First MARCH 2020, Now APRIL 2020 | Record Gun Sales… Most EVER

image: AP Photo via Breitbart

Folks, something’s going on. Big time. Americans know that something’s not right. More so than ever before. Hows’ that? Well, here’s some evidence…

FBI figures show April 2020 witnessed more firearm background checks than any April since the inception of the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS), in 1998. (source)

According to the FBI there were 2,911,128 background checks conducted in April 2020.

April’s surge in background checks followed a March that shattered ALL ONE-MONTH RECORDS. Breitbart News reported March 2020 witnessed 3,740,688 background checks, which were the most checks conducted in any single month since the inception of NICS.

What does this tell us?

That people are concerned about their security in record numbers as we enter unprecedented times. People are evidently having “trust issues”. Who could blame them?

Is it just the Wuhan virus? Or is there more going on here…

You tell me…

Buckle up… This National Emergency was just the test case to see how the public reacts. People were willing to give up their rights for what? Cloward-Piven strategy is being implemented … 8 weeks the best economy in 50 years was stopped dead in its tracks. Bailouts for anything that moves while they destroy the value of the dollar. Pelosi wants almost a $T to bail out the states who are broke.

~ NavyGuy1981

Maybe the people buying these guns did so for one or both of the following reasons:

1) They fear civil unrest and lack of law enforcement.
2) They are arming for a revolution in the event that the government doesn’t relax its tyrannical grip on their lives and livelihoods.

~ My 200 Cents

It is interesting that just as soon as the world falls into the precipice, people wake up to the fact that their all-knowing, all-protecting, all-everything government can’t even give them a ninety-five cent dust mask, never mind protect them if things get worse, and things certainly are going to get worse. There is nothing like the cold, hard reality of the largest government failure in history to have people seeking the comfort of a warm gun.

~ Ajax999

Whenever the anti-American Left starts making noise about taking away Constitutional rights, firearms sales hit new records. One would think they would add 2 + 2 and realize they are motivating a group of people that they may regret meeting when the rubber meets the road.


I’ll finish with this from a commenter named “MrWorldCitizen1” which I read on another site this morning:

It’s not about your health.

When the State tells you it’s safe to go to Home Depot to buy a sponge but
dangerous to go and buy a flower, it’s not about your health.

When the State shuts down millions of private businesses but doesn’t lay off
a single government employee, it’s not about your health.

When the State bans dentists because its unsafe, but deems an abortion visit
is safe, it’s not about your health.

When the State prevents you from buying cucumber seeds because it’s
dangerous, but allows personal lottery ticket sales, it’s not about your

When the State tells you it’s dangerous to go golf alone, fish alone or be
in a motor boat alone, but the Governor can get his stage make-up done &
hair done for 5 TV appearances a week, it’s not about your health.

When the state puts you IN a jail cell for walking in a park with your child
because it’s too dangerous but lets criminals OUT of jail cells for their
health – it’s not about your health.

When the state tells you it’s too dangerous to get treated by a doctor for
chiropractic or physical therapy treatments yet deems a liquor store essential
– it’s not about your health.

When the State lets you go to the grocery store or hardware store but is
demanding mail-in voting – it’s not about your health.

WAKE UP PEOPLE… If you think any of this BS is about your health, you’re
a fool!! Please open your eyes & stop being lead like blind sheep.

So what say you? Why are people buying guns in record numbers right now?


  1. The time for speculation is over. People are embracing reality. We are in real peril. Its time to decide to take the red pill. How many will stand against the coming government door to door mandatory vaccination Gestapo? Even if they have armed them selves for self defiance. Defending against what is likely going to be a government mandatory mass vaccination is a different and changeling thing altogether. Isn’t it.

  2. Depending on the demographic, I think it’s a few different reasons.

    For some, the totalitarian disregard for our natural rights is a reminder that having the ability to defend oneself against tyranny is a critical need. At any moment, the ability to secure needed weapons and ammo can be declared non-essential, and shut down.

