that diluting or adulterating saffron used to be a felony. One of the herbs they used in its place was turmeric.

    5. @ DaisyK and all

      Regarding Turmeric, I buy mine from a local Health Foods store, get it by the pound at $13.5 per pound in a Mylar package, I buy 5 pounds at a time so another 15% off AND an Old Fart discount of another 10%….. a LOT cheaper than in a grocery store for sure…. Brand Name, Frontier Co-Op.


      PS; it works, period, see Ken’s article on some mix recipes.

    6. Turmeric might be the cause of my nose bleeding. Look for sellers of the root, slice it up and keep it in a jar of vodka and it will keep forever. Put a tsp of that in your tea. Do the same with ginger. Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor, just a hobbyist.

  6. On my frig:

    1. Stay organized. Remember to thank the person who first created the clear rubbermaid tote. This doesn’t have to be a struggle.
    2. Remember where I put stuff. Also, the list that says were I put stuff.
    3. Stay in my happy place. Avoid large crowds, at all costs. Some people are actually dumber than they look and that is sayin something. You simply can’t go around throat punching people anymore.
    4. Puppies are cute and they are not preps. You must resist. Remember, the force is with you. Walk. Away. From. The. Puppy.
    5. Stick to the prep list. The list will keep you strong, it is money in the bank.
    7. Get heart rate up 30 minutes a day. Blow the stink off. Farm work alone wont keep you healthy.
    8. No matter what, please label jars at the time of filling. Especially herbs. You will forget exactly what you put in them, you always do. The smell test is not always accurate.
    9. Stop trying to have bad habits, you aren’t good at it. Seriously.
    10. Remember that resolutions are simply improvements to make your world a better place. Easier. A gift to you that costs nothing. They don’t hurt and they can’t eat you.

    1. FarmsteadMom

      Good to see you use a list. Helps maintain a good inventory.

      Items that I consider to be of urgency to get my hands on quickly, I have used color coded tape. Orange, Red and White. In some cases I have used reflective tape.

    2. @ Farmstead Mom

      Good list…. All except #9…. I’m very good at my bad habits… LOLOL


  7. Mine is to work on our health, take the time to get a few check ups and make sure everything is in good working order. If its not, get it that way! I feel we are healthy but if and when something happens Drs may not be as available. So if we take an extra step now, I feel we are better equipped to make it!!

    1. I had 1200 rolls stored in my pantry once, the mice found that endlessly entertaining.
      Now, I must store it in sealed 55 gallons drums.

      1. @ NRP

        Interesting how someone keeps using my name for comments…..
        And from the time stamp it’s someone over on the East Coast.
        Ken you might think on how to put a stop to this.

        Not happy about that, thinking it may be time to move on.
        Too bad, this was a good blog for sure.
        Y-all have a good year….. Bye.

        NRP, the real NRP

        1. @Real NRP

          Don’t leave us. Some of us look forward to your comments; you make this site interesting.

          Maybe someone has NRP as initials and doesn’t realize that someone else is already NRP on this site. On another site I was using “Daisy” the nickname my father gave me, but when I discovered someone else was also Daisy, I switched to DaisyK.

        2. The real NRP

          If you are in the Mountain Time Zone, we will keep our eyes on the discrepancy and try to discourage the impostor. Hate to loose you.

        3. NRP
          This is for the REAL NRP

          Good grief, this is occurring when Ken is out of town. Hang on there as you said IP addresses are traceable. Worse comes down to it, we can send a witch doctor after them.

        4. NRP,sorry to hear it. I had it happen once awhile back.It was kind of a nasty comment. I let it slide. I don’t comment much anymore though…
          I just come to read the articles now and read what folks post.
          Once you get a bigger audience these types of behaviors are bound to rear their ugly head…

        5. When I found this site I just read and learned a lot for about a year before I added anything. Then someone used my name so I waited and then used another. NRP, you have been a great help to many of us, if nothing else to give us a laugh about TP. I would hate to see your wisdom leave this site.

