SHTF Social Collapse And The Pitfall Of Being A Pacifist


The root belief and assumption of the pacifist includes this: Most everyone is ‘good’, and ‘human nature’ at its core is generally all-embracing and positive. A pacifist rejects violence in any shape or form.

While I have no issue with the pacifist (people are who they are), I do have some thoughts on the pitfall of being a pacifist if and when SHTF leads to social chaos and collapse…

First a note: I’m in agreement to an extent with the pacifist ideal against war… with one big exception… While many wars absolutely should not have been fought at all, and there certainly is a faction that profits and ‘wants’ war, I also know that there is a time for war.

On that note, the discussion here is not about pacifism and war, but about the pacifist nature in context with social collapse.

Heres’ the thing: It’s easy to be a pacifist in today’s modern world of plenty. However when the ‘plenty’ becomes scarce, the pacifist will likely face some very uncomfortable truths about human nature… survival.

I know that there is a significant element of ‘preppers’ who themselves are pacifists. I’m certain that there is an element from the ‘green’ movement, homesteaders, self-sufficient types, etc.. who fit the general profile of a prepper… but minus the ‘security’ aspect.

They generally are pleased to help people, and the people they may help are pleased to ‘get’ what they’re ‘getting’. This all may be well and good – during ‘good times’. But what about when times aren’t so good? Will ‘human nature’ remain fundamentally ‘good’?

Either the pacifist answers, “Yes, people will pull together and remain good willed and kind”, or the pacifist rejects the scenario altogether. I suspect that most pacifists will either not accept the notion of social chaos and societal collapse or they truly believe that under such a life-changing circumstance that most people will remain ‘good’.

What they are missing (in my opinion) is that our modern society lives on a razor edge of civility. So long as the masses are fed and entertained, all is well. But when they become hungry and are forced to face the reality of life, all bets are off…

When the people that they know start showing up at their door for food, the pacifist will gladly feed them. What they will not realize (until it’s too late) is that these people (and more) will return again and again, until it’s gone. THAT is human nature…

The pacifist will not accept that there is a possibility that some (or many) people will become violent when faced with ‘survival’ (starving). And being pacifistic in nature, they will certainly become early and easy targets during a period of social collapse.

I suggest that if you are a pacifist, take a good hard look inward at the scenario of societal collapse. Given the massive dependence and systemic risks in our modern society and given the gargantuan risk of economic collapse that will surely hit us one day, the likelihood of social chaos is very real. Think about your defensive measures. Think about how you will handle the situation when you too are running out of food and supplies. Maybe by going without food yourself for three days will open your eyes as to what hunger can do to one’s mindset.

Any comments?

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  1. “The root belief and assumption of the pacifist includes this: Most everyone is ‘good’, and ‘human nature’ at its core is generally all-embracing and positive. A pacifist rejects violence in any shape or form.”

    Wow Ken, I never really saw myself as a pacifist, but in some ways I guess I am. Even though I know there are evil, manipulating people out there, I always give people the benefit of doubt until they prove otherwise. I guess in a SHTF scenario I would be dead real fast. I really need to change my thinking to be more like my sister who trusts no one until they prove themselves.

    Sometimes I need a smack upside the head to wake up.

    1. Caring about other human beings isn’t a problem unless you let it overcome your understanding of human nature. The problem with pacifists (as described above) is that they don’t pay attention.

      Humans aren’t happy, they aren’t nice, and they aren’t predictable. Ignoring history in favor of some unsupported belief that people TODAY are different is just suicide.

      It is entirely possible to give people the benefit of the doubt, as long as you remember that even a good friend can and will turn on you under the right circumstances–just like I assume you would turn into a raging tiger if someone threatened your children. Circumstances dictate behavior, and if you can figure out how to make the switch from polite pacifist (although I think Ken is mixing his definitions) to self preservation I think you’ll be fine.

      Rather than changing your nature now, maybe you should practice different scenarios and how you should respond so it’s ingrained when we get to that point.