    I remember reading statements from shops in CA that a large number of buyers were first-time liberal leaning folks. The idea that ‘big government will take care of us and knows what’s best’ meets an ‘Oh sh*t’ moment of realization. Big government will let you starve, will not save you from violent perps, and will sacrifice you to sustain itself.

    Also, I wonder if some of the more financially clever see an opportunity to invest in what most likely will be a rapidly appreciating asset. Guns, and even more so ammo, are a valuable commodity in times of insecurity and civil unrest.

    1. Farmgirl

      A weapon only works if, there’s a brain behind the trigger

      1. Stand my Ground

        True, that.

        I don’t underestimate the damage that can be caused by an idiot with a gun. It’s like giving matches to a toddler. They may not know how to get a good woodstove fire going, but they can still burn the house down.

      2. Stand my Ground

        Reminds me that I should get more practice time in. I don’t want to be the ‘idiot’! ;-)

        1. Stand my Ground

          Thank you for that – means a lot coming from you!

          I’m just not as experienced as I’d like to be. Farm life requirements have given me some, not lots.

          Going to get some plinking time in with my young men. Good Mother’s Day activity! Since it’s a special occasion, I’ll even dress up, lol.

        2. I don’t own any camo clothing. Various hunting seasons for brown things make blaze orange a better clothing option.

          My best camo would probably be ‘helpless damsel in distress’ or clueless country bumpkin. So, I guess either a dress, or overalls. Got both!

      3. SMG

        A weapon only works if, there’s a brain behind the trigger

        i only wish that were true. There are an awful lot of stupid people out there with guns.

        Now if you meant that a gun can’t fire itself and needs a person behind it I agree with ya there

  3. I don’t know what scares me the most. The record sales or the fact that the FBI has files on those sales, or should I say records on those individuals…
    Knock, knock, “I’m from the gov’t and I’m here to help. After you hand over what you just bought”.

    1. Also (for the sake of others who may not know), they only know that you bought ‘something’. They don’t know what you bought. Those records are kept at the dealer/gun store.

      1. I have to disagree with you on this Ken. In the nineties, my brother in Oklahoma, bought a 22 pistol and gave it to my mother because she could shoot. My father never did and did not much like guns. On a trip to Tulsa, Oklahoma, to visit mybrother, the .22 and a chain saw was stolen while in a pickup truck going thru a car wash. They reported it stolen, when they got back home to New Mexico, but did not have the serial number. One day, about 5 years later, my mom got a call from an FBI agent asking her if he could come talk to her. Wondering why, she agreed to meet him at home. He showed her ID, came in & they talked. He asker her if she had a .22 pistol. She told him yes, but it had been stolen in Oklahoma some years ago, along with a chain saw. He asked her to describe it ( a Ruger) and she did so. After that, he pulled the pistol out of a briefcase and returned it to her, and said it was recovered in a bank robbery in San Diego. The FBI had evidently traced the serial number from Oklahoma, thru my brother, and finally to my mom.
        So, if the govt. wants to find out where a particular gun is, the records are there for them to find.

        As the FBI agent was leaving, my mom asked him if they had recovered the chain saw also and she would like it back too!! They both laughed about that.

        1. Was the gun purchased in a State which requires registration? In that case, the State will have all of the information.

        2. I have some knowledge on this topic. All guns sold in the US are required to be identified with a serial number. Yes, you can build your own gun, but to sell it even in “private” sell you have to have a serial number. If you “build” a gun and sell it with a serial number you must have the appropriate FFLs to manufacture and sell. You must maintain records of those firearms. So S&W builds a pistol, sells it to a shop in Beaumont, Texas. The shop must maintain meticulous records on that firearm. If it is sold, the paperwork must be in the shop. When the ATF comes to visit, all the ledgers and paperwork must align.

          It’s fairly easy to figure out where a gun was initially purchased and who it was sold to if the shop keeps their records correctly. If they don’t, they lose their FFL. The ATF loves to find people that don’t keep good records.