        6. Maybe a log in with username and password in order to comment? That way nobody could use someone else’s username…

        7. Hi NRP (real – not fake),

          I get back in town and see that this problem continues. Please do not go – hopefully Ken can figure out a solution to this. Your contributions are waaaay too valuable for any of us to want to let this faker drive you away… I hope you will re-think this. Happy New Year, my friend!

        8. @NRP (the original and one and only), Gosh, I’ve been gone for a couple of days and this happens? You can’t leave me! Luv ya! Beach’n

          1. @ Beach’n

            Naw, got it out of my system, figured some butt-wipe is not worth the time, or me getting pissed about.
            I have to remember brain dead POS’s need to play…


      2. Thanks, NRP—

        Now I have a visual of mice wiping their little heinies! Sheesh.


  8. This year my preps will be:
    1. Find the holes in my prepping
    2. For transportation I would like to buy a second hand bike and a gas motor to attach to it. The kit is about $250. It gets a hundred miles to the gallon. Our area has some big hills and this would solve the problem. I will also store some extra fuel with the addition of Pri-G.
    3. I would like to install a solar system. I have the panels but a lot more has to be bought and installed.
    4. Hope for a profitable year at the market to pay for all of this.
    5. I have been alone in my prepping, except for all of you which helps tremendously, thank you. I would love to meet and talk with another prepper.
    6. Install the security gate on the root cellar.

    I haven’t quite figured out how to find these prep holes. I have gone through the categories several times and seem to have covered everything, except defence. I am hoping my DH will start on that. I have recommended several books I have, but to no avail.

    Nothing is a secret in this area. When we dug the spot for the root cellar we hit ledge and it became an above ground root cellar. Then the government cut down all the trees along the road and it became visible. I covered it with black plastic for the winter to prevent erosion and it became extremely visible. Children going by on the school us were asking their parents if it was a bomb shelter and could they go there in a nuclear war.

    The only advantage of this exposure is that intruders will head to the root cellar instead of the house. This gives us the ability to set up a defence of our choosing rather than being limited to the house and it’s visual restrictions.

    Perhaps ny last prep should be not to worry, although I believe there is plenty of reason to.

    1. shut down all your grid utilities for a weekend – find your holes. Keep doing it every weekend until your are satisfied.

  9. I don’t do new years resolutions. My brain seems to take the time limit as a challenge. I’ll finish the greenhouse in the spring (providing I can figure out where to put the coal) expand my garden space, reduce water use, work on the forest garden and if possible plant my edible landscape strip around the outside of the property.

  10. Pay off the mortgage on our house. It’s do-able, with effort.
    CAREFULLY plan improvements for our newly-acquired 5-acre BOL. The trick will be to keep my hubby from going at it like a bull in a china shop. He’s into form and I am into function. He’s impulsive as all get-out, and I like to plan what works. We have to find a nice middle ground…like my goat mentor once said “Blue eyes don’t put milk in the bucket!”

  11. @ Daisyk. Have you tried Bragg apple cider vinegar in water? Or if over 50, perhaps it would help to supplement with HCL, and digestive enzymes. Just a thought. As always please be sure to consult with your physician or a licensed health care practitioner.

  12. I don’t do new years resolutions….I DID prepare the 2017 budget and examine what work load I can slim to….will also be taking a fresh inventory this week to determine prep needs for the year…but these are the same habits as the last 20 years. so….I guess it is business as usual in this household. Best wishes for all.

  13. Since money will likely to continue to be an issue for us this year, I plan on learning new things that will make us a little more independent. On my list this year, is to learn how to make maple syrup if I can time it right. Last year I was 2 weeks too late to collect the syrup. Also I want to learn how to make soda (the right way, will explain further on Saturdays post). Last I want to experiment with making cheese. I have waxed hard cheese for long term storage, now I want to start with learning how to make soft cheeses since they don’t seem to store well for long term.

    Then if I can find a good source of organic turmeric and ginger root, I will to try to grow my own.

  14. Try Territorial Seed company for a great “baby ginger” planting. You can also get Cumin and Tumeric from them. I also recommend adding Epazote to your garden….it is great added to beans to cut the gas and digestive aggravations!

