A recent Gallup poll reveals that the majority (of Americans) say more people carrying concealed guns would make America safer. The October 7-11 (2015) poll results indicate that 56% believe that if more Americans were allowed to carry concealed guns after having passed a criminal background check and training course, the United States would be safer.

The most favorable gender group, men (62%), while men aged 18-29, even more (66%).

The percentages for political party affiliation…

…not much of a surprise,

Republicans (82%)
Independents (59%)
Democrats (31%)

It seems to work for Switzerland (very low firearm-related death rate)…

Switzerland gun ownership per capita is one of the highest in the world and its gun ownership is deeply rooted in a sense of patriotic duty and national identity. Weapons are kept at home because of the long-held belief that enemies could invade tiny Switzerland quickly, so every soldier had to be able to fight his way to his regiment’s assembly point. (Switzerland was at risk of being invaded by Germany during World War II but was spared, historians say, because every Swiss man was armed and trained to shoot.)

Similarly, one might draw logical conclusions here in the United States where in areas of high (legal) gun ownership by law abiding citizens, there is typically MUCH LESS crime compared with areas which are highly restricted.

I read a good example of this on a recent comment thread from,

People killed in gun free zones ? Lots.

People killed in strong gun control cities and states ? Lots.

People killed at gun shows and police stations ? Virtually none.

People killed in open carry minimal gun control cities and states ? Virtually none.

Which proves that – killers reach for the low hanging fruit, don’t like a challenge, are cowards, aren’t totally stupid, and don’t want to get stopped by a bullet.

It also proves that gun control is worthless, or carries a hidden agenda.

Last but not least, it also proves that the crime rate amongst law abiding gun owners is non existent, so make everyone a law abiding gun owner, and watch criminals become an endangered species.

The fact is that there will ALWAYS be senseless murders caused by criminals. There is no utopia. It’s just the way it is. Criminals do not abide by the law. So the law will never completely stifle crime. The focus should be on the criminal element.

Instead, and despite the apparent fact that the majority of Americans favor gun ownership (and our 2nd Amendment), our government continues to go after our guns, our ammunition, and our rights as law-abiding and responsible citizens.

The words, “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”, seem pretty clear to me. And yet lots of infringements are already in place and more are being aggressively lobbied for.

…just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Gallup poll source

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