Rampant Inflation Will Trigger A Crime Tsunami

There’s no fixing this. Americans are just beginning to pay the price (of inflation). They have allowed their government to spend and print to such an extent, that staggering inflation is its logical outcome. I have a warning for you… High inflation is triggering a crime tsunami that you better be aware of, and prepare for. Desperate people do desperate things. And times are not going to get any easier. We’re not going back to the good old days…

There are many circumstances (several on purpose) that have brought us here. That is, a time of higher and higher fuel and food prices. Shortages of foods, products, and energy. Breaking supply chains. I could go on and on. You all know what’s going on out there, at least most of our regular readers. Listen, we are never going back to the way it was before. And there are many things you should be doing to prepare for it. One of them is your personal and home security situation. A crime wave is coming. And many will likely be impacted one way or another.

There is a controlled demolition (of the current system) underway. I’m not so sure about the ‘controlled’ part. They’re hoping to control it. There absolutely is a plan. Read up on the WEF and the Davos group and you’ll be enlightened. The system is coming down, so they can build a new one. The reality is (and one reason they’re trying to do this), is because it’s too late. This one cannot be fixed. Due to the staggering reality of our dollar debt situation, there aint no fixin it folks. A lot of people are going to be hurt. Bad…

A Threshold Of Inflation Triggering A Crime Tsunami

A huge percentage of our population is being crushed, financially, right now. Paycheck to paycheck. Little to no reserves. Living on the edge. Inflation is grinding them up. It’s obviously and immediately affecting the lower financial class in a more painful way. I consider myself to be somewhere within the middle class… We’re all feeling it!!

But here’s the thing – I believe this is just the beginning. No matter what ‘they’ (e.g. the Federal Reserve) try to do about it, we the people are screwed no matter what. Raise interest rates high enough to actually affect this and this entire house falls to the ground in a heap. Don’t raise interest rates enough and we’re on to hyperinflation. Folks, get ready, because there’s no real fix for this. They’re trying to bring it down, right now, in a controlled demolition. And the build back better part is going to be the end of your last grip on freedom.

Crime In Your Local Region And Neighborhood

While visiting my Tractor Supply store a few weeks ago, I had a conversation with an employee. He’s a vet from 3 tours in Iraq / Afghanistan, and he was particularly in tune with their store’s security. Thievery is running rampant. It surprised me because we live so very rural. Seemingly without noticeable crime. But then again, it didn’t surprise me so much. Why? Because most people here aren’t ‘rich’. Sure, some are pretty well off. But the majority? Nope. There are a lot of people who struggle financially. And I suppose some of this can lead to crime. There’s always a criminal element no matter where one may live…

It doesn’t matter where you live. Increasingly desperate people are and will increasingly do more desperate things. And eventually, you might be touched by it.

I have always been conscious of security. A bit more so than the ordinary I suppose. Not sure why, but I just am. Following that discussion at TSP, I am more concerned in general. I see what’s going on out there (the ‘controlled’ demolition of our present system). Lots of people are hurting. There’s tons of financial stress out there. Knowing, or at least in my opinion, that it’s going to be getting worse, I am re-examining my personal and home security.

Can It Happen Here?

I don’t care where you may live. Ask yourself, “can it happen here?”, and then answer to yourself “yes, it can”.

Take Action

Ask yourself what you can do to help mitigate the crime tsunami that may affect you and your household. Your property. Your preps.

What mitigating supplies might you acquire now, before you can’t get it or them anymore. The things that may help your security situation.

Examine what else you might do in this regard.

For example, I just picked up two additional security cameras, one of which is positioned further away and can see way up my private road via extended wifi coverage. Earlier warning. More deterrence.

Up your situational awareness.

Anyway, the thrust here is the realization that crime WILL increase as the demolition continues. Think about it…

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  1. 100 percent agree. I am also in what they would call middle class. I live well below my income and have for years so I’m not having the problem that some are but inflation and fuel prices are still hitting my budget. I don’t know where this will all end but it won’t be good

  2. I believe you are spot on. Confirmation in my spirit knows it’s true, though I wish it wasn’t. Thanks Ken for being brave enough to spell it out, writing on the wall. Mel-got-a go get something done now.