    1. Territorial is great but seems a bit pricey. Truthfully though I Can’t really recommend anyone else as I don’t buy enough to know. I do like Territorial as they are in the pacific northwest and in a zone fairly close to mine. Plus we have an old friend who lives in the same town.

  15. I have to replace my roof and stain my garage as most important resolutions this new year and will go through frugal means to save money to pay for it all without dipping into savings.

    And NRP, if you leave us because someone used your name and Ken is away not monitoring, I can only feel sorrow that a little thing would make you say good-bye.

    1. @ Stardust

      Naw I’m still around. I did write Ken an email and an Article, will see if he publishes it. About Respect and the results if/when TSHTF.

      Was going to say quite a few things, but I know who it was, so not going to pursue it anymore, not worth my time.

      BUT, this is a good example of not believing everything you see on the Net.


      YA know, just really pissed me off, and I know that’s my problem, not the person that tried to be funny. Called inter reflection and I know better than to let it bother me. Thanks for the kick in the ass BTW.

      1. NRP, I’m glad you’re back! I really enjoy all the different folks here with so many skills, experiences, knowledge and (best of all humor), thanks!

        1. @ Grey

          Thanks for the WB, took a day to get my head screwed on right and a flaming mail to Ken…. HAHAHA


  16. 2017 is the practice run for 2108 retirement, test the retirement budget versus the usual yearly budget. Review what we have used or not used, restock, work on expansion, add additional functionality to be vague. Stopping cigar smoking, aside from the health aspect it was an expensive habit (but I did like a good cigar).
    No resolutions, just keep rolling to the strategy/plan. Similar to NRP, 16 months to retirement, time will pass quickly as it always does. 2017 is the year of repairs, fix up, replace or get most, if not all, the equipment needed into retirement.

    1. Grey,
      Working until retirement in 2108? Wow! That sure makes for a long work career. (ha-ha) I’ve only got 10-15 years left. Now that doesn’t seem nearly as long to me anymore!

  17. Perhaps one of the best things to do in order to preserve our way of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, is to be prepared to vote in 2018.

  18. The direction we are headed with our lives will not change too much this year.
    We will continue to buckle down on our budget and live below our means .
    Building a new home this spring ,our final place because of our vintage, 70’s +.Hope to be in it by October.
    Strive harder to enlarge our self-reliant network.
    Strive harder to be caring towards those we meet .
    Stay alert to things around us .

    Grace and Peace to all on this great blog site.

  19. Surprise them all and find someone who it matters to. Leave it to them in the will. It is kind of hard to take when you see your offspring with dollar signs in their eyes. My stepmom is re-connecting with the son who had nothing to do with her and previously tried to have her declared incompetent to gain control of her finances. Not that she has that much but he’s the kind who would take the last $50.00 out of checking account. Actually he did.

    1. I would change its land use when it got to be too much to handle… Maybe plant hay for one who already has farm? and consider doing smaller scale, unconventional method, like hydroponics/aquaponics..to keep up the production for family use with less labor intensive method. Are grand children close enough to learn optional farming methodsIt is amazing to raise own fruit/vegs…be a good lab to teach them.

    2. old homesteader

      If you find someone that you feel would really want and love the farm you can set up a trust so that you stay on your farm and then they become sole owner when you pass on. I think that with a trust if ‘things change’ you can change the trust.

  20. We don’t make resolutions but continue to set goals for each year. This year we will focus on learning to breed and raise our heritage hogs and meat chickens will be added to our chicken endeavors. The garden did well last year so we will add a couple more root crops like parsnips and carrots this year. I am not planning any major projects at the homestead since I think I am wearing out my spouse! But if he wants to do on on his own, I wouldn’t feel bad since it would be his idea.

    I think about the age factor thing too ….but we will enjoy this for at least a dozen more years (if nothing bad happens). After that, not sure what we will do since the kids are mostly in other states and don’t have an interest, although the the grands love it here.

