A Tsunami Of Crime Is Coming


While crime rates had been declining for two decades, it appears that the bottom is in, as is indicated by the government reporting Thursday that the violent crime rate went up 15 percent last year, and the property crime rate rose 12 percent.

Preppers need to take a hard look at their security, their situational awareness, and implement preventative and proactive measures to counter the rising tide of what’s sure to become a tsunami of crime as our ‘real’ economy and the majority of those affected will become increasingly desperate in the months and years to come…

ABC News via an Associated Press report from Pete Yost, says that a new crime victimization survey indicates America’s crime rate is up sharply.

“You’re getting more evidence that this is a change in the trend,” “It’s clear that crime levels have reached what seems to be the bottom in terms of the declines…” said criminology professors of University of Maryland and Northeastern University.

It was found that less than half of violent crimes were reported to police last year, and only about a third of property crimes were reported, skewing the reality of some (lower) crime rate claims.

For most critical thinkers, it is not surprising to discover that crimes are up, and it is only going to get worse. We know (logically) that when economic conditions deteriorate, more desperate people do more desperate things, and the worsening socio-economic conditions breed more bad/crime behavior.

Certainly, the odds of becoming victimized by crime goes up with population density, so where you live will affect what you are seeing for yourself… (yet another reason to move out of cities/suburbia.)

As this Greater Depression continues to unfold, we are going to experience a crime tsunami that will shock most sheeple. Times have changed since what this nation experienced during the 1930’s, and what we will see, will NOT be civil.

We’ve written many articles here on various aspects of crime prevention, home security, and situational awareness, and I encourage you to examine your own situation (at home, at work, and on-the-road) while at the same time forcing yourself to become more situation-ally aware of what’s going on around you.



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