American Majority Knows US Would Be Safer If More Carried Guns


A recent Gallup poll reveals that the majority (of Americans) say more people carrying concealed guns would make America safer. The October 7-11 (2015) poll results indicate that 56% believe that if more Americans were allowed to carry concealed guns after having passed a criminal background check and training course, the United States would be safer.

The most favorable gender group, men (62%), while men aged 18-29, even more (66%).

The percentages for political party affiliation…

…not much of a surprise,

Republicans (82%)
Independents (59%)
Democrats (31%)

It seems to work for Switzerland (very low firearm-related death rate)…

Switzerland gun ownership per capita is one of the highest in the world and its gun ownership is deeply rooted in a sense of patriotic duty and national identity. Weapons are kept at home because of the long-held belief that enemies could invade tiny Switzerland quickly, so every soldier had to be able to fight his way to his regiment’s assembly point. (Switzerland was at risk of being invaded by Germany during World War II but was spared, historians say, because every Swiss man was armed and trained to shoot.)

Similarly, one might draw logical conclusions here in the United States where in areas of high (legal) gun ownership by law abiding citizens, there is typically MUCH LESS crime compared with areas which are highly restricted.

I read a good example of this on a recent comment thread from,

People killed in gun free zones ? Lots.

People killed in strong gun control cities and states ? Lots.

People killed at gun shows and police stations ? Virtually none.

People killed in open carry minimal gun control cities and states ? Virtually none.

Which proves that – killers reach for the low hanging fruit, don’t like a challenge, are cowards, aren’t totally stupid, and don’t want to get stopped by a bullet.

It also proves that gun control is worthless, or carries a hidden agenda.

Last but not least, it also proves that the crime rate amongst law abiding gun owners is non existent, so make everyone a law abiding gun owner, and watch criminals become an endangered species.

The fact is that there will ALWAYS be senseless murders caused by criminals. There is no utopia. It’s just the way it is. Criminals do not abide by the law. So the law will never completely stifle crime. The focus should be on the criminal element.

Instead, and despite the apparent fact that the majority of Americans favor gun ownership (and our 2nd Amendment), our government continues to go after our guns, our ammunition, and our rights as law-abiding and responsible citizens.

The words, “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”, seem pretty clear to me. And yet lots of infringements are already in place and more are being aggressively lobbied for.

…just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Gallup poll source

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  1. Very good info, however this or similar info will NEVER be brought up by the MSM.

    Laws in my home state and a few neighboring states have recently been passed that allow open carry of hand guns. I have started to open carry. If I ever encounter a business that won’t allow me to open carry on their property, then I won’t give them my business and will advocate others to do the same everyway I legally can.

    I will advocate as many people as I can ASAP to view this article!!


    1. Red Cross. I was furious when I saw the sign on their door. I called the number on the paper I got after donating and told them that it was (and would be) a problem. That if people saw the sign they might stop donating.

      When I returned the sign was still there–almost invisible behind frosted glass. You can’t tell what it says unless you know what it is.

  2. I am in Texas for business and was shocked to see signs in the hotel lobby saying it is against the law to bring a handgun into the building. I saw other businesses with similar signage. I am from Indiana and we can carry into any building except federal buildings, court houses and schools. Coming from such a freedom loving state, I could not belive Texas has such restrictive gun laws. What good is being able to carry if you can’t go any where?

    1. Most signs in Texas DO NOT APPLY if you have a CHL. In Texas if a business does not want licensed persons to carry they MUST post the 30-06 sign. The sign must be posted at all entrances plainly visible and is required to be a certain size. The only places that are not required to post this sign are government offices and sports venues. Restaurants that make more than 51% income from alcohol sales must post sign stating such and are also no carry locations for CHL holders. As of 1/1/2016 Texas will also be an open carry state IF YOU HAVE A CHL. Establishments that allow concealed carry but not open carry must post the 30-07 sign clearly stating open carry is prohibited at all entrances. Once again the signs must be plainly visible and of a certain minimum size. FOR MORE INFO ONE Can Go To THE Texas Dept. Of Public Safety website.