  21. resolution # 1, Need to remember to drink the cacao daily. Getting old is truly a bitch. Cold outside and we had our first true snow here in many years. It wasn’t enough to cover the grass and most of it has already been washed away by the rain. I feel like such a wimp when I think about all of you with so many feet of it on the ground. Just not used to it.

    resolution # 2, Buy more PMs. need to get the gold up to a dividable by 2 amount to split between my daughter and stepdaughter. Silver should not be to much of a problem. Gold is around 1150 an ounce and I wonder how low it will go. I think my buy price will be when it dips below 1100. I certainly won’t be buying any huge amounts as the budget won’t afford it. I think maybe a few more 1/10 ounce maple leafs will do. I do prefer the Canadian coins as the purity is a tad higher at .9999 compared to the US at .999 and the coins tend to be a bit cheaper for some reason.

    resolution # 3. buy more goldmine stock. I bought FRGOX about a year ago at 10 and sold last August at about 21. Doubled. Wish I had bought more. It’s currently at about 14.50 and has been down to below 13. If it gets to 12 I’ll buy as much as I can if I can convince the wife. I get tired of the her saying “You can’t eat gold”. Well you can’t eat stock either (unless it’s livestock!) And I did do very well on my last hunch!
    I know a lot of you are counting on Trump to pull us out of this economic swamp but I don’t see it happening. China will move to make the yuan the international currency during his term and if they back it with gold it will happen. The value of gold will wither rise or be stabilized. Either way I see higher demand and mining stock should go up.

    resolution # 4, enjoy my vacation to Hawaii. It’s been a long time since we had a nice vacation. Hopefully the world as we know it won’t end while I’m gone.

    resolution # 5, if the world as we know it ends, get a job on a sailboat in Honolulu heading for the west coast. I can offer ER skills as well as being a competent sailor to a captain as well as a well stocked retreat to head for.

    resolution # 6, get my step-daughter to go after the deadbeat dad who is now 5 months and $5000 in arrears in child support. He is currently not working and living with his alcoholic meth addict girlfriend on the alimony that she gets. His father is on his way out and I doubt that he will last the year, his mother is in better shape but he does stand to inherit when she goes. I know he has done a lot of union work over the years and that union retirement is attachable for child support. Does anyone know how we would find out where to look for that? Thanks

  22. Old homesteader,I agree.Leave it or sell it to someone/family who will care about it as much as you do.
    I’m thinking like Clint Eastwood inthe movie ” Gran Torino”.
    Maybe leave it in a family trust to the grandkids.Sometimes caring about the family homestead skips a generation…

    1. No you are not being a mean old man! Once the family farm is sold it is almost impossible for the ones who wanted/ needed it to get it back. put stipulation that it must remain in family… never to be hocked.

    2. Nope.Do what you know is right for you.
      My Grandfather’s oldest brother got the family farm when their mom died.(my grandpa was the youngest born 1896.)
      The brother promptly sold it and moved to New York city. My Grandpa and two other siblings had to move in with relatives.
      The farm had been in the family since the late 1700’s. They grew broadleaf tobacco as the cash crop in Connecticut.
      No one ever heard from the oldest brother again.
      My grandpa never got over that betrayal of the family and the farm. We would still have it in the family. My Dad would of made sure of it.
      So do what your heart tells you to do…

  23. No resolutions. I just don’t do well with them.
    In 2016 I/we made adequate progress on goals and desire to do more this coming year.
    My Goals are limited, and not new ones..
    1) to continue to work on health issues addressing gastric,anemia’s and immune factors with natural means (have poor tolerance to meds)
    2) Continue to learn and grow in all areas of life…
    3) coninue to Work on my physical weakness’..doing some form of exercise,informal regularly.
    4) Continue with prepping. The reasons I prepare have not changed. tornadoes, storms, sickness,loss and non existent job market.

  24. I resolve to learn to shoot. There is a local gun store that also has a range and offers lessons. I think that it’s time to move past bear spray. I have lots of friends who are more than willing to take me shooting, but I think learning in a professional environment would make me more comfortable.

    Hubby just inherited a couple of rifles. We are planning on buying a safe before we take possession. If there will be guns in the house, I better learn…

    1. Good choice Skibum, learning in a professional environment , especially in your beginning mode is a wise move . Happy shooting .

