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As more and more people continue to lose the battle within the system, that is, job loss, no money, compounding debt, and high stress, the result will be the equivalent of lighting the fuse of a crime wave bomb – which might be detonated in a neighborhood near you.

Gerald Celente, a famous trends research forecaster, predicts that one of the top-10 trends for 2011 will be Crime Waves. Regardless of what you may think of Gerald Celente, this trend makes logical sense when one examines what is going on in the corrupt and broken parts of the world we live in today.

Celente quotes,

“People will become desperate when they lose everything, and they are losing everything. People will resort to crime. Street gangs will grow in large numbers. There will be white collar crime at every level.”

“When people lose everything and have nothing left to lose… they lose it.”

“Young people today have a mountain of debt, with no way to get to the top of the mountain.”

In America (and other developed countries), most manufacturing jobs are gone, and have moved to developing countries. Production and productive capacity is gone.


The result has been staggering. The number of US manufacturing jobs is at the lowest level since 1941. Production workers (Blue-collar and White-collar), construction workers, truck drivers, warehouse workers have absorbed very high job losses, while entire industries have for the most part, left the US, including textiles, furniture, electronics and components.

A result has been that many young people not having a college degree have very few options to turn to for an honest days work. Many years ago, there were plentiful opportunities for Blue-collar jobs, many of them quite respectable and able to return enough income to carefully sustain a family. White-collar job opportunities associated with production industries and manufacturing are also gone – affecting even the educated classes who have specialized in these areas.

Even those trying to enter the work force with a college degree are having difficulty finding what they expected, while carrying a tremendous debt burden having just borrowed for 4-plus years of college tuition.

Young people and the middle class are beginning to protest in record numbers (we’ve seen lots of this lately in Europe). Why? Because of not being able to get jobs, losing benefits, higher taxes, and higher tuition.

Unfortunately, the sad result may be that more and more will turn to crime, out of desperation.

Chances are, you may have already noticed an increase in crime, either by personal experience or of those close to you, or you may be hearing more reports of crime in the news media.

What is the solution? Bring back manufacturing jobs and productive capacity.

Since we know that this will not be happening any time soon, the best thing to do is to become prepared for the worst.

The very first step however, is the realization that the risk exists. An increasing crime wave may be upon us, and we should take steps to learn how to avoid and, or, protect ourselves from a new wave of criminals falling out of a broken economic system, with nothing to lose…

Watch a video interview of Gerald Celente himself discussing his forecast for 2011.

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