My Group Is Better Than Your Group


People who are part of a group, or people who feel connected with a particular group, will usually feel that their group is better than another group. It’s human nature to associate and identify with a group and to feel competitive towards another group.

Look at sports, for example. Most people consider themselves to be a ‘fan’ of one specific professional team or another, and will often go to great lengths to show that loyalty or pride. ‘My’ team is better than your team. In fact, some people if provoked enough by an opposing fan at a sporting event may even resort to scuffle or blows… over something related to ‘their’ team playing down on the field – even though you have absolutely nothing to do with it whatsoever. You’re just watching them play.

I happen to enjoy the sport of football (American football for all of you non-American MSB readers… not the round shaped ball). I am a fan of a particular NFL team. I understand the feeling that comes over you – that you are somehow connected with the organization as a fan, and how you feel emotionally attached to the game when it’s being played, even though you have zero effect on the play or outcome of the game itself.

Why am I a fan of this team or why are you a fan of your team? It’s most likely because you have always identified with that team from a young age and have been exposed to life experiences with others regarding that team and watching games with friends or family – all of which over time present a feeling of nostalgia, loyalty and pride.

How similar is this ‘my group is better than your group’ when it comes to bigger things like nations and national pride? Why are you proud to be an American, or proud to be Canadian, or British, or Australian, or etc… ?

Humans naturally gravitate to groups. They need to be part of a group. I believe it is part of our survival instinct and is in our DNA. We instinctively know that we cannot survive for long on our own. We will need to become part of a group to survive if our cushions of modern life are one day removed.

I mention this because I believe it to be true and I believe it is something to remember when it comes to preparing for whatever it is that you are preparing for. Just about anyone can prepare, prep, and execute a survival plan for a period of time. But eventually, nearly everyone one of us will need others to survive in the long run. We too often believe that we can make it on our own with bullets, beans, and band-aids. But I’m telling you that we cannot… in the long haul.

I believe that given the uncertain times of the past few years, particularly the economic situation that most of the modern western world is in, I believe that many people realize in their gut that the time is coming when we’re going to pay for all this. People are getting prepared. The more the better, because we’re going to need each-other, and groups to survive.

Having said that, the downside in such a post-apocalyptic world is that many groups will compete with each other in many ways, and probably not very good ways. There will be groups that will form to forcefully take what you have, and there will be corrupt groups in-between. Neighborhoods will likely form groups, which is logical for protection and for pooling resources. The thing is, once these groups are formed, it will be difficult to move freely throughout – for quite some time – without being challenged, confronted, or robbed (or worse).

Knowing this, it will be smart to do some advance thinking on the subject and consider ‘group’ mentality. Will you form your own or will you follow others? Is your neighborhood conducive to forming a good group or will it likely end up bad (possibly influenced by your local demographic)?

These are things to think about. Groups. They can be a good thing. But just remember that everyone in groups will think that their group is better than yours – so be prepared for that mentality.


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  1. When you think of all the attempts to fracture our society and destroy any chance at “united we stand, divided we fall”, it becomes immediately obvious some groups are trying to prevent this. How many types of class warfare can you think of? Political party, financial, race, boomers, job, etc…etc…
    Every day there seems to be new venom spewing from some group trying to drive divisions between someone and someone else. Elitists circle their wagons while driving our horses off. Perhaps our country needs a dramatic event to bring us all together. Nothing says ‘friend in deed’ like a hand stretched out to those in need.

  2. How do you suggest fdining these sorts of people?Our problem is that none of our friends seem to fit the bill. We keep urging friends and family to prepare, and they do a little bit, but nobody seems interested in getting really serious about it.

    1. As the saying goes, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t force it to drink”. Do your best without being overbearing, and look out for you and yours…

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