  3. I live in a rural area with a very high rate of firearm ownership. No surprise that there is very little violent crime. People are generally respectful to each other and it is pretty well known that if you are trespassing that you will have a 12 gauge pointed at your chest. Politicians know that gun ownership by law abiding citizens reduces crime. They have a different agenda…people control. They count on the low info people 49% to cower to them for safety.

    1. Darn, forgot to mention. Beautiful picture Ken of the Colt and Crossbreed holster, that is my kind of art.

        1. I too love my crossbreed holsters and belts. Very comfortable, durable, and conceallable.

  4. What angers me is the fact, other states do not recognize each others permits to carry. I believe a law should be passed by congress allowing us carry in any state in the USA if we posses a valid permit.

    1. I agree that it would be nice for states to recognize each other’s permits; however, I also see that it could lead to a problem. My guess is that people (those who oppose the second amendment) would then say that it would be best to just have a national permit. (Which leads to a whole other set of problems with a national registry.) Then the politicians would be able to make it harder and harder to get said permit with who knows what new regulations. “We the people” have a larger voice in our own states than in the entire U.S., so it would be tougher for us to keep those new regulations from going into effect.

      1. Well… first off, there is a federal law that covers this. It’s called the 2nd amendment. Having said that, the commie Supreme Court has allowed states to trample this God given right to self protection, and EVERY state has restricted it in some regard.

        Given the reality of the unpatriotic and freedom restricting socialist government we call the US Federal Government, I must agree with Wendy in that this must remain a State Right. It is confusing, but any federal law will be more restrictive than most current state laws. A federal law to carry will also pave the way for a federal law to restrict all carry.

        1. I find it ‘amazing’ that the few people who sit on the ‘Supreme Court’ (they are appointed, not elected) can ENTIRELY re-shape the direction of our country. They are just a handful of human beings while there are hundreds of millions of us. A few of them. And they basically can change everything… Sometimes I shake my head at this – given that so much of today’s judicial environment is apparently so political. If you get one too many ‘leftist’ justices, then the country is going to heavily lean ‘left’ (or further) when it comes to rulings. And yes, I know visa-versa. It just boggles my mind that so few people can be so apparently powerful in this regard.

          1. The Supreme Court is supposed to interpret the law not write them. Too many laws are being written by or changed by the Supreme Court because they are “interpreting” the “intention of the law”. Maybe our recent laws need to be read and all mis-interpretation taken out of them before they become law. How ’bout that “Obamacare”?

          2. Quote, “The Supreme Court is supposed to interpret the law not write them.”

            Your are exactly right. Unfortunately, it seems that they (and other courts) are sometimes (often?) ‘interpreting’ them with their own political bent. And they are all non-elected ‘appointed’ human beings.

          3. Fuk the supreme court. We are 1 vote away from the second amendment being rewritten.

          4. I believe you may be correct, hence the concern (among others). They will be playing with fire if they attempt it – and I’m not looking forward to a civil war II.

          5. Judges are appointed by elected officials. My biggest consideration in who gets my vote is what type of judges are they likely to appoint? The silliness that one president pushes through can be negated by the next president. The Supreme Court justices are appointed for life.

      2. There is already state-to-state communication about permits. A guy from Florida was stopped in Maryland and the first thing the pig said was “You own a weapon! Where is it?”

  5. Having guns illegally used against me a lot, I want law abiding citizens to have guns, not the mentally ill, criminal, and ignorant/stupid adults and children. I also want the laws enforced, which many are not.

    When I was 8, a 7 year old pointed a gun at my head and forced me to follow him while he stole a wallet from an unlocked car at a bowling alley. Then he said if I told anyone he would kill me while the gun was up to my head.

    When I was 28 a neighbor opened fire on me while I was in my yard, as I was minding my own business. The police refused to come or press charges unless I had a bullet in me… the same day, my little girl and I were followed to the dump 15 miles by 6 men in a truck. One told me to leave the state or they will shoot us. I grabbed my daughter and fled to my van while bullets were flying. I left that state the next morning. Some one had it in for me.

