A bike (more accurately, a bicycle) is not only a great means of getting exercise (and fuel conservation), a bike for the additional purpose of preparedness seems like a good practical ‘tool’ to have around.

The question is, what is (would be) a good general purpose bike?

Over the years I’ve only posted two articles (so far) about bikes (bicycles) for survival & preparedness (I will link them at the end). However I believe the subject of a ‘survival bike’ which also is purposed for day-to-day enjoyment or local errands – warrants more ‘airtime’ on the site.

Knowing that there are many opinions about bicycles, and there are many purposes and price-points which affect an ultimate design or choice, I’m curious to discover some general guidelines and to identify ‘good’ manufacturers of either the entire bike itself and/or those manufacturers who build good components (the tires, rims, gears, hubs, etc..).

When I visualize a general purpose bike, I’m thinking of one which will ride both on pavement and reasonably well on dirt roads (not necessarily off-road in the woods, as in ‘extreme’).

The bike frame would be sturdy and strong while also not being too heavy (in other words, a compromise between the two – assuming that a heavier bike is probably a stronger framed bike – without having to spend thousands on exotic materials).

The bike needs to be reasonably geared to accommodate uphill and/or pulling a small utility trailer, but not too many gears such that it might create additional problems or headaches regarding excessive maintenance.

The bike would be comfortable to ride (not a racing bike). It would have a comfortable seat, reliable good brakes, dependable tires/ tubes and strong rims, dependable hubs – all from good quality manufacturers…

What’s your opinion? I’ll bet that some of you are ‘into’ bikes and can offer some good general advice, and for anyone else who happens to read this…

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