Home Crime Prevention with Outdoor Motion Light


Crime Prevention for Home –  Step One

Prevent night-time robbery, theft, and burglary with their fundamental enemy, an outdoor motion sensor light. It’s a simple deterrent, but effective.

Motion Sensor lights are your first defense against crime at your home property.

Outdoor motion lighting will startle a thief or burglar outside of your home and will likely send them somewhere else instead. Night-time burglars and thieves are looking for easy access, the least resistance with the most cover, and they do not want to be seen. Their success begins under the cover of night and not being seen by anyone nearby.

Years ago at a previous residence, I had first hand experience with this, having had one of my vehicles broken into one night while it was parked in the front driveway. Although I did have an outdoor motion light, I had made the mistake of installing it too low and within the reach of the thief. I discovered after the fact that they had simply unscrewed the two bulbs from their sockets so that they turned off. No one noticed as they burgled in the dark at 3AM during a rainy night…


Install your motion security light high enough and out of reach.

An alternative is to cover it with a wire cage so it cannot be tampered with, or purchase a vandal proof model. If you do not have an outdoor motion light, or don’t think you need one, know that light is enemy number one to a night burglar.

I like the motion light better than having an outdoor light turned on (and left on) because of it’s psychological affect to the prowler – the obvious sudden illumination – something that you or a neighbor may notice. If you are near a window at night and notice a motion light turn on outside at a neighbor’s house (or your own!), you will likely peek out a window to see what’s going on…

You might consider installing motion lighting all around the perimeter of your home so that all areas are covered, not just the front. In addition to installing lighting right at the house, it is also effective to install further out if possible. This will provide even earlier warning.

If electricity is not available away from the house, or if you do not wish to install electrical lines out to a perimeter location, you can use a solar motion light which charges up during the day from its built-in solar charging panel. The solar motion lights are not as bright as a traditional 120-volt models but will still provide the desired affect to the prowler and the visual notification to you or your neighbors.

There are lots to choose from. Just remember that you generally get what you pay for, meaning, if you buy an expensive motion light, you will get better performance and features.


Of the motion lighting systems that I’ve had over the years, I have been the most happy with RAB Lighting Super Stealth models. The distance, features, and coverage is phenomenal (over 60-feet and 360 degree patterns).

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