    2. Hay, peanut gallery, I’m like you I trust people (to an extent) until they show me they can’t be trusted; Then I cut them loose – I’m friendly to them but, I don’t talk about serious matters in their presence.

  2. “The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” Edmond Burke

    I do not wish for violence, nor am I a violent person, but there is a time and place when I believe violence is necessary. Threaten or hurt my children and God will be the only person that will help you.

    Pacifists can’t just hope that people will be kind. This will get them killed. Have faith in God, not humanity.

    1. Great comments. My opinion is that in “fly over country” you will find more people who are not pacifists but also more likely to help neighbors in time of need. On the other hand, in the cities you find those who are willing to kill each other the day after Thanksgiving just to get a new video game. Could you imagine what your big name stores looked like with those same rampaging people trying to get the last can of Spam off the shelves?

  3. Almost all of my family members are Pacifist and because I love them and care about their future I have tried many times to discuss the tyranny of Govt and economic collapse that is coming very soon. I have been mocked and gossiped about, ridiculed and finally ignored.

    These same family members have more money and net worth than I do. So when the time comes I will choose to simply disappear with a few family members and friends that heeded my warnings to a rural setting. Even though it will be tough, but I feel that I must NOT put into jeopardy the security and safety of the prepared group for the sake of those that choose to ignore warnings. Everyone in this prepper group are in agreement with this rule. No mobile phones or chipped credit cards will be brought any where near our compound.
    Radio use will be limited and will be utilized on a scheduled time sequence that is continually changing for security reasons. Everyone has a skill that is utilized and we are starting to cross train members.

    Opps I crossed into a different subject again.

    I hope many more of you that visit this site were successful than those who were not in convincing and converting family into being preppers from being pacifists.

    By Prepping and staying aware and we stay safe. Hope all stay in good health.

    1. Some other traits of those that have chosen to ignore my warnings is that they are not active in any church, have on a regular basis taken very elaborate vacations and drive new vehicles. Priorities?? Speak a thousand words!!!

      1. Very good point about the cards and phones. Do you have any streams or rivers nearby? Perhaps all of the trackables could be bundled on a some kind of flotation and set free which would look like you were moving down the river.

        1. Yes, we do have a few small springs. Mobile phones and CC will be left behind period. We are also trained in scanning all vehicles and assets for RFID chips that are planted in small electronics. We plan to disable all satellite radios, On Star Systems, etc prior to bugging out. Swapping Lic plates and using facial disguises will be utilized. The use of secondary roads is SOP. To minimize the time to load out, most of the supplies have been moved and are being guarded with the combined use of trained dogs.

          1. Being Watched:

            Don’t forget your driver’s license also has a chip, and your passport, and many other things you might not even think about. Your pacemaker, artificial hip, breast implants… The packaging for long term food storage? Ammo boxes? You might be surprised how many things you buy at the store contain RFID chips — even lipstick and pregnancy testers. My dog and cats have chips.

          2. A lot of things have ‘chips’ but most of them can’t be read from more than a few feet and even fewer can be tracked. Phones etc. sure can be though.

          3. Flip through your new book if you purchase it. There between the pages is a small sticker which is also RFID. All my special books were bought in store, sticker removed as soon as I walked out and before getting into my vehicle. I have found these on clothing too, so I remove them also. I do that all the time because I don’t want anyone bridging signals and getting a reading. Besides, I never have a cell on me while shopping and cash is king. Like Lauren stated, I am pretty quiet, but try to hurt my kids and you may wish you were not born.

      2. What possible positive outcome would happen from being active in any church anywhere. Your comment doesn’t even make sense. I am a believer in Christ and Him only, but church: not hardly.

        1. Thank You. I have never been a fan of organized religion. having been brought up strict Irish Catholic I have seen both the good AND the bad that they can do. I feel no need to have another person or persons help me interpret or confirm my beliefs.

