Expect This in a Neighborhood Near You


This is going to happen more and more in even small towns and rural areas as the economy continues to sour, unemployment rises, and people, even some without prior criminal pasts, get more and more desperate. Expect this in a neighborhood near you.

From just the past few days and a simple Google search (I’m sure there’s lots more…),


Homeowner shoots, kills suspect in home invasion (Beaumont, TX)
…two men with handguns forced their way into his home and demanded money. The man said he struggled with the attackers and was able to get a gun. He fired at the men and struck one in the chest.

Burglary suspect picks the wrong home for break-in attempt (Warren, OR)
…homeowner opened fire when he was awakened by an intruder trying to get into his house. The intruder fled the scene.

Store clerk distracts armed robber long enough to pull gun and shoot (Cincinnati, OH)
…a man wearing a garbage bag walked in and demanded money. “I laid it on the counter and he demanded more,” “He said, ‘Now I want the rest,’ and he puts the gun up in my face.” Matthews said he held the money in his left hand and tried to distract the robber. “I knew his eyes would follow the money, and I said, ‘I have more hidden here,’ and when I reached down, I grabbed my pistol and started firing”

Elderly ND man hold intruder at bay with handgun (Jamestown, ND)
…man’s wife was awakened by a loud noise about 4 a. m. Wednesday and saw someone in the house. Her husband grabbed a handgun and held the intruder at bay until officers arrived.

Suspect Shot During Attempted Robbery Dies (Buffalo, NY)
…two men had originally approached the 71 year old victim, as he got out of his vehicle in his nearby driveway just after 12:30pm. They robbed the victim of an undisclosed amount of cash. However, the victim pulled out a gun, which he possesses legally, and a struggle ensued with the suspects. During the struggle, one shot was fired, and the two suspects fled on foot. The one suspect, who had been shot, collapsed…

Another burglar shot inside a home (St. Louis, MO)
…the property owner, who is 66, returned home and caught the man inside. he ordered the intruder not to move, but the intruder started coming toward him. In fear for his safety, the victim fired a shot at the suspect, striking him in the shoulder. The man died at a hospital.

Women took action against would-be assailants in separate incidents (Detroit, MI)
…a 70-year-old woman was inside her home on the city’s northwest side at about 12:50 p.m. when two men — one of them described as between 15 and 18 years old — tried to break in through her window. The woman was waiting for them, police said. “The victim … fired shots,” the suspects fled.”

…two hours after the thwarted break-in, a 40-year-old woman got into a gunfight with two men who tried to carjack her, according to police. Two armed men approached the driver and demanded she surrender her vehicle. At some point during the attempted carjacking, the suspects, one of whom was described as a 17-year-old boy, fired shots. “(The) victim … returned fire,” the police report said.


Citizens need to get involved in their own personal safety,
the police can’t be everywhere…


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  1. Average police response time…7 minutes. Average .45APC response time, 850 feet per second.

  2. It is also important to teach kids gun safety from a young age. Since i was 5 my dad taught me to use every gun we own and what rounds to use for it. when the night came that I got home late at night and was alone and the creepy guy in the neighborhood was looking in my windows with a flashlight I was able to keep him away permanently by walking outside with a loaded shotgun.

    Best things to teach kids are 1. never point a gun at someone, unless its obviously a water gun. Many children accidently kill their friends thinking daddys gun is a fake while playing “cops and robbers”
    2. don’t be afraid of using a gun.
    3 practice and know how to aim.

  3. Good for Americans to have concealed carry. The first step to survival is to boycott and avoid things such as movie theatres, planes, certain fairyland cities such as London, giving donations to universities that give honorary degrees to terrorists, etc. The second is being prepared with food water and medicines, and the third is to arm yourself. My guess is that due to gun control where the criminals have the guns but the homeowners cannot, people in the USA will fare better than people in most countries should there be chaos.

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