vacation-preparedness Given the timing (it’s August) and the fact that August is a popular month for vacations, I am curious to know what you have thought about taking, or have taken with you on vacation having to do with preparedness for ‘just in case’… I know that I typically bring some ‘extra’ preps whenever going away on a vacation, and I would imagine that many of you also do the same thing. For me, it depends where I’m going, how far away from home it is, how long I will be gone, my method of transportation, potential risks specific to the location itself, and any pertinent ‘current events’ which may become a problem… A list of a few things to consider – just enough to get your own gears turning:  

Preparedness Items To Consider Taking On Vacation

  Food. Although food can be purchased most anywhere, consider packing away some extra for the trip. Fairly easy if driving, and even easier if pulling a camper. Choose emergency foods that don’t require cooking. Water. Similarly, consider bringing a case of water with you, or buy one when you get to your destination. Portable Water Filter. A LifeStraw or a Sawyer Mini is good insurance for safe drinking water. They’re small and easy to bring with you. When I take my camper, I bring a Berkey to use for all of my drinking water. Gasoline (or diesel if relevant). This is easier if you have a pickup truck and can carry it in the back… Whenever I travel, I generally bring along extra diesel in appropriate containment. Additionally, I always keep my tank closer to Full than Empty. I always fill-er-up when I get there… Cash. Although seemingly 99% of people pay for everything with a ‘card’, I always bring plenty of cash if I’m on a trip. I pay for most things with cash anyway, so it’s part of my normal behavior. Note: If carrying a large amount of cash, always keep a withdrawal slip (or several of them) in your wallet to prove that it’s legit. Portable AM/FM Radio. A small pocket radio as simple as this one, ‘Best Cheap Pocket Radio’, or as nice as this one, Sony ICF-SW7600GR (my favorite AM/FM/Shortwave portable), will be an information source during a crisis. Plus, you might want to listen to your favorite talk-show, etc.. while you’re away 😉 Maps. A road atlas of the region you’re traveling is a tangible backup to your electronic GPS… Firearm. If you have a concealed-carry-license, and if traveling out of state to another state, check for reciprocity. The other state may honor your concealed carry license enabling you to carry there. With that said, it is your responsibility to make yourself aware of the related laws of the destination state. Flashlight. I always keep a flashlight in every one of my kits, and vacation is no exception. I still really like this one, Fenix LD22, which I reviewed here a few years ago… Full-tang Knife. While my every-day-carry pocketknife is practical for many things, I always bring a more substantial knife on vacation.   Now lets hear from you. What other things might you take with you on vacation for the sake of preparedness?