    When I was 38, a neighbor started shooting off his rifle for me being close to his property line while I was standing on my own land. He did this to another neighbor. He did it to children who came close. Sheriff said the I needed proof of a bullet in me or others before they would come out.

    When I was 47, a 12 year old neighbor kid 60 feet in front of me and my dogs, opened fire in my direction with a 22. I ran inside and called the grandmother watching the kid, she refused to stop him. Sheriff refused to come out when called. It happened several times. Those other times a dep. sheriff came out and refused to do anything but talk to them. This escalated the shooting and another neighbor joined in, the adolescent son of a dep. sheriff, and the father of the first boy, blasting their guns a few feet from my window 2-3 times a week until I fled from my home. It was a war zone and I developed a form of ptsd. The sheriff deputies refused to acknowledge the state law requires a 500 ft safety zone from homes, and I feared for my life under such stress.

    I could have turned out to be an anti-gun activist from my experiences, but I am not. It is hard to judge who is competent to own or use a gun, but there are many who should not have them for obvious reasons that officials ignore.

    1. When you call 911 for a serious threat you always need to add that “you think a policeman” has been shot, then either hang up or set the phone down. You will within 60 seconds see the first of perhaps half a dozen police cars show up.

  6. And that’s the lie! There have been universal FBI NICS background checks for all firearms for decades! Some states allow sales between individuals without the check, but the seller is responsible for not selling to a person who cannot buy a firearm. Most of the commie states screaming for these universal checks already forbid individuals to sell to each other… on top of all their other restrictions. Oh, and if you live in a state where you can sell to an individual, you can’t sell to someone from out of your state. So sleep well little commie sheeple. The laws you are screaming for already exist. I just wish you would quit drinking the kool-aid. What your leaders really want is a reason to crack down on stares who love individual freedom, which are also the safest. One more thing, all gun related deaths are a third of what they were 25 years ago. Don’t buy the lie.

    1. ‘Universal background checks’ constitute registration. Every gun can then be tracked as to present possession. Don’t fall for the lie that 90% of NRA members support this.

  7. We do have a centralized database used for all FFL purchases across all 50 states, which accounts for the vast majority of all puchases, including every new gun sale. The lie is that tightening background checks any more will make you safer. Every instance you mentioned were very likely with legally purchased firearms. A law keeping me from selling to a neighbor isn’t going to change any of the situations you listed.

    1. Every gun shop every day thats your data. NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System) Its managed by the FBI Pick up your phone and call ANY FFL dealer and ask him or her to sell you a gun without a back ground check, He will hang up the phone on you laughing his ass off. AND this is not new it’s been around for many years.
      Please wake up, the Dems are depending on people being stupid.

      1. Quote, “the Dems are depending on people being stupid.”

        That is exactly correct, and part of the ‘dumbing-down’ of America – facilitated by far-left schooling, ‘political correct’ upbringing, mainstream media slant towards the far left, etc… subsequent breeding of the dumbed-down ‘sheeple’, on and on…

        “Sheeple”. That’s the problem. Many of the Sheeple (of today) would not have survived a century ago. It took self-reliance, self-sufficiency, independent critical thinking, and a non-reliance on government. Today it is VERY different.

        1. That’s for sure Ken! I have met so many CAN’T DO people lately it’s down right sad…and their poor kids don’t stand a chance…

      2. There are several questions you have to answer correctly in order to pass a background check.
        A. Are you the actual transferee/buyer of the firearm(s) listed on this form.
        B. Are you under indictment in any court for a felony.
        C.Have you been convicted in any court for a felony.
        D, Are you a fugitive from Justice.
        There 12 questions total, if you answer any of them wrong you’re done. NO GUN FOR YOU. So you may think your perty smart and you will get a gun if you lie. WRONG all your information goes into the FBI data base it’s nation wide so your will not pass the background check if you lie.
        The bottom line is if you are a criminal you can’t get a gun from an FFL. So you steal it from some who owns a gun Uncle Bills pick up or a home break in. How does any gun control stop a bad guy from busting into your house and stealing your gun. Simple, it cannot.
        But if you’re a good person with out a criminal background and want a gun you will probably go to your local gun store fill out the form (4473) and pass the background check pay for your gun and go home.
        So to answer your question about percentages bad guys obtain guns illegally good guys pass background checks and buy a gun.
        So how many bad guys are out there, how many good guys? Its hard to say, Gun control only places burden and stress on the good guys, because the bad guys don’t care what law you pass after all they are bad guys. Breaking the law is nothin new to them. That’s how they got to be bad guys to start with.

