Okay, it’s the New Year. It’s a time when many people make their New Year’s Resolutions. Not only might you have some personal resolutions in your mind, how about a few ‘preparedness’ related resolutions?

There are plenty of concerns for 2017, so why not do something about it by becoming better prepared for whatever may come your (our) way?

Some of the ‘concerns’ that were input from our reader comments last week includes…

-Economic decline continuing to gain speed
-Worldwide economic collapse
-Inflation, hyperinflation
-Having enough cash, cash flow
-The ongoing media propaganda war to divide citizens
-The increasing divide in this country
-Civil unrest, riots, racial, political
-Civil War
-International conflict, War
-Rogue foreign powers
-Nuclear war
-Decline in education, more people who don’t have a clue
-The people who are NOT prepared
-The intentions of our current government
-Orwellian legislation
-Continued erosion of our rights and freedoms
-Globalism, World government control
-Influx of illegal immigrants
-Large scale power outage
-Natural disasters

With that said, lets talk about our preparedness resolutions for this year (if you wish)…

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