  3. Watched a video on utube, her site is Her Homestead Skills. I think she is Canadian. She received a comment A Warning From A Farmer which she read online by permission. Many of you will know this already that the food we see in the stores right now is from last years production. Grown before the fuel, feed, and fertilizer problems. So
    this means by late summer or early fall the shortages will become more obvious. What ole Mrs. been saying for several years. Go do it NOW.

    1. I live in CO, I know someone who works for a flour mill. He told us not much of a wheat harvest this year due to drought/wind storms. Mill has bought up as much as they can for top dollar but they don’t think it’s enough to stretch out to fall/winter and are thinking they may have to shut the mill down if that is the case. They haul wheat to warehouses in the SW. We have wheat in our food storage, and a heavy duty grain mill, but it is one more thing our country will be in shortage of.

  4. Hi, Everyone,
    I am work at a small independent grocer. Inflation pain is happening especially to elderly widows on a fixed income…they get to the register and I ring up their food and items. “Can you take that off?” It happens almost every shift. It happened yesterday. She had to decide what food to take off her order. Take the cheese off she said. I keep extra cash in my bag for such situations. It’s ok, we got it for you. I paid for her cheese. This widow needs food so do others. Our store is the only non-corporate store I know of in the area by a very wide margin. We help people. I also see deli/hot food workers give a little extra to those in need. It is awesome to see the power of kindness bless people. It’s a quiet little way to help people get by. This also happened recently…a person was $3 short, the person behind said immediately here I got it for you. Handed the person a $5 and didn’t want the change back.

    1. Birdie,
      May God bless you for your kindness and generosity. And the other people being generous with a few bucks, or a little extra meat and cheese in the deli or hot food section, God bless them as well. Your comment gave me some hope and a bit of encouragement this morning. Thank You!!!!!!!

    2. There are far more good, generous people than bad. They just don’t toot their own horn all the time about it.

  5. An incident last night that might fit this thread.

    My closest neighbor is a part-timer…weekends and hunting seasons. Last evening, as I was closing up the chickens for the night, I caught a glimpse of what appeared to be a flashlight through the woods separating our places. Normally, on weekend visits, they would have already been gone…and I had seen no prior evidence they had been up this weekend.

    Called his cell phone, he confirmed they had just arrived on the mountain to spend the week. He thanked me profusely for keeping an eye on activity around his homestead.

  6. i agree. prices may come down a little but my thinking is they will stay very high for a long time, in fact too long. people would have to be making 25.00 an hour to keep up with this crazy mess, just ain’t gonna happen.

  7. dennis, true. just other day at our local walmart u have the “will work for food” freaks with their signs on the corners, well one appeared to be fighting with the other over who knows what. i expect to see this happening more often. i also was not conceal carry that day but they were no threat to me, did not try to get into my vehicle or anyone else vehicle but people were honking at them to get out of the middle of the road.

    1. 007
      I stopped and talked to a panhandler back when I was running a shop. I offered to pay him for a days work, feed him lunch and give him a ride home. He did not accept my offer. I have no sympathy for beggars when there are help wanted signs in every business you see.

    2. We can also expect to see organized raids at grocery stores. Much along the lines of the smash and grab gangs in bigger cities hitting jewelry stores.

      Meat sections and liquor aisles will be prime targets.

      I often run through a drill in my mind when I’m in the grocery store. What would I do?

      Seek cover, evaluate the situation, contact the sheriff’s office. Determine threat level and decide on whether my concealed carry is warranted.

      I realize there most often will not be time to do all that. But I drill it in my mind anyway.

      Our small local grocery stores are like the old time hardware stores. You see all your neighbors and friends. Stop and chat. Catch up. Share a laugh. It would be an abomination to ruin that wonderful aspect.

      Sadly losing that may indeed be part of the new not so good normal.

      I just checked my doors. Looking at the locks, it seems like I’ll need additional security, larger strike plates with longer screws larger diameter screws. Multiple locks.

      Pisses me if to no end…..!

      1. Jade Man,
        check out “boots on the ground” at southern prepper!@ yahoo.com, reports already coming into him re: people enter market, pick up a basket
        proceed to fill basket, then walk out of the store with groceries and basket, without paying.