    2. Is there anything you can put chipped cards and whatever else in that keeps it from being tracked?

      1. I think they sell cases that are supposed to protect your passport, etc. has a page on protecting your passport yourself. I think some of their ideas would work for driver’s licenses, credit cards, etc. also.

      2. It is claimed the chips in credit cards, drivers licenses etc., do not survive a good blow from a hammer.

  4. One needs look no further than man’s best friend for a glimpse of our future. It is pretty well established that 80% of our society are good, law abiding people, can be trusted to do the right thing in a stable environment. It is pretty well accepted that 95% + of domesticated dogs will never bite/attack a human.

    Take stability/normality out of the equation. When dogs are abandoned by their masters and must depend on their wits to survive, they quickly revert to vicious predators (if you don’t believe this, talk to folks in depressed inner-city areas where packs of feral dogs terrorize whole neighborhoods). I submit that it will be much worse for human behavior after stability is pulled out from under them.

    1. Dennis, Those folks in the inner city that you speak of apparently haven’t gotten as bad off as the cities in Venezuela or these feral dogs wouldn’t exist. I hope not, but expect things to get even worst than that here.

      If anyone is caught within a city and can’t escape, utilizing the underground drainage system could be used if dry enough as a shelter during the cold months and possibly a place to capture wildlife for a source of protein. Many cities in the south the drainage systems are used by raccoons and opossums as a refuge where trees are not present and come out in the evening to search for food in garbage cans.

      The key here to SURVIVE by whatever means necessary until you can escape the restrictions of the cities. Sometimes it may require thinking outside the proverbial BOX!!

      1. Being Watched,

        Having witnessed the phenomena of feral dogs getting out of control in depressed areas of big cities, I’ve also witnessed the reversal of the problem when these areas were taken over by Asian immigrants displacing the government dependent population in these areas.

        1. Yes, I’ve also heard the rumors of domestic animal disappearing in Asian neighborhoods. I’ve also listened to people who have lived in China for more than six months confirm those actions. I guess customs in foreign lands show how those people have adapted to survive. I can’t judge whether its right or wrong because I haven’t walked their walk, YET!!

          As for my dog, he is considered a member of the family and also contributes. He serves as an early warning of uninvited persons near my house, also all animals have in the past and no doubt in the future let us know when we are about to experience an earthquake or major natural disaster. History has shown us that an accelerated amount of domestic animals went missing 12 to 18 hours prior to earthquakes on the west coast.

          Hoping that last sentence doesn’t happen in the future, but if it does, hope those that read this now remember it regardless of where you are.

          1. It has nothing to do with how they have fallen into problems. There culture looks at animals differently. What we call domestic they call food. In India many will not eat beef though here in the USA it is a staple. Everyone wants to believe that there moral outlook is human nature but it is just what was programmed into them in their childhood. Many of the American Indian tribes thought torture was a good thing and for their beliefs it was. In their world strength and bravery were the number one thing and if you stood up to the torture then you were a strong enemy and thus they were stronger for defeating you. The white man on the other hand though that this was against human nature and called them savages. There is no such thing as human nature just programmed responses

      2. Las Vegas has a huge population living in the underground drainage viaducts. They put there beds and belongings up on blocks to protect from the occasional storm runoff. They might get slightly agitated if a bunch of surface dwellers decided to bug out to their little slice of subterranean heaven.

        OMG, can anyone even believe we are discussing these things, here in “the future”? We were supposed to be ‘Livin’ la Vida Jetson’ by now.


        1. LOL, I thought I would have my own Johnny Quest hover craft and jet pack by now and vacationing on mars. How sad our reality today has become from what we thought possible as children.

      3. Drain/sewer manholes & tunnels are also options for cover when a nuke blast goes off.
        (if you can make it to them…)

        And- Cue the “War Pigs” air-raid siren!

  5. I have had the opportunity to chat with more than a few preppers who were pacifist, they also were supposedly hard core Christians.

    The takeaway, there’s going to be a lot of folks who think they are doing good who will end up either stripped of their supplies and or dead.