          Now with that said, my friend filed several complaints during the Obama years. The records in the shop are never supposed to leave the shop unless there is a court order for a specific record. During one particular ATF visit, he saw the agent scanning all of his transaction records which is a no-no. He complained and the agent said he was within the law. My friend replied that HE was a LEO and knew that the agent was breaking the law. The agent shrugged and went back to scanning. He filed several complaints and was never given any explanation or reason. This happened more than once and happened to more than one ffl dealer in our area. No ATF agent is your friend, the same guy during the Obama years is still working during the Trump years.

          I haven’t said this in a while so here it goes– Avoid crowds, keep your powder dry, watch your six, and don’t trust anyone that isn’t close, close, close family.

        3. BG in TX,

          Thanks for the info – especially about what can really happen, as opposed to what is supposed to happen.

          While a gun has to have a serial number, does a private individual selling a firearm have to keep records? I know lots of changes have happened in the regulations lately, but I remember that one of the big concerns about gunshows and private sales was about closing the ‘loophole’ that allowed non-FFL sales. Has that changed? Is there a federal regulation now, or does it vary by state?

        4. on this discussion of firearm serial numbers, and stores keeping records of firearm sales, what do you do if you have something manufactured before serial numbers were required? What happens to a gun stores sales records when a store goes out of business?

        5. BG:

          I had the impression that the paper records were required to be maintained on site for a fixed period of years (don’t remember the #) and then could be disposed of. Is this incorrect ?


        6. Farmgirl, there has never been a “loophole”; private sales are simply private sales. If you go through a dealer, you must fill out the transaction paperwork, ATF Form 4473. Many gun shows now require all inside sales to be an FFL holder. What happens in the parking lot between 2 citizens legally capable of owning a firearm is not their concern. Also, you are not required to keep a personal record of a private sale, but it is always a good idea. Some guns manufactured before 1969 did not have a serial number. I can think of the cheap 22s made and sold to Montgomery Ward, Sears, Western Auto, etc.. did not have serial numbers prior to 1969. This requirement was a part of the “Gun Control Act of 1968”.

          July 1776, you have to forward all required records to the ATF for storage if you surrender the FFL.

          BB in GA, you must keep the 4473 form for “a period of not less than 20 years” is the specific language.

          Hope this helps. If you have specific questions, the National Shooting Sports Foundation website is the cat’s meow. You can find answers to your questions and sure enough learn. I highly recommend it.

          I also recommend and click on the gun rights tab in the top right of the page. They are a great source of credible information.

        7. The police go to the manufacturer and give them the serial number, then the manufacturer tells them which dealer bought the gun from them. Then they go the gun shop to find out who bought it.

    2. Jabba,

      Totally agree with you. Private sales and cash. While/where it’s still possible.

      I, for one, have never been in a gunstore. Nasty things, guns! :-)

  4. I agree with the “it’s not about your health” train of thinking. As far as firearms, maybe it’s a TON of first time buyers? As previously stated, my guess is that people are starting to realize they might feel a little safer in having a way of protecting themselves and their families in a shtf scenario. We are probably as close as we (in our lifetime at least) have ever come to a legit crash of $$ and power (gov’t). Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.

    1. I agree with this. It is another way of topping off supplies, and this has been a “wake up” moment for a lot of people. They realized things could actually get bad when they saw empty shelves…

  5. Im beginning to wonder myself,
    If its a conspiracy it one elaborate setup. OTOH these gov turds like to take advantage of crises. Even in our little state there is a power struggle between the state and county leadership.

    Interesting times

    1. Kulafarmer, you should hear the shouting matches going on during the conference calls between all of these little wanna be dictators. I swear I look every day at my retirement numbers. City vs. County vs. State vs. Fed. It’s a 4 ring circus.

  6. Nailed it again Ken with both yours and the other site.
    I wanted to go to mr world citizen but nothing would come up. Could you please post the site?

