The Red Fox, The Deer, And The Turkeys


The title might sound a little bit like a kids story, or maybe you’re thinking it’s leading towards a lesson about nature’s predatory food-chain, however instead it refers to the following pictures I recently took while looking outside the windows here at the MSB retreat 😉

We seem to have a resident mascot, a beautiful red fox which we’ve seen from time to time. Just a few days ago, later in the afternoon while sitting at my home office desk, out of the corner of my eye I noticed movement outside the window next to me. There he was again, the rather large red fox. I grabbed my camera and started shooting. Here are a few of the pictures.





Mrs.J feeds the deer during the winter. The other evening I noticed five deer timidly making their way across the driveway to the feeder. It was nearly dark – although the camera managed to capture enough light (and a boost from Photoshop) to present a few decent pictures.



I guess it was about a week ago while in the office (similar to the red fox sighting) I noticed a gaggle of turkeys strutting around the yard. They were pretty big – eight of them altogether.



Hopefully you enjoyed the wildlife pictures. It’s one of the things we really enjoy about living here – surrounded by nature, wildlife, and no sign of human civilization 😉


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