  6. “Most everyone is ‘good’, and ‘human nature’ at its core is generally all-embracing and positive.”

    In contemporary America, with our secular Progressives and many cultures that have NOT assimilated, we are fooling ourselves into believing this. I firmly believe our society’s core will breakdown within a few days of a major “event” — and we prepare for this.

    Some people who may be regarded as “soft” are not pacifists. They are simply people who have no principled allegiance or love of Country. It is my belief that MANY in our society are simply ambivalent and lazy, unprincipled and ignorant. Let’s not confuse the two. Pacifists have thought-out principles — many are involved in religious services where they serve others, putting themselves in harms way. Ambivalent people don’t want or seek violence, but there isn’t a principled commitment to join into a chaotic scenario to ‘help’ others.

  7. In the sage words of former boxing champion, and intellectual titan Mike Tyson:

    “Everyone has a plan ’til they get punched in the mouth.”

    Give the hipsters a chance. They’ll come around; or not. Darwin sorted this already.

  8. As many pacifists will find, they will indeed fight many a prepper who thinks they will not fight. All bets are off when the SHTF. You can say what you will when things are honky dory but when the test truly comes it is all new stuff.

    Human nature is not a line in the sand. We have many conflicting beliefs that live happily side-by-side within our minds. I may be a pacifist in one instance and a mad dog in another. Not only are things more gray than black or white but the grayness shifts between light and dark as situations and people change. It is best not to box oneself in to a particular belief or strategy as it excludes all other beliefs and strategies.

    Flexibility and adaptability will prevail.


  9. It is a known fact that all wildlife ALWAYS returns to a food source.
    Humans are no different. Where food is known to be available, they will return until there is no more. Only then, will they move along. Letting ANYONE know you have food, is inviting disaster.

  10. “A Republican is a Democrat that has been mugged”. Proverb told to me by my Field Training Officer

    To Dennis: There is a saying that the Chinese have an opinion about endangered species: “But they tasted good?” Seriously, if things got that bad, dogs are another source of protein. I love my dog and she is my alarm clock and intruder alarm. I hope things do not ever get that bad.

    My hoping for a peaceful and prosperous times does not make me a pacifist. Most of us are old enough that we prepare for bad times because we have seen this within our lifetime.

    1. CaliRefugee,

      Amen to having witnessed bad times. Most folks don’t realize how close we came to total collapse toward the end of the Jimmy Carter administration. That period hurt me badly financially, but even then, I knew, from stories my parents shared, about the “great depression”, that things could be a hell of a lot worse.

    2. Calirefugee: things will get ‘that’ bad and a hellofalot worse. Much, much worse. Beyond belief worse. Worse than our human minds can imagine.

  11. I think Ken is mixing his definitions. There’s an emotional pacifist, who abhors war and thinks people are all sweet and wonderful (completely ignoring history and psychology). These are the definition pacifists.

    Then there are the people who live a comfortable life, give and share what they can, live easily within society but have no philosophical hatred of violence. These are not pacifists. Combining the two is stretching it.

    The first group will either learn or die–most likely they’ll die because their philosophy is based on misunderstandings of human nature that won’t change quickly enough to adjust.

    I think the second group will be able to adjust much more quickly, because their mindset is a result of environment rather than a philosophy. When the ideal environment is gone, they’ll toughen quickly.

    1. Lauren,
      That last paragraph is why we prep. The environment Will change abruptly very soon, and those that have not prepped, even tho they are willing to change, they won’t survive unless they know someone who has prepped that is willing to share their supplies with them in exchange for their work or their assets they possess.

      The future is very uncertain, but if we are able to provide assistance, it will be thru a third party like a church or Red Cross so that our location is not compromised.

      1. Unfortunately relocating to a more secure location isn’t an option for me at this point. I keep a rather large supply of seeds and have a knowledge of edible weeds–if people come to me asking for food, they’ll get seeds to plant their own gardens, or if the seeds are too much risk they’ll get knowledge of what else they can eat.

