There have been many rumors and some speculation within the community of  survival preparedness blogs and alternative news sites as to the possibility and probability of economic failure of much of the western world’s system sometime during this Fall of 2012. Some are suggesting that this may be coupled with or preceded by a False Flag event, or major civil unrest, or perhaps even the onset of WWIII. Many are suggesting that the collapse will make that of 2008 look insignificant in comparison.

Some are saying that the Federal Reserve will be able to stave off a major collapse by injecting more ‘quantitative easing’ into the system (QE3, QE4, etc.) if it needs to, while others are saying it won’t be enough or it’s too late for that already – or that Obama won’t allow it to happen prior to the election – or that he will if it’s bad enough. The fact that there is a presidential election in November certainly changes the political chess game that is being played – a very dangerous one at that… ever heard of an ‘October surprise’ ?

Most people who have been somewhat following the financial news, and who have been digging a little deeper than what the alphabet news channels have been feeding us, ‘know’ or feel in their gut that this is all wrong, corrupt to the core, and that a collapsing domino effect could bring it all down… rapidly…

Many times we (the system) have apparently reached the edge of the proverbial cliff, but have been pulled back just in time. Are we again near the edge? Are there bodies (bailouts) to pull us back yet again?

Many feel that the events happening in the world today (economic, political, civil) are coming to a head, and there is a growing consensus that it may be this year. There are varieties of opinions as to how quickly things will go ‘bad’. The question for most is not whether there will be a crash landing, but whether it will be a controlled crash landing or a nose dive into the ground at cruise speed. If there is to be a crash, the powers-that-be ‘probably’ would prefer a controlled crash (except for those deep into conspiracy), but the arrogance of the notion to be able to control the worlds largest economic disaster in history – is foolish at best. Anything could happen, but one thing probably for sure… it won’t be good.

So the question is, when is your preparedness deadline?

Have you set a goal to have your stores in order by a certain date?

Do you feel the need to do so?


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