Set the stage:

The $hit has hit the fan. A ‘bank holiday’ has been declared and the dollar has collapsed…having lost 40% of what it was just a few days ago. The reasons for the collapse are not relevant any more. Most people don’t understand why it happened, and are now truly in dire straights.

The DOW has collapsed to 5,000, gold is now $5,000 an ounce and climbing. Nearly all investments have gone bust. The crash of 2008 was minuscule in comparison to what has just happened…

There have been runs on banks as people need money for food. Truckers have been stranded all over the country, and when the trucks stop rolling…the food stops flowing. Grocery stores had been emptied within a few days as the ‘starvation clock’ started ticking towards the mathematical certainty that population will only match food production.

Several weeks have now gone by and most major cities have fallen into social chaos. There are not enough police to hold back the rioting and roving gangs of desperate humans – many of whom were just ordinary ‘civilized’ working people just weeks prior. Now they are congregating in numbers in search of food, fuel, and supplies – just to stay alive and survive. The government has been unable to help them. Many of the LEO’s within these large population centers are not showing up for work, being more concerned to secure their own families safety at home.

The government has mandated rationing of food and supplies, and are attempting to re-establish supply-chain distribution channels (most drivers have stopped hauling due to extraordinary fuel prices and the risk of being attacked for their haul). The supply chains that do attempt access into city regions are being attacked by organized groups and gangs who steal it for themselves.

You live within the urban sprawl of a major city region, and although not located within city limits, you are surrounded by many thousands of others who themselves are hurting badly while trying to feed their families and keep a roof over their heads.

Burglary is now rampant, even during the daytime. Groups of 5 or more will surge their way through a neighborhood and break through homes mostly without resistance, while residents fear for their lives and freely give up what supplies that they have in fear for their lives.

As the various groups of thugs and gangs slice their way through the chaos and desperation, they organize and grow in numbers to larger and more sophisticated forces. The government has underestimated the threshold at which desperate people will do what they must to get what they need. It has become completely out of control.

You are caught in an unimaginable horror. A horror not even conceivable in your mind just weeks ago.


Does this sound like a scenario that could only come from a novel?
Do you think it is ridiculous to consider something like this actually occurring where you live?

Think again.

It is human nature to be set in your ways and to assume that things will remain as they are, at least within some reasonable variation. It’s called normalcy bias. Most of us suffer from it to one degree or another.

If caught unaware and unprepared, abrupt changes can hit you like a freight train.

Many people know in their gut that the economic (debt-laden, bubble-blown, propped-up) situation within the United States (and most of the developed world) is teetering at limits of debt service and phony perceptions that cover up the coming reality, having borrowed extraordinary gargantuan sums of ‘money’ to keep systems going. Despite what we hear from the mainstream (that all is well in the economy), we are definitely at risk for some economic shock hardships beyond which we’ve ever experienced in our lives. There are extraordinarily large bubbles out there waiting to burst…

Things may not descend to this extent (scenario described above), but then again, they might. Are you the type of person to stick your head in the sand? Or are you the type of person to take precautions and learn to adapt to a potentially extreme situation.

This article offers no solutions, but instead is purposed with the hope of having you consider that things ‘could’ change, and change for the worse. Much worse.

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