  7. It certainly is an ODD set of “lockdown” circumstances that have been presented. I also find it VERY concerning. Much of the social distancing seems designed to keep us from talking to each other and/or congregating. That begs the question of WHY, since all other health concerns seem to have been set adrift.
    Thank you Ken for keeping us all “thinking” and preparing for whatever.

    1. Pioneer Woman – I have had the same question, impression, as you, makes me wonder WHYm as well

      ” ODD set of “lockdown” circumstances that have been presented. I also find it VERY concerning. Much of the social distancing seems designed to keep us from talking to each other and/or congregating. That begs the question of WHY, since all other health concerns seem to have been set adrift.”

      1. I continue to be concerned for the fundamental violation of our constitutional rights. This morning I have been informed that many court services will continue to be curtailed for “in-person” appearances. In connection with that many CPS DHS services will continue to be curtailed in person which makes life very difficult.

        1. Rather than being puzzled by why you are required to stay at home (and concocting bizarre conspiracy theories), why not use your time to read up on basic epidemiology and controlling the spread of contagious diseases. It’s not mysterious, rocket science or a government plot.

          Your “fundamental Constitutional rights” do not entitle you to endanger the lives of others by doing what you please at any time that you please. Acting that way is just anarchy and not how an organized cooperative society survives.

          Yes, it’s difficult. It’s difficult for all of us.

        2. UseYourBrain…actually, our Natural Rights allow us to do exactly that, it is only in a polite society where thoughts of the affect on others enters the equation. And this society stopped being polite a long time ago. As a member of the “essentials” I can tell you that our willingness to carry the rest of you is wearing thin.

        3. Well then UseYourBrain, let us all use our brain to prevent any and all deaths, from this point forward….. ALL vehicular travel is forbidden (almost 40,000 deaths per year) just stay home! Oh, and you must remove ALL bath tubs (or send in federal inspectors to make sure there are adhesive anti slip rubber duckies on the bottom of all tubs, and arrest any home owner that does not comply) , they are responsible for many deaths, as are bikes, trampolines, almost any sport, etc, etc, etc!!!! I am sure that this group can cite any number of stats on various methods of how people die!

          But LIFE is always a risk, unless you wish to be living deep in mommies basement, behind locked doors. But gasp….. even then….someday you will die from something!! I guess I was a total idiot for being a volunteer fire fighter/EMT all of my life, 5 years active duty Army and 13 years Air National Guard, 25 years as a street cop….. boy was I stupid for allowing myself to possibly be a risk!

    2. Stopping us from congregating or going to church ( same thing ) is a direct conflict with the 1st amendment. I think they may be seeing just how far they can push this and have people do what they say.

  8. I read article ” Study on flu vaccine and Corona virus on Natural News.
    I recommend it is worthwhile to check it out. Posits and interesting theory. I hope it’s ok to mention it here?

  9. 30 million out of work/ jails being emptied/ lots of “kids” out of school looking for something to rob/ rumors of coming food shortages. Most number of F.B.I. check outs, how many were for more than one firearm? Long gun and a pistol for the bedroom as back up maybe?

    Went shopping today, some stuff almost gone. I believe many-Many-MANY are getting on the almighty ” Prepper Train” . We all know the old slogan, ” Beans, Band Aids, and Bullets”.

  10. 1200$
    Less than a drop in the bucket,
    My herbicide bill was more than that,,,,

    1. $1200. You can buy a good firearm and amo and extra mags for that much. Thanks Uncle Sam!

  11. I just hope that all these new gun owners get trained up and get some practice. Learn the safety rules. Another thing, do not forget, people with ill intent don’t come calling at noon time. Get weapons lights, night vision, whatever you can, because a lot of the sportiness is going to be at zerodarkthirty.

    1. Agree with you. Anyone carrying needs to know the rules, develop a mental mind set, situational awareness, liability awareness and for God sake, if the gun is out of its holster and pointed in DON’T STAND THERE TALKING!!! Hollywood always gives dummies the impression that because you hold the gun you can run off at the mouth….Use it for its intended purpose! But please be aware of ALL of the consequences. GET TRAINED. Then because it is a perishable skill, stay in practice.

