The root belief and assumption of the pacifist includes this: Most everyone is ‘good’, and ‘human nature’ at its core is generally all-embracing and positive. A pacifist rejects violence in any shape or form.

While I have no issue with the pacifist (people are who they are), I do have some thoughts on the pitfall of being a pacifist if and when SHTF leads to social chaos and collapse…

First a note: I’m in agreement to an extent with the pacifist ideal against war… with one big exception… While many wars absolutely should not have been fought at all, and there certainly is a faction that profits and ‘wants’ war, I also know that there is a time for war.

On that note, the discussion here is not about pacifism and war, but about the pacifist nature in context with social collapse.

Heres’ the thing: It’s easy to be a pacifist in today’s modern world of plenty. However when the ‘plenty’ becomes scarce, the pacifist will likely face some very uncomfortable truths about human nature… survival.

I know that there is a significant element of ‘preppers’ who themselves are pacifists. I’m certain that there is an element from the ‘green’ movement, homesteaders, self-sufficient types, etc.. who fit the general profile of a prepper… but minus the ‘security’ aspect.

They generally are pleased to help people, and the people they may help are pleased to ‘get’ what they’re ‘getting’. This all may be well and good – during ‘good times’. But what about when times aren’t so good? Will ‘human nature’ remain fundamentally ‘good’?

Either the pacifist answers, “Yes, people will pull together and remain good willed and kind”, or the pacifist rejects the scenario altogether. I suspect that most pacifists will either not accept the notion of social chaos and societal collapse or they truly believe that under such a life-changing circumstance that most people will remain ‘good’.

What they are missing (in my opinion) is that our modern society lives on a razor edge of civility. So long as the masses are fed and entertained, all is well. But when they become hungry and are forced to face the reality of life, all bets are off…

When the people that they know start showing up at their door for food, the pacifist will gladly feed them. What they will not realize (until it’s too late) is that these people (and more) will return again and again, until it’s gone. THAT is human nature…

The pacifist will not accept that there is a possibility that some (or many) people will become violent when faced with ‘survival’ (starving). And being pacifistic in nature, they will certainly become early and easy targets during a period of social collapse.

I suggest that if you are a pacifist, take a good hard look inward at the scenario of societal collapse. Given the massive dependence and systemic risks in our modern society and given the gargantuan risk of economic collapse that will surely hit us one day, the likelihood of social chaos is very real. Think about your defensive measures. Think about how you will handle the situation when you too are running out of food and supplies. Maybe by going without food yourself for three days will open your eyes as to what hunger can do to one’s mindset.

Any comments?

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