Image: Wikipedia, Cane Corso Dogs

A horrible incident took place a few weeks ago in Michigan where a jogger was mauled to death by two large dogs (cane corsos) while jogging on a quiet rural dirt road.

The dogs were apparently roaming free on the road where the attack took place. During the attack, neighbors fired shots into the air to try to scare the dogs away and off the jogger.

The incident, although tragic, raises a few questions to ponder…

Is it a good idea to carry a firearm for protection while out jogging?

If yes, then what’s a good firearm (and carry method) for such a purpose?

If no, then what alternative method of security and defense to fight off an attacking dog?

Should the ‘neighbors’ have fired ‘at’ the dogs instead of in the air (which unfortunately didn’t stop them)?

If yes, then would it have been too high of a risk because they may have shot the jogger by accident?

Should the owner of the dogs had better control of them (whatever that means) as these dogs are apparently property watchdogs with the potential to cause personal injury (to innocent people in the wrong place at the wrong time)?

If yes, then how would you keep such dogs ‘in control’ while still maintaining their function as property watchdogs?

Knowing that dogs while in packs behave differently, and can prove to be quite dangerous under some circumstances (even just two of them), if you encounter two or more dogs coming after you – what is the best thing that you can do to protect yourself or diffuse the situation (if that’s even possible)?

If the SHTF and we’re living in a post-collapse world, not only will there be lots of roaming packs of dogs, but there will be people who will rely on them for early warning at their property. These will be dangerous situations to be aware of.

Lots of questions, but let’s learn from this tragic incident.
What do you think?

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