Here’s a question for you all – What are the various drinking water filters that you own, or have owned, or you desire or plan to buy?

I’m curious to hear your experiences (good or bad) regarding any given drinking water filter that you’ve had.

Currently I own several small various ‘portable’ drinking water filters (intended for hiking, keeping in a backpack kit, etc..) and I also own a few ‘tabletop’ water filters (one for home and one for the 5th-wheel trailer while out on the road camping).

Today there are lots of filters to choose from and there are all sorts of prices – some cheap – some in between – and some expensive. Generally, I believe that you ‘get what you pay for’, but sometimes I’m pleasantly surprised to discover economical alternatives.

Before I reveal what I have – let’s hear from you 😉
Pros – Cons of a given water filter?

UPDATE: As of this update, here is the list of water filters which have been mentioned:


Royal Berkey

Big Berkey

Sawyer Mini

Life Straw

Sawyer Squeezable Pouch

Katadyn Pocket

Berkey Lite

Katadyn Vario

Lifesaver 4000


Katadyn Hiker

Sawyer DIY Bucket



First Need