NASA has just released an incredible series (named ‘Black Marble’) of high resolution satellite images of earth at night. From a survival preparedness standpoint, population density is a major concern and risk factor when considering the consequences of natural or man made disaster. Living in or near highly populated regions brings on a very high level of risk should catastrophic events occur. I found this latest satellite photo of the United States at night to be very revealing as to where people live.

The image displayed below is a preview of the full resolution which can be downloaded by clicking the link below it.


“Black Marble” Satellite Night Lights of the United States 6646 x 4430 (JPG 5,592 KB)

Download the full resolution image and scroll around to observe the locations which would presumably be safer and further away from hordes of people. It is an interesting exercise, particularly if you are familiar with the geography or have traveled throughout the regions of the nation.


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