        1. Will do K-bay.

          We are a small community in the Ozarks. I would guess that at any one time, there would be three to six concealed carry men or women in the store.

          Per capita, Arkansas is 2nd in number of gun owners. We surely never want to take a human life. However. We are prepared. As we should be.

  8. arch, true. just last year about this time we finally moved into our new home, finally sold our other home and i put my 8×10 tilt trailer out in front yard since not too much space in drive way to put it with our other cars, had the trailer since 1999. in the process of putting it in front yard, i had to go around yard and pass thru drive that is neighbor behind me, i did not tare up his drive or anything but later in day he was out there putting up a maksshift fence to mark his side of property and he hollered up to me if i was going to leave the trailer there in that spot and i told him yes. no more was said and about a week later my wife ask me if i moved my trailer and i said no, had not, well it was gone. made report to deputy dawg and of course they never found it. i did not mention i suspecteed my neighbor due to i don’t want to accuse someone i have really no evidence but anyway now i am out a trailer.

    1. In the future have a security camera mounted looking at that area…dummy or real….it is a deterrent period. We have some petty theft from residences here, mostly open shed or garage door, but here at the casa I have double cameras on every corner of the house….fingers crossed but no one has bothered anything here so far.

  9. Dennis, ” there is a concerted effort ongoing to destroy the non-dependent working-class family.” Could not agree more! Unfortunately, I have already come to terms (in my mind and in my heart) with what I will have to do to protect me and my family (I will answer for what I’ve done on this earth to the man upstairs, if I go up.) like everyone has said on here a bunch of times ” LEAVE ME ALONE! Ha ha, not gonna happen, “we” want you to be as miserable as the rest of us.

  10. Two days ago we ordered three more wireless cameras to place around the back and shop building. Already put up lots more solar lighting. And I’d like to reinforce the shop door. I could probably kick it in bad knee and all. Also, calling our fence guy tomorrow to see if he can get us on his working schedule now, as originally we scheduled for fall. And I need someone to come weld metal plates on the bottom of the gate things. The piece that drops in holding the gate to the post. (Have a feverish mind today, sorry). I’ve heard people are lifting gates clear off the posts – and stealing the gates. Sheesh. Can’t wait for more of these fun times.

    Does anyone have paintball guns? With the intent to maybe use them? You know, in a little recreational fun with visitors? I hear if you freeze the little paintballs, they sting quite a bit. Just laying here thinking about many things…….

    1. One good dog is better than 25 cameras. Sure wish old Bear was still alive he was my best friend.

    2. you put the fence hinges facing each other, the top down and the bottom up, that way they can’t pick them up.

      1. We ordered the Arlo Pro 2 cameras. You get three cameras, from Costco. Includes 3 outdoor mounts. Hope they arrive soon.

        1. Thanks, DJ5280!

          Looks like they might work for my application also. Ordered a set, worst case can always return them!

        2. These are pretty good. I have a couple in the hen house so I can see what’s going on. Haven’t caught the ladies playing poker and smoking my cigars but I’m still suspicious….

          The only drawback is the need for Internet and the Arlo app/website. I’s like to find something that could still work if the Net went down….

    3. DJ5280,

      What brand of wireless cameras do you use? I’ve been trying to find/decide on ones that use wifi (free) rather than cellular (requires monthly plan).

      I found a neat wifi product to monitor the temperatures in the freezers that are in my shop, some 150′ away. Made by YoLink and available on Amazon. They also have door/window sensors and water leak sensors. An app on your phone provides notifications when temp/humidity exceeds levels you set.

  11. Last week, whichever day, 0600 I was rolling down my cul-de-sac on the way to work. At the T-intersection a male black, approximately 30 years old, on a BMX type bicycle shot out from a tree canopy sidewalk, almost hit me. I stomped the brakes and he circled my truck like a shark. After a full loop he moved on eastbound, same direction I was going, I kept my distance. The guy started sweeping his bike from curb to curb like CHP does for a traffic break, I could not pass him … the thought of an imminent carjacking from behind bothered me. He continued this game on to the NB street out of my area. At once this cretin spun his bike around and pedaled swiftly straight for the hood of my truck. He swerved at the last second and did the circling shark thing again. I noticed his shorts were covered in grease and oil and we’ve had a few gas tanks drilled and drained recently.

