Self Defense Tactical Pen


I recently came across this interesting ‘tool’ for self defense which will compliment one’s overall preparedness for personal protection.

It’s a tactical pen:

The nondescript and inconspicuous details on the pen are perfect in that no attention is drawn to it. After all, it is a functional pen – but with an added functionality.

Lets face it, there are places where you may travel where your rights are limited with regard to your tools for self defense. In some regions it is even unlawful to carry a knife. With that said, there are times when you need to adapt.

There are a number of self defense tools and techniques which you may consider – while this one is unique in its own right. I don’t know anyplace where a pen is unlawful (yet).

The tactical pen is CNC machined 6061 aircraft aluminum and will pack a serious punch (spike).
In effect, it is a Kubotan.

The fit and function is excellent, making it easy for daily carry. For self-defense this tactical pen is designed thicker, with a blunt end and is suited for serious deep bruising. The relatively wide flat top allows for a very secure grip with your thumb squarely on top.

The tactical pen is not a substitute for a weapon, but it is a decent alternative among the many choices at your disposal – particularly in locales where tools such as a sidearm, a knife, or pepper spray are impractical or unlawful.

Schrade Tactical Pen

If you’re not happy with the original ink cartridge it can be replaced with a Parker gel refill part #30525PP, available at any office supply store.


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