People Today Need To Obtain The Security Of A Firearm BEFORE Times Get Tough


When our false economy finally implodes (and it will), times will get tough, and worse.

Some believe that we will very likely experience a ‘Greater Depression’ and a devastating breakdown of our civilized social fabric – leading to extremely difficult and possibly very dangerous violent times.

When this time comes, you will discover (if you don’t already know) that your own security will become up front and personal.

People today are far less resilient than they were in times past. Generations have past when self-reliance was often a necessity of life, where people ‘made-do’ with less and more people grew and raised their own food. Life for many was difficult, but they survived.

Today though, there is no longer (or far fewer) a sense of responsibility, and even worse there is a tremendous number and percentage of people who are dangerously dependent on government and have a mentality and lifestyle of entitlement.

During the generations of our grandparents and great grandparents, there was a very different sense of morality and responsibility which both sustained and restrained them during tough times. Today, this is not embraced.

As a result, when this false economy implodes (and it will), people today will more quickly justify the things which will lead to the breakdown of our social fabric and civility. Looting. Robbery. Theft. Rioting. Desperate people do desperate things – especially in a society with few morals and little to no sense of self responsibility.

The inevitable economic demise (be it slow and steady or fast and sudden) will result in an explosion of crime for a number of reasons. There will be inflation through currency devaluation. More poverty. More hunger. New crimes of opportunity and crimes of desperation. A formerly entitled class will become especially angry. What’s left of the middle class will be ruined. An unavailable or overwhelmed law enforcement will not keep pace with the wave of crime to follow.

If you are making preparations, you need to seriously consider your own security and not depend on the absolute notion that others will be there to protect you. This is true today, and will be even more important in a future of collapse.

If you do not already own a firearm, I would suggest that you reconsider your personal security. It is not only your constitutional right, it is an equalizer in a time of threat to life. That life could be yours.

Visit a store that sells guns, talk to the clerks there for advice on defensive arms, and purchase one that works for you. Ask them about training classes – they are widely available. Apply for a license to carry in your state (which sometimes requires a training class anyway). Buy some ammunition, find a local gun range and practice (unless you’re lucky enough to have the space on your own property). Not only will you find it surprisingly enjoyable, but you will be building confidence in your own ability to protect yourself.

For those of you who already own a firearm(s), re-evaluate what you have. When the great collapse finally comes, there will likely be great difficulty purchasing firearms and ammunition during that time – especially when more and more people realize the essential need.

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