    I called the police department. The dispatcher first argued with me over which city I was in. Next she wanted to know: “What made you decide to follow him sir?” The only thing she heard was a clear voice saying “male black”, instant racist. Some days…..

    1. “There is nothing more painful to me at this stage in my life than to walk down the street and hear footsteps… then turn around and see somebody white and feel relieved.”

      ― Jesse Jackson

      Racist?…Not at all, it’s called “Realist.”..they just don’t have the guts to admit the truth and one day their political blinders will cause them severe pain and suffering.

        1. Realist – Keep it real. That is the right holy Rhehveruhnd Jacksuhhn. We only called him Jackass out in the NW Chicago suburbs; back in the days of pubic school forced integration. Side note – it didn’t work.

    2. Next time tell the police the following description;

      “It was an individual societal contributor, wearing non-gender specific clothing, born noir, but identifies as a Carmelo Smoothie out for a morning bike ride while assessing the means of self-improvement.”

  12. you put the fence hinges facing each other, the top down and the bottom up, that way they can’t pick them up.

    1. That’s how I hang my gates and then I drill a 1/8 hole through hanger (above the clamp) and drive a nail in so it sticks out on both sides that way it can’t be easily lifted off without grinding the pin. I also use two nuts with red thread-lock on the gate clamp bolts then use channel locks to round off the shoulders of the nuts. Just makes it harder but anyone with a battery powered grinder can be through pretty quick but they will have to make noise and that’s part of the plan. Deterrence, aggravation and requiring noise is more realistic than expecting total prevention.

      1. Romeo Charlie,
        i use carriage bolts and then beat the crap out of the threaded ends to fold the threads over.

        1. That’ll work too. Anything to slow them down or make them create some noise.

  13. Honestly, i think we have very little say in what the government does, so saying we have allowed anything is only minutely true.
    I fear you are right regarding crime to come,

  14. I think this will be an issue and probably worse than our last inflationary era. Too many people believe they are either entitled to more or they are the victim of whatever circumstances they find themselves experiencing. These provide the justification or excuse for theft. Bad times financially provides the motivation. The third necessary element is opportunity. That is where I can make a difference by securing my resources against theft. What can I do to not provide an opportunity for someone motivated who believes they have an excuse for stealing?

    My grandmother (Depression era bride) said she never left the clothes on the clothesline unattended. If you didn’t stay outside, some of them would be stolen. My DH asked about whether it would be worth it to get a bulk gas tank now that we are living rural. Suggested we would have to think about security if we did and just a lock probably wouldn’t do it.

    I work in an area where I am privy to a lot of financial information. The number and scale of financial thefts through hacking and the like is frightening. I am finding keeping money in any bank, regardless of size, a risky situation. Had to make an appointment to do the wire to buy our new home because I refused to download an app on my mobile phone to “conveniently” do it. I couldn’t believe the bank teller was giving me grief for not wanting to do a 6 figure wire over a cell phone. Really kept pushing it and wanting me to do the same for payment of all my small business expenses. Decided then and there that my relationship with them will be coming to a close once the move is done.

    1. Mamalark,
      Thanks for mentioning about financial hacking. It is a pandemic in itself! I worked for a bank for years and never used a credit card or any digital $. Cryptocurrency can NOT be trusted. When it first came onto the scene they marketed it by saying it can’t be hacked, traced or confiscated and it was a reliable hedge against other falling asset classes. We all know now that these claims are pure lies. Just yesterday Betcoin and others came crashing down more so than the stock market. How many cryto-exchanges have gone under due to being looted by hackers?

    2. This goes back to the sixty’s…..we had living in the country a neighbor who had gas thieves stealing from his elevated gas and diesel tanks, so he label the gas one with a diesel sign and the diesel one with gas……after a period of time the dipsticks quit bothering his tanks.