  25. 1. Organize
    2. Organize
    3. Organize
    (for instance, after consolidating multiple households, how many pyrex measuring cups or 2qt double boilers does one person REALLY need?)
    4. Fill any gaps identified by prep inventory
    5. Get on the scale 1/9 and find out how many of the 50# I lost last year have to be lost again (thought they were left in CA, but they found me!)

  26. Happy New Year to everyone!

    I’m not sure I will call them “resolutions” but I have two things I will be focusing on accomplishing this year:

    1. Acquiring a piece of rural real estate.

    2. Getting myself better physically prepared: drop some weight, improve my physical endurance and increase my mental toughness. This is really an ongoing process more than a resolution, it is something to be sustained long-term.

  27. Get healthy. Organize my preps. After the bouts of sickness, I feel like like everything is a mess. Time to organize and see what I need.

    Just a little overwhelming…..ugghhh….

    1. Texasgirl! Yay you’re back!

      ‘Been praying for you girlfriend, hoping your feeling much better….

      Healing hugs, peace, new strength, and blessings coming your way :)

      1. @Shepherdess, thanks! Doing much better! Took all the advice. Also, had made some bone broth soup with garlic, think that helped too. Have been doing the molasses and turmeric as you suggested as well.

        Now the hubby is getting sick. Goodness. I am wearing a mask and gonna dose him up good. lol.

        Lots of catching up to do. So far behind.

  28. I will continue organization. A yard sale or garage sale is in order this summer. What I feel isn’t worth selling locally – I will try my fair chance at eBay (Sigh)… The rest as I see fit – will be donated to charity. I was left with quite a bit of stuff deal with, inventory, decide etc., when my father passed away.
    2016 was the beginning of my organization.
    No resolutions here – those are meant to be broken.
    GOALS – that is a better choice of words… Writing them down is the second step.
    Happy New Year everyone.

    1. @ Youngest Of 3

      I did a Garage/Yard sale once, had a lot of nice stuff, but having something worth $10 on sale for $1 and some wacko arguing/yelling that they will only give 25¢ is NOT worth the battle.
      Anymore it’s the trash can or the local thrift shop for free. I do NOT donate to Goodwill or those HUGE mega dollar places, when the CEO makes in the millions, forget it.


  29. I’m going to try to remove some of the Fat that’s around my belly , by eating less at night time. Fasting and praying more for Family, and the Leaders of this Great Country. Continue to Prep. Help those who can not Help themselves, Donate Food when necessary to those who are hungry………

  30. I will be trying to:

    Eat more fruits and vegetables, Eat less meat, Cut back on my salt intake and lose 5 more lbs.

    I remind myself that Rome was not built in one day. These changes will take time.

  31. I think I remember my resolutions I declared here from two years ago, and I haven’t met a single one. IN TWO YEARS!! So my resolutions will remain largely the same:
    Buy ammo for my handgun
    Target practice with my gun and the shotgun
    Plant a garden with a groundhog proof barrier
    Use my dehydrator
    Build a chicken tractor and raise chickens

    1. Country Girl,
      Not sure if this will help but my grandfather used to dig about 3-4 feet down in his garden and lay, in his time,wet newspapers, a layer of medium holed mesh screening,barrier,medium holed mesh screening for about 2-3 layers to the level you need to plant things in.Run it up the sides of your bed. Then he’d fill in with dirt and plant his rose bushes. His Roses were always beautiful and his veggie garden seemed to produce really great veggies without the moles and voles getting into the garden.The mesh would keep the moles out but the worms could get in and the newspapers would keep the weeds out if he happened not to get all the weed roots. Don’t know if it would work for groundhogs but I thought I’d throw this out.

  32. Sorry I haven’t been active lately but the job got REALLY more difficult over the last few months(“reorganizations”, people leaving,etc) so I was coming home and “crashing”. Barely got the house decorated for Christmas, Thank heaven Da Hubs, who has been retired (6 yrs now)picked up a LOT of the slack.
    Now that I have “officially” retired from the outside work force and Christmas is over. I can now concentrate on getting my things and house re-organized better, getting rid of the office clothing/junk we will no longer need, seeing my grand babies more AND posting more often.
    I hope all of you have a safe and prosperous New Year.

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