    2. Kevin H,
      So true that people with ill intent don’t come calling in the dead of the night.
      I am staying in my RV in my in laws drive way in the ( sarc) great state if Oregon. Last night at 316 am someone pounded on my door. Yelled that I have my gun and racked one into the chamber. They took off. Called 911. No one showed up!! SIL was angry that I brought a gun with me. Told her to pound sand!! She would have probably opened the door to then. IDIOT!!
      We are on our own. If they come back tonight i won’t say a thing just shoot through the door!! Still pissed and shaky about the whole incident. Glad my hubby will be here tomorrow.
      PEACE, (yes this is what I want!!)

      1. MadFab

        That does sound scary – no wonder you’re shaky.

        Sounds like you handled it like a pro. Good for you for keeping your cool! Also good to know that reinforcement is on the way. Hang in there and keep steady.

      2. Please don’t “shoot through the door” just because someone is pounding on it. I know it is scary, but let it go to the next level where there is a clear attempt to invade (that will leave evidence) before you fire for effect. <bb

      3. You shoot thru that door off to jail you go!
        Now if the perp comes in that door and is a threat then off with them but be mindful of blood splatter.

        If you do not have ear protection when you fire your weapon indoors you are most likely going to suffer permanent hearing loss.
        There are active headsets ($60) that we use at the range that are designed to be able to carry on a conversation yet be protected against the load boom from weapons fire. Interesting thing about these headsets you can increase the sensitivity (they have battery powered amplifier with a limited max volume to clip the bang from weapons fire) and listen to conversations 50-70feet away. This feature will give you super hearing so you can listen for the bad guys movements, even his breathing.

        1. Yup,
          Its called reckless endangering, felony here, with a gun up a couple notches, if the person is killed its like murder, generally a reckless endangering charge plus a negligent homicide.

  12. It’s pretty crazy at the gun stores. I was going to buy a Henry golden Boy in 22mag the other day just because my gun budget is getting pretty fat right now. I went in and there were about 15 people ahead of me ( I got there when they opened ) and another line of about 20 there to pick up firearms already bought. I just said the hell with this and left. I don’t need another toy ( that’s what this one was going to be ) bad enough to wait a couple of hours to buy one then another couple of hours 14 days down the road to pick one up.

  13. on this discussion of firearm serial numbers, and stores keeping records of firearm sales, what do you do if you have something manufactured before serial numbers were required? What happens to a gun stores sales records when a store goes out of business?

    1. July 1776, I answered above. If manufactured before 1969 you must provide a physical description of the gun if it does not have a serial number and an FFL holder is involved. If it is a private sale between citizens capable of owning firearms, then it is no concern of the government as long as no NFA law is broken. Although I recommend you keep a record if you are buying or selling privately.

  14. I was / am still a little amped up from my encounter last night. I do know I would go to jail if I shoot through the door. I am a very careful and cautious gun owner.
    Judd the ear production sounds very good. Is there a certain brand ya use or do all MFG have to his technology? I just use the ones provided at brothers range.
    Thanks for the input all but rest assured I won’t be the one going to jail!!

    1. Best ear protection is a noise canceling headset, which will block all explosions and loud noise..but let you hear everything else. This type of ear enhancement will make your hearing as good as an owl, while it protects it. The two microphones on such headsets make the incoming noise very directional, so…that twig snapping sound…or the footfall…or even the breathing of the enemy can be heard…and you know exactly, instantly, where they are.

      The ones I use are made by Honeywell.

  15. Count us in that…
    My wife decided to pick up a pistol , as did myself and my nephew, something other than our recreational B.P Colt navies. Cap n ball is an interesting hobby these days, but Even a stubborn old coot like me can admit they are a bit of a pain on reloads without Cartridges.

