How To Know If Its About To Get Stupid In A Public Place


The situation: You are out in public. Maybe you’re simply walking the sidewalk. Maybe you’re sitting in an establishment having something to eat. Maybe you’re shopping. No matter where you are in a public environment with others around, how do you know if it’s about ‘to get stupid’… in other words, how do you tell if there’s trouble in your vicinity?

Being one of the first to know that it’s about to get stupid – will provide you the early opportunity to do something about – perhaps to get out of there… here’s how to know:


Watch and Listen

It’s not terribly difficult to pay attention to the ‘tone’ or drone of your environment. It doesn’t take long to establish a ‘normal’ for a given place. You can train yourself to be subconsciously aware of the sounds that go along with a given environment. At first it’s a forced thing (to listen), but after awhile it’s second nature.

So what do you do with that information?

When the rhythm of ‘the sound’ changes beyond what seems ‘normal’, then it may indicate that there’s a ripple in the force… something has changed or is changing… Maybe it’s not a bad thing, but there’s ‘something’…

Maybe you’re hearing raised voices that seem unusual for the place. Maybe you’re hearing an alarming tone change in voices. Maybe it’s not voices at all, but there’s a new sound that hasn’t been there and seems out of place.

Unfortunately most people don’t have the situational awareness to pay attention enough to these changes, and if they even hear them – they won’t bother to look or become alerted in some way. People often feel ‘too safe’ as they cannot comprehend being amidst a rapidly changing (dangerous) situation – because it has never happened to them before (therefore they assume it never will).

Pay attention to the behavior and reactions of the people around you.

Observe others.

Someone on the blog here commented awhile ago (forgot the exact post), but it was a good statement and I copied it for later (now 😉 )…

Quote, “I think its more important to be watching and listening to people’s behavior and the reactions of those around them. Has the tone and volume of someone’s voice suddenly changed? Is there a person in the crowd that is sitting or standing quietly and seems completely disconnected with what is going on around them? Did someone just walk in wearing dark sunglasses and a jacket with a hood up over his head although it is a warm summer night? When someone is about to get stupid, they usually send some signals first.”

Watch and listen for the signals.

Situational Awareness (books on Amazon)


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