Disruptions In Daily Routine And People Panic…


People have their normal routines which are ‘etched in stone’ so to speak. If and when any of these routines or normal expectations are unexpectedly disrupted, some of these people (a probable high percentage thereof) will panic or ‘brain freeze’ through the disruption while their minds cannot adapt to the situation or ‘reason’ their way out of it…

An apprehension or even panic may take over. They become stupified (a state of stupification). A blank look on their faces. A probable hum in their ears.

While recently driving we encountered a vehicle who’s driver had apparently entered the ‘stupification zone’ due to entering a situation that was suddenly outside their ‘normal’ whereby the driver had a very difficult time adapting to a simple ‘change’.

I believe that there is an incredible number of people just like that driver out there… who will be up the creek without a paddle during a real-life SHTF…

Here’s the story:


We were on the road heading to a particular shopping plaza, and were not too far from the parking lot entrance. Shortly before the parking lot entrance, there’s a ‘fork in the road’. You can bear to the left which remains the main road – also leading to the parking lot entrance, or you can fork right, up through a small neighborhood of homes.

Prior to the fork and as soon as we came around a slight bend in the road – approaching the fork in the road, we could see them… ‘DOT’ workers (Department of Transportation) who had half of the forked intersection blocked off and were excavating into the road with a cop on duty for traffic purposes. The left fork was closed (the one leading to the shopping plaza) with a clearly visible DETOUR sign with an arrow to the right.

There was a vehicle in front of us and the driver inside apparently panicked because of this traffic detour. The vehicle was moving forward and to the left while the police officer was waving to the driver to take the fork on the right (the fork left is clearly impassible). Instead the vehicle began veering towards the left (the closed road!) and simultaneously towards the LEO who was now assertively waving his arms while directing the driver to go to the right!…

The vehicle drove right up to the impassible portion of the road – while still blocking the road for everyone else – and after about 30 seconds of total apparent confusion the driver finally turned and took the fork to the right. Clueless… The LEO was not pleased to say the least…

Immediately after taking the fork to the right, there were clearly marked detour signs, guiding you where to go around. The vehicle in front of us was driving ridiculously slow while constantly braking and evidently wondering where to go and whether or not to take a side street instead of just simply following the detour signs. Total and absolute confusion.

At one point the vehicle’s right signal light begins flashing as the driver appeared to be taking a right-hand turn. As we were approaching and getting ready to slowly pass around the turning vehicle, the driver suddenly changes his mind and instead makes a sudden left turn – completely crossing the road! What the??! That vehicle is probably still at this moment ‘lost’ in that neighborhood wondering how to get back to the main road…

The thing is, their driving routine was interrupted while likely heading to the same shopping plaza that we were and they had absolutely no idea how to handle the situation. Their ability to think clearly was gone. Entirely unable to adapt to the situation.

Now imagine this… If this is the type of irrational behavior that some people exhibit due to an ordinary traffic detour, IMAGINE the behavior you will witness from people during a SHTF event! These panicked people will be creating chaos and problems for others – even those who are able to ‘think’ and ‘reason’…

I’m sure that many of you witness similar types of behavior while out in your travels, and I just thought that I would share this experience which yet again reinforces the deep doo-doo we’re in when the S hits the fan one day…

It’s all the more reason to prepare 😉

Feel free to share your own experiences in this regard:


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