rivers and streams interactive map

The following Rivers & Streams online interactive map is pretty cool!

You can browse and zoom anywhere in the United States to discover rivers and streams.

And the really neat part is that clicking on a river or stream will trace it’s entire path either upstream or downstream (selectable).

Have you ever wondered where that note in a bottle might end up if you toss it into the river? This map will show you!

Knowing where rivers and streams come from, and where theyโ€™re going, could be a big help in planning a boating trip (canoe, kayak, fishing, etc..).

It’s also helpful if traveling to a new area while planning an outdoor excursion. Or just having a general knowledge of your own area and region.

The map tool also has a topographical base and additionally enables the ability to print a map based on your selection.


Good Preparedness To Know Your Regional Rivers & Streams

No matter where you live, it is very good preparedness to know where your water sources are located! To have a mental picture of the ‘water map’ as you would any road map.

The USGS ‘Streamer’ map provides more detail as you zoom further in to a location.

I did notice though that it doesn’t include the very small streams (there’s one running behind my property which isn’t showing up for example). However that’s just a small feeder coming down a mountain to a larger stream.

When you zoom,

– The topography is shown in greater detail

– More of the rivers will pop into view

– Their names will be shown

– You can click anywhere on a river system and it will highlight all of the river flow which is upstream, or downstream.

– “Trace Reports” provide information about the water bodies, streams, and stream flow stations along the routes that you select.

Have fun exploring:

USGS Streamer

Having a Road Atlas Map For Each State will also indicate many or most of the rivers, streams, and lakes in your area. I always keep these maps in my vehicle for my own state and the surrounding states.

Another resource:
State Fishing Maps

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