How People Act in Times of Trouble


When tough times come, you’ll likely discover that people today, overall, are not as resilient as they were in times past.

For many of us, our grandparents generation included a higher percentage of self-reliant rural folks who both ‘made do’ on less while growing and raising their own food.

Today, most people are far removed from the land and the routine of being responsible for supplying their own food; many even have a dangerous government-dependent mentality of entitlement…

Fact is, the morality that both sustained and restrained previous generations during tough times is not as widely embraced in this present population. As a result, many people will more quickly rationalize theft, robbery, looting, and rioting when they fear hunger and deprivation.

Crime is already a problem today–even with nobody being hungry, and with law enforcement in place. Crime, then, could explode when hunger threatens and law enforcement is overwhelmed.

It is therefore prudent for anyone making serious preparations to also include plans for maintaining their own security if law enforcement is either unavailable or cannot keep pace with the demands of an explosive crime wave.

If you do not own or use guns, I would strongly urge you to re-evaluate your personal security. If you find it lacking, acquire some guns and ammunition immediately, and get some safety and practical tactical training in their use. Ask the clerks at your local gun store for advice on defensive arms and to point you to local resources for that essential training.

For those who already have weapons, be sure they are effective models and calibers for self-defense, and that you have stocked plenty of ammunition and high-capacity magazines if needed. Weapons and ammo will quickly disappear, or they will become prohibitively expensive or restricted, once the essential need is more widely recognized.

Written by Shane Connor

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  1. In my state, you now need a permit in order to buy ammo. They can’t control the guns so they will control the ammo and who can buy it.

    1. Ken was just saying that in a previous article about the U.S stopping the sell of ammunition. Like this article it is more pressed towards the very real fact that our very lifestyle will change dramatically and possibly over night. What people don’t get is the very real fact that crime is on the rise, the law enforcement is greatly outnumbered and most of the time out gunned. When TSHTF all bets are off. It will be a dog eat dog scenario and the sheep will be in a lot of trouble. I myself have lived in the wood most of my life and have no problem surviving from foods in the wild. Granted I have SOME food put back but it is always as a plus to the game and what I can forage from the wood. The time is near folks. The signs of another depression is clear and present. Get what you can now before it is to late as once this ball gets rolling it will get ugly and fast!

    2. Huh. My state too. I wonder if we are in the same such state?
      I had to stop teaching my Basic Pistol Classes cause I cannot find any .22lr ammo. We cannot even order ammo on-line in my state any longer. Yup, the squeeze is on and I’m not playin anymore…I want my toys and I’m goin home now…

    3. I would vote with my feet and move. Ask Detroit what happens when too many folks vote…

  2. Obama is acting more and more like his hero Mao Tse Tung, and his idol Stalin. Both hated liberty and personal freedom. They also hated that their respective populations had firearms, so they disarmed and decimated them. People like Obama know that as long as the American People are armed, they cannot be completely subjugated, so his administration is going full bore in their efforts to demonize all gun owners as crazy terrorists, unworthy of being trusted with a gun. If these democrats cannot be defeated in 2014, and I do mean summarily defeated with a republican super-majority in the Senate, all of the regulatory craziness enacted under the Obama Reign of Terror will not be undone. As long as there are still fanatical sycophants in our government like Pelosi, Waters, Boxer and Wasserman Shultz, the threat of socialism and totalitarianism will remain ever present.

  3. Ancona

    Understand that the whole Republican vs Democrat is a scam to give us false choice and keep us fighting amongst ourselves. Both are paid by checks from the same account. Bush put in the Patriot Act(one example) and Obama expanded on it…

    It’s a The Gambinos vs The Genovese. BOTH are mafia, BOTH will break your knee caps if you don’t pay protection ,money (ie Taxes).

  4. i think you are correct, in more will steal/loot etc.. In fact, i do think you under emphasize it. I believe there would be a HUGE increase in this activity, and by folks who most would have been certain would not..

  5. I’m overseas and there’s a lot of hoops to jump through for a firearms licence: 12 months probation, a lot of $$$ for training, and then one can apply for a licence. Also, I don’t know if I could kill anybody regardless of the situation. I’m not sure what alternatives there are other than maim and critically disable which in a survival situation could be worse. For me at least, personal defence is perhaps the most complicated scenario.

    1. If I have to kill in self defense of me or my family I wouldn’t have a problem sleeping that night.

  6. Call me self centered if you like. Should I see somebody, anybody, coming through the glass doors, I will shoot them. No questions asked. I don’t have any glass doors. I do have glass windows. Same rules apply. Not buying into the feed the poor BS that has become so common.

    1. I guess if you are self centered then I am too! Protecting my family (and my livestock) is number one on the list! When (not if) TSHTF then I am planning on posting a sign out near my driveway that details how to set a snare and ediible plants in the area. They can go get their own or they can get lead poisoning!

      1. Sweet!

        I used to live out in the boonies. Considered getting my dog classified as livestock. Dogs have fewer rights than cattle, etc. Finally came down to explaining to the neighbors that I viewed the dog as family and would act accordingly.

        The dog was very well mannered. Would not chase livestock. Was lethal on field mice after he saw that I was too.

    2. I don’t have a problem with feeding the poor as long as they ask for food. If they want to take food from me then I will lay them out.

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