    One GOOD effect of this COVID ..thing.. we got to modernize a bit.

    1. What you do to reload a cap&ball revolver in combat, is to carry loaded cylinders…usually two..which can be swapped out quickly. The best cap&ball revolver of the Civil War was the Remington .44, which could swap cylinders much faster and easier than any Colt. The Remington was stronger than the Colt, too.

      By easily changing cylinders, a Remington .44 could be reloaded FASTER than a single action cartridge revolver, like the .45 Long Colt Peacemaker.

      Do not think a Cap&Ball weapon is not deadly, or inaccurate. All on has to do is look at the number of bodies they generated during the Civil War.

      And, we all know how to make Black Powder and melt lead…when getting ammo from a box is no longer an option. Percussion Caps are a lot easier to store in quantity…and they allow you to make nice grenades, too.

    2. – During the Civil War, it was a common practice to carry more than one cylinder loaded, and change as necessary. Several of Mosby’s troops carried as many as six loaded cylinders, as the revolver was the ‘Uzi’ of its day. At that time, I understand, the spare cylinders were as common as extra magazines are today. You do have to remember, the backup weapon was a saber.
      – Papa S.

      1. – Also, remember the Walker Colt generated more horsepower than any other handgun until the .357 Magnum was born. That includes the .45 in Long or ACP.
        – Papa

      2. For over 11 years, I was a Civil War buff, who re-enacted Mosby’s 43rd Rangers, along with a bunch of other California stuntmen. A trooper of this unit would carry several pistols, anywhere they could find a spot on their saddles, or themselves. Typically six, to eight pistols, were carried…along with a double barrelled shotgun. We got rid of the clunky sabre, which we called “wrist-breakers,” as we did not hang around after we were down to our last loaded pistol…and used our horses to get away from the fight.

        In fact, we didn’t even bother to holster an empty pistol in a fight…there was not time. We just tossed the empty pistol away and grabbed another as quick as possible. After all, being mounted, we could roam the battlefield after things calmed down…and pickup all the pistols we wanted. So, our inventory of pistols was always changing battle to battle…save the one we kept for last, which was always our favorite.

        The bag of spare loaded cylinders was meant to fit this last revolver..which we would not drop..and which had a lanyard attached to it would not get lost. When we only had one pistol left, we wanted to be able to load it really fast..while on the back of a horse.

        Oh, did you Floridians know…a Cap & Ball pistol is not considered to be a “firearm” in the state? You can carry 25 pounds of Black Powder around, and any antique firearm, made prior to 1918, and replicas, thereof…legally…as the firearm laws do not apply…not even to felons. As we all know, many cartridge weapons were made before 1918…and if you own a cartridge weapon, which fires any ammo NOT currently made in the U.S., that weapon, also…is not considered to be a firearm.

        Maybe we could make a new shoulder holster, designed to carry a two-inch Remington .44…and two spare, loaded, cylinders? Such a rig would not require any license and would be free on any Florida state long as the weapon is not used in the commission of a crime.

        Hmmmmm… I think I could make some money!

  16. Not surprising with all the governors emptying their prisons and allowing the cons to roam free. But people new to weapons really need to be trained, know the laws and treat the weapon with respect.

  17. Hello from Canada! When our current government started talking “Assault Rifle” gun ban, sales went through the roof. The standing theory among gun owners was that these firearms would be “grandfathered”, meaning if you already had them you could keep them hence the spike in sales. That was pre-pandemic when there were still enough sane voices in Parliament to vote against such a move. Then COVID-19 shuts down the country, gun stores are closed, mail order of firearms and ammo shut down (the postal service won’t ship them), the Prime Minister sends Parliament home (for their own safety) and then by Order In Counsel (the equivalent of an Executive Order) he outlaws 1500 models of firearms, no vote and no debate. Owners are told that there will be a buy back policy “to be announced” but in the meantime you can not transport, transfer, use or sell your legally acquired property unless it is for the purposes of turning the firearm over to the police for no compensation. 99% of the firearms effected by the ban are already “restricted” meaning that the firearms are already registered with the federal government. The owners of restricted firearms have met specific training, strict use and storage requirements and regular criminal background checks but they can no longer be trusted. And since the gov’t already knows who they are, where they live and what kind of “evil” black rifles they own then its pretty easy to round up anyone in non-compliance with the new ban. So why is the gov’t afraid of law abiding responsible citizens and not the criminals actually responsible for the gun violence in this country? Things that make you go “hmmm”.

