New York Gun Laws Imprisoning Tourists


A Marine is the latest in a series of arrests and prison sentences in New York for tourists unknowingly breaking a gun law. Some tourists while attempting to be responsible when seeing a ‘no gun’ sign and asking security where to check their gun, have been arrested and thrown in jail – even though the citizen has had a valid permit to carry (in another state), and had been misinformed regarding the legality to carry elsewhere.

This kind of enforcement should NOT be what these laws go after and prosecute (e.g. responsible carry of licensed citizens). Laws like these only hinder the innocent and responsible from carrying, while the criminal element thugs carry on.

The lesson learned from this story might be, if you are carrying and you wander into an area that is restricted, do not reveal to ‘authorities’ that you may be carrying – else face the wrath of the system. Just get out of that area, which you should have not entered in the first place…

Ryan Jerome was enjoying his first trip to New York City on business when the former Marine Corps gunner walked up to a security officer at the Empire State Building and asked where he should check his gun.

The 28-year-old with no criminal history now faces a mandatory minimum sentence of three and a half years in prison. If convicted, his sentence could be as high as fifteen years.

“I’ve been a law-abiding citizen my entire life, and for something like this to come down, it rips me apart,” Jerome told the New York Post. “It’s like taking a good dog and scolding him for something he didn’t do.”

In December, Tennessee nurse Meredith Graves noticed a “no guns” sign at the World Trade Center site and asked where she could leave her weapon, only to face similar charges.

Source: The Daily Caller


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  1. Attn America don’t give a single tourist penny to these commie states! Take your vacation elsewhere! Truelly a shame but make a stand. I quit my gym just because they posted no weapon signs. I made sure they were aware of why I quit too!

  2. New York City is OUTRAGEOUS when it comes to carrying ANY kind of weapon. A friend of mine went to the city for the weekend and he was arrested, thrown in jail and eventually had to pay a fine and probation with community service. He had to communte to the city regularly to fullfill the community service. All that for carrying his very small fixed-blade knife. He puts it in his pocket every day and didn’t think anything about it. A policeman saw just the tip of the handle sticking out of his pocket and arrested him on the spot. The same thing applies to mace or pepper spray. Don’t get caught with that either. THEY ARE EXTREMELY STRICT.

  3. I was a LEO (2006) from AZ when I flew into New York City.I was required to go to the nearest police station and ‘check in’ and when leaving NYC I am to again ‘check out’.
    A fellow officer had gone earlier in the year and staff in the police station had him cool his heels for nearly three hours before anyone spoke to him. It was nearly two hours when he was leaving. In most different jurisdictions there is a certain comradery or sense of Brotherhood. This is completely absent in NYC. Very close to a hostile reception. Turns out this is a common experience and we are talking about sworn officers from another state. The NYPDs intent is to follow the law but make the experience as difficult and annoying as possible. I don’t blame the street cops but rather the Pols and brass that set the agenda.
    I chose to pick up my checked weapon and skip the precinct cooling-my-heels experience. Probably should not have done so but I hate getting jerked around.
    Have visited since and carry Kimber Guardian LifeAct pepper spray and a small folder. NYC restricts ones pepper spray to only one brand and you must buy it in NYC and take a proscribed course to secure a permit! My daughter (lives in Brooklyn) was caught with a Kimber Guardian, supplied by dad. The officer gave her a lecture and a warning and pocketed the Kimber. Nice huh? I agree and would never go there except to see my daughter.

    1. I don’t know where you got the impression you were required to “check in
      ” when arriving at the city. Since the LEOSA was signed and if you possessed valid credientials, you need not check in anywhere. I’ve traveled into and out of the city numerous times and interact with many of the NYPD and NJ/NY Port Authority. None require this. no idea where you got that info, but it’s wrong.

  4. Should be interesting to watch NYC fly apart like a punkin chunker makin pie should the SHTF there.

  5. This has really surprised me, I always thought you people in the States had a right to carry a firearm. It’s so sad when innocent people are becoming the easy targets to the law. I hope the poor Marine gets understanding without stain on his character or record. Pathetic really, a Marine not allowed or not expected to carry a gun! I’m quite honestly gobsmacked!

    I could understand it here in the UK as we’re becoming a nanny state where ANYTHING could be against the law. We have to be so careful and sometimes dare not even carry a penknife, As everything… Including a baseball bat could be classed as a lethal weapon. So you could be stopped, questioned and maybe arrested.

    I work in a University kitchen and was on my way home one night when I realised that I still had one of the knives in the side pocket of my trousers. We are a country flooded with CCTV cameras and I honestly thought I would get caught. I felt like I was a criminal when it was an honest mistake by racing out of the doors to catch a tram home. I must have looked more
    subversive trying to hide the damn thing with my bag!
    The law is such a grey area here too, where defending yourself, including in your own home is concerned. How much is too much when you are a victim and trying to defend yourself and your family.

    1. @Damkina, The U.S. is approaching the ways of the UK… a Nanny state. Sometimes I wonder if it is the natural progression of any and all governments to eventually enslave their citizens. It certainly is very sad when one ‘feels guilty’ for having a kitchen knife on their person while making their way home in fear of arrest while countless government cameras peer upon them. I have come to believe that true freedom in the history of mankind is a rare thing indeed.

  6. @Ken, on The tram on my way to work one day, I once counted one side of the main road going back out of town to the University. In a half mile stretch there is 24 cameras facing all different direction! How many are on the other side of the road I don’t know, and I dread to think how many are in in the city centre itself.
    We are definitely on the downward slippery slope towards enslavement.

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