  12. Always be cautious and skeptical and trust your intuition, the devil even knows how to smile!

  13. When our current peaceful and plentiful situation changes for the worse most people will also change in that direction. I believe it will be a ” me first” and ” to hell with you ” scenario, most civility in most folks will be gone quickly. Hunger does that.

    It will be most difficult to say NO to people I know. It boils down to feed my family or feed yours. We will help those elderly and sickly that we can and refuse the rest, it will be painful and heart wrenching. If you feed them once, they will return and perhaps not alone.

    We are peaceful folks, we do not look for trouble, but will steadfastly defend our family and our belongings to survive. I think that a pacifist will either have some thought changes or suffer accordingly.

  14. Some people are just evil, not hungry, not in danger but just bad to the core. Recent examples are in the middle east where people are thrown of buildings, boiled in oil, thrown into acid, burned or drowned in cages…… Also look at Mexico where people have been killed and bodies cut apart for no reason at all.

    This was fairly well portrayed in the book “One Second After” – the group called the posse. If we want to live we must recognize what others are capable of – as horrific and unbelievable as is would appear. Be a pacifist until you are not.

  15. Since the fall on man in the Garden of Eden we have been a murderous, violent, selfish people. It is so easy to say “oh I would never harm anyone” while your belly is full, your beers are in the fridge, and the kids don’t “bug” you too much.

    We are 9 meals away from total insanity folks. If you think it can’t happen here in the good ole US of A you are sadly mistaken and misinformed. You had best pray that God Almighty takes you out quickly if the SHTF because if you are not physically, mentally, and spiritually strong and prepared it will be nearly impossible to survive.

    1. I know God will take care of me when the SHTF, one way or the other. I consider being prepared to meet my Maker my most important prep of all.

      But, if He chooses not to call me Home, I want to make sure I have the best resources I possibly can to help take care of myself and those around me.

  16. I think most folks are “pacifist at heart, in that no one wishes to kill, maim or hurt others, much less have wars. That said, I do believe that in a grid down, SHTF time line, all bets are off and people will adapt their thinking to the new paradigm at hand. Many of us who read this site and lurk here are prepared to varying degrees, and the best portion of us are well armed.

    That doesn’t necessarily mean that all those with weapons will be capable of shooting at another person, because I don’t personally believe everyone has the stomach for it, even with another person pointing a weapon at them. Most everyone would, but not all I think. Civilization exists only as a direct result of surplus, nothing more. Without that surplus it is every man for himself, and survival of the fittest-strongest-fastest-best armed. That is the truth of it.

  17. My definition of a “to the core” true pacifist; one of those people when you look them in the eye you see pure kindness, gentleness and calmness radiating out. They have a true interest in who they meet, take care of other people, do not think of themselves first and would not harm anything be it plant, animal, fowl or people.

    I think there are a lot of people who call themselves pacifist, but are just operating to an agenda pounding on some subject that just pisses them off so much (for some reason) they have tunnel vision; anything that doesn’t fit their view of the world is total BS and will argue it till the cows come home.

    Good people who go desperate “might” allow the true pacifist to help them and might come around to some semblance of good again.

    Bad people will roll right over them, ignore them and take what they want.

    Evil people will probably destroy them simply because they either can, want to, or are irritated by the pacifist.

    Guess that’s 3 cents worth.

    As the good folks in Texas say, “I’m gone.”

  18. We prepare with hopes of peace.

    We also own and train with firearms because we intend to live, whatever the situation. I know on today’s mean streets, kindness is usually perceived as weakness.

    Don’t Look Weak. Look strong, don’t be a sheep, the wolves can see you.


    Protect your flock fiercely, the wolves will look for an easier meal.
    God be with us.

  19. There is (was) only one true pacifist and He was nailed to a cross. In general He would say He was teaching us to be pacifists. As a pacifist He was treated no differently then than a pacifist will be treated today in a SHTF event. People today are the same vicious animals as they were back then, so do not fool yourself thinking otherwise. On this note I will close and wish everyone a good day.