  15. Speaking of bulk gas / diesel tanks and pilfering, true story from the early to mid 60’s. Back in the early to mid 60’s, a number farmers in my area ( upper mid west ) were losing gasoline, they would always know what their gas supply tank level was and more times than not it seemed to be lower than what they thought. One day two farmers got together, drained the gas out of the bulk tank and replaced it with diesel fuel, but left it marked as gas, then he had the neighbor take his truck and go to town and he stayed home. It wasn’t long before a white 62 Chevy hardtop showed up at the farm and pulled up to the gas barrel and filled his gas tank up on his car and then he left. It wasn’t long before the kid / guy with the white Chevy came walking up, asking to use the phone because his car stopped running. Yup, he used to phone alright, it wasn’t long before the county sheriff showed with a tow truck. this was before close circuit cameras were in any kind of use.

  16. I think the crime wave is already crashing here in the northern Seattle ‘burbs (south Snohomish county). Best I can do is keep the doors locked, and keep a ‘weather eye’ out when out and about. Tmac’s account of the ‘cyclist’ is an increasing ‘norm’ around here. As a straight white male I keep in mind that I am automatically ‘wrong’ in this politically correct area, and continue with my plans to move to the east side of the state. Eastern WA is more ‘purple’ than ‘red’, however I have family there (on my Mom’s side) and know how things work in the Columbia basin.

  17. i have some rat traps made into some trip wire set ups, 209 shotgun primers make enough noise to alert me and to scare away most. i don’t use them now but i have tested them. i’ll put them out if i have to. i have a long, long driveway. ya can’t see my house from the road. that’s a good thing and a bad thing. i have good neighbors on the road with radios. they are prepped as well as i am and we have a good plan for Def. river bridges as choke points, that sort of thing, you know, JIC. we don’t really talk about it that much because everyone here practices OPSEC to some extent, one young fellow in our are who is on our volunteer fire dept. organised a neighborhood crime watch meeting with the community several years ago and he broached the subject of preparedness,we all agreed that it was a good idea. those of us in the business just folded our arms and looked at each other. we ain’t tellin nobody nothing until it’s time. we’ll always take care of our old people, the youngins are on their own if they haven’t prepared. they have been encouraged to get extra food and supplies. but like most kids they can’t see past their cell phones into tomorrow. future cheap labor for barter.

    1. Scout did a similar thing, take a 6” piece of 4×4…bore a hole for a low base 12 gauge shotgun shell to fit in flush…then screw the rat trap over the top so the large head nail would strike the primer….tested these by attaching heavy fishing line to the trap and for the purpose of the test sit up 4 cardboard panel about ten feet from the device. When they go off surprised that it was not very loud, and all four cardboard panel only had splinters in them. The nail set in the trap so that when not used you remove it for safety. Also labeled the device as an emergency warning device, that way the legal aspects are addressed. But as a warning device it works every time and it is very cheap to make.

  18. Dennis spot on…..we all have seen good people that do bad things when a situation unfolds…old adage about in time of social and/or economic strife, life is the cheapest commodity. Our small group of 4 families, have done an assessment of the rural neighborhood and truly believe that in a event where everything is “going to hell” most would turn rogue and become wolfs. We are older with no young family members and have one goal in mind, thrive not just survive, GOD willing.

  19. We had a 10 day power failure in our condo but because it is mostly seniors over age 75, old fashioned neighborliness was the order of the day. The superintendent worked around the clock, to keep the generators going (to provide a working elevators for residents, medical emergency calls, etc.). If this had happened in a regular apartment building with all age groups I do not know the outcome. The party room and its kitchen is on a generator so we had coffee, tea, and people did grocery runs to stores with power for deli type food. Electronics were charged in the room also. If a power failure occurs I would much prefer to be in an area with seniors although I am not yet one (close but not yet). No student frat house type of apartment for me or place where people get room mates from social media who change every few months.

  20. Would someone please answer this question for me regarding WINDOW SECURITY FILM:
    Would it be better to pay 3M $200 (I locked that in by the way) to come do my window OR by the stuff myself and save $100.00?

    I know a few people who have done it, I just don’t know if I feel comfortable doing it.


    1. I did my own but it is messy, the cutting is meticulous and there is a learning curve to get it on right. $200 is a fair price depending on how many windows you are having done.

      1. Thanks for the reply! It is only one window BUT, the actual price for that window is $325-350. The guy is cutting me a deal because I am on SSDI..

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