Here’s the scenario… Societal chaos is advancing and expanding due to a disastrous chain of events which has left a large portion of the population in an increasingly desperate state. People are hungry, thirsty, and becoming aggressive to get what they need. The realization has set in that this is more than just a temporary setback and many are anxiously and perilously setting out to find help for themselves and for others in their family or household.

The thing to remember is this: The more desperate the situation, the more likely you are to be confronted or challenged by others who may want what you have…

It may start like this:

You might be asked for food, for water, for help. Lets say you decline…

They may resort to assertive pleading. Lets say you decline…

They may then insist. Lets say you decline…

What happens next is where it gets dangerous. They may have convinced themselves that they are justified in having (taking) what you have, because they know that it’s what they need to survive. Literally. And if they are not alone in the confrontation, the others with them will merge into the same thinking – creating an opposing force (a mob?) who may quickly morph into marauders – in a situation where ‘the law’ does not exist. You have ‘it’ and they don’t…and they just might take ‘it’.

There’s something that you need to understand… something that’s difficult for most to understand. That is how seemingly ordinary ‘good people’, may try to hurt you during times of true and deep desperation for survival. The reason it’s tough to really accept is because most of us have never been in that very desperate place, so we refuse to let those thoughts in. It’s not pleasant. It may be very uncomfortable to contemplate.

When suddenly faced with such a conflict within an environment of societal chaos (and/or collapse), you are forced to make a decision. To protect yourself, your family / your household, or to be defeated and lose it all. The reality is that you need to be prepared to fight.

While it’s best to have avoided a confrontation in the first place (and there are a multitude of ways to do so – another set of articles…), there likely will come a time when you are forced to make a choice.

Physically fit. First, you must be in good (or even better) physical condition. How are you going to stand a chance during a fight if you’re immediately out of breath or badly overweight and can’t move well (for example)? This is something that you can do something about right now. Do what you need to do in order to ‘be fit’. You instinctively already know what that is, so just do it…

Force multiplier. Never be without some sort of weapon. Especially when it hits the fan and there’s essentially no ‘law and order’, you will need a force multiplier. A firearm. Other than putting distance between you and the threat, a handgun is a most effective force multiplier. Carry. Practice. Become proficient.

Hand to hand. Although very undesirable, if you are forced into hand-to-hand combat, to win you must fight to win. This means knowing what to do. There’s no such thing as a ‘nice’ fight in the context we’re surmising here. So this means being ruthless. Fighting ‘dirty’. No matter the ‘size’ and strength of an opponent, there are ‘things’ common to every man which will hurt or take them down just the same. Those are the ‘nuts’ (kick, squash, etc..), eyes (gouge, thumbs, etc..), and knees (kick). I’m simply suggesting that it will do you well to visualize what you may need to do – so to avoid potential ‘lockup’ from fear when you are thrust into the fight…

There’s one thing you can count on, and that is great conflict during the coming societal collapse. While methods of avoidance are advised, you better start facing the reality that you will not be immune (from conflict). Start figuring how you will deal with it. What do you (or any of us) need to do, right now, to be better prepared for this conflict?

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