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Don’t let Big Tech track you and read all of your emails. Because they do.

Examples include gmail, yahoo, and others…

I am getting nothing for providing this information (no financial affiliation or commission). However during these times of surveillance, I am recommending the following company for your private email needs.


I’ve been using them for awhile. My blog contact info is through protonmail.

Though I am paying an annual fee (for more services – plus I want to support them), they have FREE email for anyone.

They are based in Switzerland and have the utmost privacy and security. Email goes through their servers and it’s all encrypted.

I’m simply putting it out there as a recommendation for those interested. Why? Because as we progress into increasing turmoil here in the U.S., some of you may wish to communicate without Big Tech or Big Brother listening (because they do).

This has been a public service announcement brought to you by Modern Survival Blog.


  1. Was good but last time I tried to make one they needed a real email to send verification to so defeats purpose. But I guess I could be wrong. Please advise.

  2. I use Protonmail. For a long time I hated it. I could only send out a couple of emails a week. It kept saying that I’d reached my limit, even though I wasn’t sending out hardly any. It was very frustrating! I complained about it and got pretty much a stock response. They said they upped my limit, but I couldn’t see any difference for a week or two. Then, all of a sudden, I had no more problems. I wish I had complained sooner! Now I have two Protonmail accounts; one for people I know and one for businesses and such.

  3. very happy with them, also paying for service, for those who can afford it the right thing to do IMHO. they also have a VPN and secure calendar, plus the blog provides great insight into security issues. can be a bit technical though

    1. I use Astrill for my VPN here in China. Many VPN are blocked by the government. Even with Astrill, the gov had the website blocked without a VPN. I had to get the download from a friend in order to get it. My iPad does not have VPN because the gov again has the site blocked and the download was removed from iTunes. Last year, the gov went on a tear blocking many VPN’s. Proton email sounds pretty good. I’ll have to check more into their VPN to make sure it is not one of those that are blocked.
      I don’t know how they did it but a lot of people I know had their VPN blocked last year.

  4. Ken, on the subject of tech…
    You should start to consider a transfer of your current US based domain host to an Offshore domain registrar i.e. companies like – bulletproof-hosting . biz – they are offshore and they don’t registrar with Icann.. Also set up a mirror site on their service So you can point your domain to the new server if your current Hosting company shuts you down. Just note that the business I referred to is pretty shady they allow a lot of crap on their servers so be sure to research and Due diligence. It might be worth domain transfer with one company and mirror site on an other server with hourly updates running from your main site using updraft. There are many offshore options available.

    The woketards at your current domain company may pull plug on you some day very soon.
    Ken we are at WAR with these woketards.

    The key is keeping your domain name safe as can be… You can then point it to any server you like to keep it up and running. Hell I can set up a private server in Hillary’s basement in chappaqua and run your blog site from there. 😬

  5. I’ve been using ProtonMail since it was in its first Beta … I’m incredibly impressed and will never change my personal and secure email format.

  6. My parents neighbor had a whole house generator. It must have been on some kind of timer. Because once every week or so it would run for an hour or so. We were on the same line and there was no power issues. I am thinking that whenever the generator kicked on for maintenance cycles or power outages during storm, they must have had some kind of automatic breaker that would prevent electricity from feeding back into the utility. I really don’t know. Many times the generator would kick on (which everyone in the neighborhood could hear-OPSEC?) and no one was home.

  7. A friend uses this company for their business accounts to protect their clientele which is a smart move.
    This company also offers a VPN service which is another enhancement. Believe it comes with the paid subscription which we have not up graded to as of yet.

    Although they offer specials at Christmas time it may well be worth your prepping $$$ to start switching your accounts over to a private server now.

    As I remember growing up that the slogan ‘Big Brother is Watching” was used a lot in American households. They are intrusive into every aspect of your life time to remove them.

    1. I separately pay for their VPN service too. They are #1 (in my opinion) about privacy. And Switzerland has what seems to be the best privacy laws on the planet in this regard.

  8. My internet provider would not connect me to many of the conservative/prepper type sites I visit and I signed up for Proton VPN service . Problem solved ! I have the secure email too . It’s great . Centurylink out of Louisiana are the corrupt bastards that were censoring my browsing .

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