Sustainable Living Before The Crash


Chris Martenson, a former science professional, gave up his large home and high-status job for a rural life where he began sounding an alarm on economic dysfunction by practicing sustainable living.

Why a conservative economist moved to the country…

Martenson says, “I’m absolutely mathematically certain about this, that if we do not willingly, on our own terms as a nation, get our debt levels under control, eventually, those chickens will come home to roost.”

Anticipating the financial turmoil ahead, Martenson paid off all his debts, bought a rural home and land, bought gold, built a sustainable lifestyle, and is sounding an alarm that rejects most of how America has been going about its business.

Martenson says, “What is wealth? When I say wealth, sometimes, people think money, but money is not wealth. It is a way to store wealth. Primary sources of wealth, that would be rich soils, a thick stand of trees, rich fishing waters, (etc..) That is primary wealth.”

These are the kinds of investments that make a lot of sense, because they’re tangible, we understand them. It’s different than sending your money off to Wall Street and crossing your fingers and hoping for the best.

Unfortunately, the main-stream has brainwashed people into thinking that this kind of mindset is crazy, as exemplified by a comment from Martenson’s wife, “The hardest thing about the transition was explaining to people in my family and my community what we were doing, because they really thought we were crazy.”

In his own life, Chris says he’s cut hies standard of living in half and has doubled his quality of life. “I’m not saying everybody should do that or I’m admirable because of it. But I have learned that we can do things far more efficiently and effectively and have better outcomes. And why wouldn’t we do that?”

PBS NEWSHOUR interview with Chris Martenson:
unfortunately PBS has a 30-second commercial first…

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I have no affiliation with Chris or his website, Peak Prosperity, but I believe what he has done is a good example for the rest of us. He put his money where his mouth is and changed his life. My hope is that more people will consider the same…

Many people have already viewed Martenson’s ‘Crash Course’, but if you have not, I do recommend it. The Crash Course seeks to provide you with a baseline understanding of the economy so that you can better appreciate the risks that we all face.

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