It has been very pleasing to see new preppers being ‘born’ during these past few years. I can also tell you that I am not surprised that they are all people our age or older. I believe the economic situation of the world today is a big reason why these people have taken to being prepared.

Some of these people are retired and are living on fixed incomes. That alone is a great reason to take advantage of sale prices and stock up. Some of them were children growing up during the Great Depression so they remember the hard times and they can see what is happening.

I was so impressed during one occasion when we visited the homes of family members on both sides of the families. Both families had built new shelving areas and started quite an impressive collection of ‘preps’. The smiles on their faces showed their pride.

There were several reasons that prompted the new shelving units. One reason was the lesson they learned from losing power for days during a freak October snow storm last year. Yes, they lost power, but they were all prepared! That sense of accomplishment is a great feeling. This lesson they learned helped to motivate them along with the fact that they were tired of paying the ridiculous prices for groceries. Both families are taking advantage of sales run by their local grocery stores. It is only common sense to take advantage of these sales and pay a lower price for items you will use.

This week we decided that we will get together one evening, and I will make my homemade pizza. I make my own whole wheat pizza crust. The eyes lit up, “Oh, will you teach me how to make your crust?” she asked.

“First we will mill our flour, then I’ll show you how to make the crust” I said. They were excited. This is what I love to see. I could remember when I was growing up, I learned how to make cake from scratch from my mom. Scratch, not a box mix!

This is part of what concerns me though. Younger people, generally speaking are not prepared. Not only are most of them not prepared, but they don’t even think any catastrophe or tough times could happen. They are oblivious. Most cannot bake from scratch, grow their own vegetables or start a fire. Please, involve them and teach them.


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