    1. He was a pacifist only in certain things–He didn’t let people walk over Him until the very end. He cleansed the temple with a whip he braided himself, told his disciples to arm themselves, badmouthed the powerful to their faces and generally made a royal nuisance of Himself until His work was done. He never pulled his punches, but he also never hurt the innocent. He taught and lived the ideal pattern of behavior, but also said that “When they shall say Peace and Safety, sudden destruction shall come upon them.”

      We are in a society that has been saying “Peace and safety” for the last three generations. The watchword is “It could never happen here,” and we’re about to learn differently.

  20. Kindness and generosity are for the members of your tribe….

    Ever notice how many tribes call themselves “The People” in their native tongue? With the implication being that anyone outside the tribe isn’t really a person.

    As things get tougher, I think the ones who will get through okay will form stronger bonds with their immediate group, and treat strangers with at least suspicion.

  21. When fire breaks out it will be everyone/group for themselves. You have to remember if you let your guard down once, it maybe the last time. Human nature wants to help others but that is under normal circumstances. At some point self preservation takes over. Thus the reason we are armed.

  22. I heard this saying years ago. Someone actually gave me a frig magnet that said:

    “The only reason most people are alive is because it’s against the law to kill them.”

    It sounds pretty dark and disturbing but it’s so very true. When TSHTF there will be WROL very quickly.

    Look at the bad that happens in everyday life in a civil US. I don’t mean from terrorists or gangbangers. Just decent hardworking people cracking under everyday pressures. Road rage, black Friday, etc.

    Make no mistake that very thin veneer of morality will disappear in a flash. There will be a very small portion of people that can hold on to their morals but they will have to deal with ugliness that they cannot imagine.

    If you are too passive then you will not be alive very long. Be quick with your instincts and be decisive and you may live through the hard times.

    Adapt and Overcome.

    1. Cortez in his later years,said “No Nation is more then 30 days from eating human meat”. We are a spoiled pampered society raising a even worse one, sorry people but the truth speaks for itself

    2. I do believe WROL is only a veneer or more appropriately at present, an ILLUSION, given that unchecked violence and genocide is already de riguer, in most metro areas of this country.
      Given one “event” or series of orchestrated “events” in one or two metro areas, and that planned chaos will explode across this Republic, faster than anyone can now imagine.
      There are far too many alleged intellectuals, who are intentionally fomenting chaos for chaos sake alone, because there no consequences to them, for such behavior. They will be the faux-moralists trying ti hide behind the illusion of protection the Constitution currently gives, ( a document they truly despise- like their Fellow Comrade in the White House), until their long sought after chaos touches them personally, they worship it.

  23. I wonder how many real pacifists there are. Oh, I’ve talked to people who think it’s foolish to prepare, saying “God will take care of us”, and I don’t even try to argue with those folks. They’ve got their verses proving if their faith is strong enough, God will provide.

    I’ve got verses too, saying prepare.

    I would like to point out one thing though. If human nature was what the pacifists think it is, communism and socialism would work. It doesn’t.

  24. I feel like Ken was pointing his finger at me when he wrote this article. Not that I’m paranoid of course… HAHAHA

    Being a self-proclaimed Buddhist and a hard-core Prepper/Lifestyle presents an interesting insight and hugely mixed points of view. On one hand I believe in that generally people are basically “good” and most are sheelpe that will follow the direction that is presented to them, that same group believe that the .gov or God will provide for them as needed in times of crises. Also as a Buddhist (and for the record I’m not anti-God thinking) that a lot of people put a LOT of overconfidence in what they will need to survive any crises/SHTF. I am not referring to the “afterlife” I am discussing the here and now. Yes there are stories in the Bible that tell of miracles, if one thinks they will be on the receiving end of one of these miracles, that I will never discount their thinking. So yes, please to pray, meditate, go to church, do whatever it is you need to do to be comfortable for when TSHTF. I agree that being spiritually and emotionally prepared is a HUGE!!!!! Part of being prepared, but, I for one will not discount the realm of needing more than just God watching over me or myself being at peace with myself.