    1. North of 49

      The only reason the government wants to take those from you or us is because they are going to do something that would make you shoot them with it,,,,
      Time to use them, for all of us to use them.
      Governments by far are more violent than the people they are supposed to represent.

      1. There is a 2 year “amnesty” period while they sort out how to pay for the proposed (but as yet only imaginary) buy back program set to expire May 01 2022. Next federal election… October 16 2023. So much for letting people actually having a vote as to whether they want to surrender their hard earned property. Not to mention that the gov’t has no idea how much the buy back could even cost. Estimates range from 1 billion to 87 billion. But they have already hinted at a first come first serve scenario. Once the money runs out any late comers will be S.O.L. Can anyone say “forced compliance”?

        Imagine what an 87 billion dollar investment in law enforcement and criminal apprehension could do against gun violence and crime in general.

        1. You said,

          “Imagine what an 87 billion dollar investment in law enforcement and criminal apprehension could do against gun violence and crime in general.”

          EXACTLY! And this proves that these political tyrants are not doing this for your safety and well being. Rather, they are doing it to DISARM the law-abiding populace. That’s what tyrannical regimes always do.

  18. I personally believe this is just the tip of the iceberg. I believe this whole thing is going to take 12 or more months to play out. We will have a summer rebound and then more closings in the fall when the Virus “rebounds”. More unemployment followed by food shortages. That mild mannered salesman next door wont be the same when his kids are screaming they are hungry and he hasn’t worked in 4 months. Just my 2 cents.

  19. Been a pretty sobering week. Our country is changing rapidly…..maybe too rapidly. Attitudes are changing also. There seems to be a sense of foreboding in the air. You see the evidence everywhere (when you step outside of the security of your homestead).

    Went to town yesterday. Twofold purpose. Governor lifted ban on hairdressers, not a moment too soon for my wife. She got the first wash, cut, and style when doors opened.

    Second purpose of going to town was to pick up her time sensitive pain meds at Wally World, and do food replacement shopping. Parking lot was packed. Store was at near capacity, carts exiting the front door filled over capacity. Everyone (almost) were wearing some form of mask. Most were obviously homemade affairs, some almost comical looking. The whole atmosphere felt weird. Covered faces, no one chit-chatting, everyone following the 6 foot spaced directional arrows on the floor. Some items in short supply, some items unavailable (meat was almost non-existent).

    One thing was sort of comical though. With all the shortages evident, this Wally World had received a triple order of Velveeta Cheese, by mistake. Shortages of some staples, and suddenly they had more of a product than the could find room for. They brought several pallets out, set them down and sold them for $2 a package (normally sells for over $7). We bought a bunch (no limits) as we normally use a lot of it. Somewhat shelf stable w/o refrigeration, it was a good deal for us.

    Don’t know where all this is headed, but one thing for sure, people are purpose driven right now. Not much frivolity out there. Got the feeling that emotions are getting frayed, sensibilities are wound tight. Wouldn’t take much of a spark to make pre-Christmas black Friday events look like love fests.

    I’m safe, back on the mountain where I belong.

  20. To all first time firearm owners. Get proper training. Practice. Become familiar with your firearm(s). Be able to field strip them, clean them, and reassemble them. To buy a gun and never get trained or practice is like buying a car and driving it on the road without ever having learned HOW to drive a car. Be responsible. Please.

  21. This site is getting more paranoid these past few months. So whats the end game for them “creating” this problem? You said somethings going on without saying what it is?

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