I couldn’t resist the ‘home security’ image above… but with that said, home security is about layers. The further out that you can deter or stop a burglar, the better. Your primary home security goal should not be something that alerts you to an intruder, but instead, first, to deter an intruder in the first place. This begins outside the home with deterrents that will increase the risk to the burglar (versus the potential burglary reward).

Your first goal should be to make your home look like (to a burglar /criminal) it’s more trouble than it’s worth.

Here’s how:


Outer Layer Of Home Security


Sight Lines From The Street

First, concentrate on your outer layer — the perimeter at which a burglar or criminal will see your home. If they can’t see it from the street, that’s even better. Trees, shrubs, a solid fence, anything that obscures or eliminates the sight-line to the house. But there is still the possibility of intrusion up the driveway or other…


Posted Signs

Signage located near public access will make anyone think twice. A simple sign might be all that it takes to cause a burglar to move on to easier targets. A posted sign tells them (anyone) that you’ve thought of this scenario and therefore you are better prepared for it than others.

The words on the sign are up to you and your intended tone.

No Trespassing
Private Property
Keep Out


Large Dog Bone On Porch

Step back from the house and look at what the burglar sees. If the criminal observes an enormous dog bone on the porch (available at most any Pet store), that’s a visual cue that trouble could be nearby. That alone might cause the would-be burglar to high tail it outta there… not knowing if Wolfy is inside the house or already outside somewhere about to bite his a$$.

Having said that, even better would be actually having your own ‘Wolfy’ ;) A dogs ears are far better than ours and a dog will bark before you even know someone’s approaching. When the intruder hears the dog, he will also know that you heard it too… That changes everything…


Alarm Decals or Sign

I’ve read a statistic that you are 300 percent more likely to be a target without an alarm system. You want the burglar to know (or to think) that you have an alarm system – whether you actually do or not…

Yard signs or security system window decals will do the trick.


Security Camera

You do not need to have a security camera system to create the illusion that you have one… There are plenty of fake security cameras that appear very real and functional. A burglar who spots a security camera will most certainly think again about proceeding with the break-in. If there’s one outside, then he’ll think that there’s surely more inside (as well as the likelihood of a security system).


Outdoor Motion Lights

Burglars do not like lights. While many homes do already have an outdoor motion light, consider adding yet another for further and improved perimeter coverage. I have written several articles on motion lights including this one, which exemplifies what I believe to be the Best Outdoor Motion Light.


Create The Illusion That You Are At Home

When thinking about additional ways to deter a home burglar, visualize what the burglar will see. What can you do to make it appear as though someone is at home? This is one of the keys for prevention. While there are some home invasions where the burglars are so bold that they don’t care (VERY DANGEROUS SITUATION), most will move on to easier targets if they believe that someone is home.

Here is your question… What are some other additional things that might be done to create the illusion of someone being at home – or to increase the risk vs. reward for the burglar – and/or to further deter entry from this outer layer of security?

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