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Here’s a practical device for you preppers, and your home security concerns… for 10 bucks, I couldn’t help but mention this effective and inexpensive home security device that is simple, and portable. In today’s world of amateur and professional burglars being able to pick locks or Key Bumping, this little security alarm device will scare most of them off when they attempt to open the door.

Smart Home Door Stop Alarm

From manufacturer:

Simply place the pressure-sensitive Door Stop Alarm at the base of any door, and the device will emit a powerful 120-decibel alarm when the door is opened. The 50246 Door Stop Alarm is extremely compact, so it’s convenient enough to take anywhere. With this handy gadget, you’ll be able to secure your hotel room, dorm room, apartment, or any room in your home.

Features a rubber base pad that provides traction on wood, tile, vinyl, and carpet. With secure gripping ability, the alarm can function as a door stop that prevents a door from being opened.

The 120-decibel alarm warns you and your neighbors of a forced entry, and it’s enough of a deterrent to scare off most would-be intruders. The alarm is activated when pressure is applied to the top of the device when the door is opened.

Technical Details:

  • 120 dB alarm sounds when activated
  • Pressure on doorstop activates alarm
  • On/off switch to toggle activation
  • Low-battery indicator light
  • Battery powered–no wiring or complicated installation


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