        1. According to Washington Posts investigation of Obama ‘ s claim that 40% of gun sales have no background check… Politics

          “The law already requires licensed gun dealers to run background checks, and over the last 14 years that’s kept 1.5 million of the wrong people from getting their hands on a gun. But it’s hard to enforce that law when as many as 40 percent of all gun purchases are conducted without a background check.”

          — President Obama, remarks on gun violence, Jan. 16, 2013

          “Studies estimate that nearly 40 percent of all gun sales are made by private sellers who are exempt from this requirement.”

          In other words, rather than being 30 to 40 percent (the original estimate of the range) or “up to 40 percent” (Obama’s words), gun purchases without background checks amounted to 14 to 22 percent. And since the survey sample is so small, that means the results have a survey caveat: plus or minus six percentage points.

          Another discovered fact is that gun show purchases are less than 4%. This is included in the 14 to 22 percent.

  8. January 1st Texas law says I can open carry, it’s ok but I’d rather have the surprise factor in my corner.

  9. Some time ago, we had a local university head fly into New York city with a cc firearms permit (before leaving for NYC, he had contacted with the airline he was on and also the local county sheriff just to make sure that everything was above board and legal and so do the right things), everything was ok going into NYC, but when declaring a firearm upon leaving NYC ended up spending 1 or 2 nights in NYC police lockup for firearms violation. Same thing happened to a well known local MD when leaving NYC, he declared that he had a CC weapon at the airline and ended up in the NYC lock up for firearms violation, but yet he was legal to fly out of his area of residence. My understanding is that NYC does not recognize any CC from any body else. Just something to think about.

    1. NYC doesn’t even recognize permits issued in NYS. They think they are exempt from such bothersome nuisances. One would be a fool to ‘declare’ a carried handgun in NYC.

  10. I think another thing being missed here is the fact that the Bill of Rights guarantees law abiding citizens their rights. It was meant to restrict the federal government from being able to restrict the inalienable rights of citizens. Any federal regulation restricting these rights is unconstitutional.

  11. “Where is your gun?”

    My friend and I were both rookie cops doing laundry in a less-than-nice area of town. He witnessed a drug deal go down in the parking lot outside and got all nervous and he asked if I had my gun. My reply was that I did, it was in my backpack at my feet and “NO!” you are not allowed to use or borrow it at this time. First, it was a town outside our juristiction. Second, we were off duty. Third, the perpetrators/ dealers were not bothering anybody at that time. Lastly, I had a beer with lunch earlier that day. Total picture: Bad day to start a gunfight in a suburban strip mall.

    Moral of the story: Any gun is better than no gun. I had a pump shotgun in my truck in order to shoot Trap that evening. My backpack had a 5 shot snubnose revolver. We recorded their license plates, vehicle descriptions and physical descriptions and then notified the police in that town. Turns out later that this suspect was arrested later and he routinely packed a Browning High Power on him most of the time when he is dealing drugs. Had we pulled down on him, we could have been outgunned on top of being fired and or killed. Off duty and rookie cops get killed every day due to poor judgment. I went on to serve 5 more years as a police officer before changing careers.

  12. PS my partner left his high capacity 9 mm pistol at home in his sock drawer that day and we were both riding in my truck.

  13. it’s funny that a person will rarely see they have problems themselves…

    like ‘merica. the problem isn’t gun control, Obama, anything like that.

    its the American mentality. the country is going to self destruct. just a matter of time.

    give everyone ten guns. more must be safer right???
    crazy. just crazy. and you can’t even see it.

  14. After much deliberation I think I’ve finally decided to get the Smith & Wesson M&P 40 compact. I have a Ruger sr. and a Beretta PX4 storm 9mm so I think this would a good compliment.

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