    Now for the Prepper side of this old fart. I and I would suggest you; have enough of a deep pantry to last as long as you need, 1 month, 1 year, 10 years, That is for you and only you to determine what you/family will need. Additionally you had better be in the mindset to fight and kill for your deep pantry, or I will guarantee someone will TAKE what you have, and most likely not leave you standing.

    Pacifists WILL be the first to the other cheek, until that “other cheek” gets slapped. I consider myself as a somewhat pacifist, I will not go looking for fight or trouble (life is hard enough the way it is) BUT!!!! I will turn plain ass ugly if you mess with me or mine, PEROID!!! I said I am a Buddhist, did not say I was a “good” Buddhist hehehee

    I will also tell you/everyone, that in my studies and education of the human animal, we/they can be pure evil. Some are showing that now, some it only takes a little nudge, others, such as a mother, it will only take the wrong step. Now imaging all those Liberal and Rep Pacifists losing all of their free sources or someone attacking them for a can of beans once TSHTF. Hence, can you/anyone say exactly what you will do in a case like that? Are you willing to kill/murder/take lives to survive for another day?

    If you don’t know, y-all had better think on it long and hard.


  25. Very timely article. In the wake of the Orlando shooting and subsequent gun control push there is a lot of rhetoric in social media. If you read the civil war comments thread you know what I believe so I won’t rehash that here. So a great number of my facebook friends are left leaning progressives as well as being doomers, preppers, and off grid homesteaders. These are the same people posting memes against the second ammendment and what types of fire arms one should be able to own. I just can’t reconcile this kind of thinking. They KNOW what’s coming down the road. Why would you want to restrict your own safety when you know well enough that it will be in jeopardy soon enough!

  26. I’ve never been a pacifist. While I despise it, I have zero moral issues with being truly ruthless in defense of the innocents, especially the innocents I love.
    Faux moralism, to me, is the epitome of true cowardice.

  27. I don’t think people are generally “good”.
    You don’t have to teach people how to be “bad”.
    On the other hand, you do have to teach them how to be “good”.
    People can be, and ARE in many cases, obnoxious as all hell NOW, in times of PLENTY!!
    As a matter of fact, there are a lot of purely sadistic evil “predators” roaming around everywhere right now!!
    So,I can only dreadfully imagine what it would be like in SHTF scenario.
    I wonder if red and black “bio hazard” tape around the premises will be a good deterrent! :)
    Need to get some more black out coverings for windows and other stronger materials for window protection.
    Also, caching items seems like a must; as well as good defensive training.
    People will need to be stocked up, wise, creative, adaptable and willing to defend to the end, in order to have any chance.
    But most of all, people need to get themselves right with the Lord, NOW.
    This life is short. Eternity is a very long time.

  28. Being from this last generation (born in 95) it’s hard to Convince people my age to start prepping. I have one good buddy who I got on board about a year ago and we have a fairly solid plan, I make a fair Amount of money for a 21 year old but I just wish I had more income to put towards prepping, also storage space considering I live in an apartment with my wife. I do agree, we as humans typically trust people till they give us a reason not too it’s in our nature. I’ve had to train myself to do really get to know someone before I even bring up prepping.. Then you know you get those crazy looks lol I guess it’s part of it. Anyways to all of you fellow patriots know that there are young like minded YOUNG people who feel the same as you. I really do appreciate everything yall post here it gives me great insight considering I don’t have a massive Amount of life experience. Yall be safe and be prepared, keep that head on a swivel.

    Texas out.

    1. In sorting and eliminating the unnecessary, it was quite amusing to come across some leftovers from Mom’s prepping–five big boxes of newspaper for starting fires. My sister rolled her eyes, but they’re staying. :)

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