Social Chaos


Social chaos. Most of us have lived our lives without ever having personally witnessed true and up-close human social chaos, and the terrible follow-on effects that rip away life as you know it.

We are seeing it on TV (more and more), but for most, it’s somehow not ‘real’ or personal.

It could never happen here — right?

The modern world of today coupled with our normalcy bias that nothing could possibly hurl our lives into social chaos – presents a much higher risk than you think.

If something were to go terribly wrong having to do with our many systemic dependencies on complicated and interwoven systems that keep us alive…

If something were to go terribly wrong with the underlying fragility of our financial systems and economic stresses that are straining all logic while hiding from view by distortion and manipulation…

If something were to go terribly wrong from the political forces at work which control and manipulate public perceptions – all while demonizing, silencing, and criminalizing public descent or those who seek liberty…

If something were to go terribly wrong from the stresses of burgeoning population density while more and more people are under the risk umbrella of systemic risk…

If something were to go terribly wrong from regional wars leading to World War…

When critical mass is reached from forces or triggers of sociological, political, financial, or other structures of life-dependent entities, these systems may break down or even collapse under the pressures applied to them.

People will become fearful, distressed, angry, desperate, and dangerous. An already tense situation will rapidly turn to life-altering social chaos.

The trigger, or tipping point, or false flag, or black swan event, is unpredictable.

Some of us may instinctively know when we are near such a point with the recognition of the right ingredients being ‘in the mix’. Many believe we are very near — right now.

Once the event is triggered, it may rapidly evolve into a domino effect where the situation suddenly explodes into complete chaos.

There are many triggers. It’s just a matter of time until one of them goes off.

Are you ready?

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  1. The issue with Kosovo or Rwanda and the differences with western societies is that those countries are not wholly dependent on the internet to keep their infrastructure going, they don’t have the just in time system inherent in western food suppliers systems and these countries peoples already have some self sufficiency regime already established.

  2. A lot of the tension in this nation is from leftist socialists in government taking away our rights , giving themselves power to take out US citizens with drones with no trial , detaining citizens for however long they want without any charges brought forth , and holding the threat of martial law over our heads , let alone trying to take one of the cornerstones of our civilian defense the 2nd Amendment , which in itself would actually be considered treason on the governments part , and should be held accountable by the citizens when it happens , a Sheriff I have a lot of respect for is David Clarke of Milwaukee , he advised last year before the gun control bill was voted on was to be passed ,in the Senate , that it would cause a 2nd Revolution I myself believe this , as of all of the folks that came out against this bill , but this is not the end of this , the dictator and chief is still trying to get any kind of gun control he can get , even if he violates the Constitutional Authority he has to do it , with the do nothing Congress we have now this might happen but will be ignored by the citizens , and if push comes to shove the government might just get its come uppance , I myself will not give up my firearms without a fight to become a slave to a communist dictator now in the White House , and I feel that there are a lot more out there that feel the same way . Try to come and take them ! Be prepared and ready . Keep your powder dry .

    1. There are a lot of people out there who talk the talk ( I am not directing this at you Andy ) and say they will not give up their guns but I have serious doubts about what will happen when push comes to shove and they come for them. Will people be willing to die to keep this right? Will they be willing to die so their neighbor can keep this right? IMHO the American people are to used to their comforts to put up a serious defense of their rights at this point.They are losing rights everyday at this point and just keep hoping something will happen to change that. They will be more concerned with going to work,playing on their computer ect than the fact that they are searching homes in another state for gun’s. Well they aren’t bothering me will be the general consensus in my opinion. I hope I am wrong.

  3. This is why survivalist preparations should also include studying and practicing what it means to become a “gray man.” It’s not about becoming a lone wolf. It’s about how to avoid becoming a target on your opponent’s radar.

  4. If it comes here where I live I will bet the local TV stations will do their typical “Shock & Awe” live news coverage and put the locals into a sheer panic. They love fanning the flames of the problem to get more people to tune in and watch their coverage.

  5. We’ve been through a few Hurricanes when we were living “down south”. We found that the “welfare” classes looted, while the rest of us pulled together and helped each other out.

    I believe it was 2004 when Florida was hit by 6-7 hurricanes, something that I never want to go through again. This is one of the many reason’s that we prep.

  6. Been there-Done that.

    Charley Frances, Jean……all in one season. It got real in one quick hurry. Although looting was kept to a minimum, we still ran patrols at night and stayed home for several weeks to protect our homes. Luckily, I am an executive at my firm that as a result of the hurricanes, was not critical personnel that needed to be on-site, so I could do just that; protect what was mine. Many years earlier, I rode out Andrew down at SW 180th near the Turnpike, and we got erased like a bad pencil mark. so, we moved north. Didn’t work out the way I planned.

    Now, we’re hard core and can survive like princes in a palace, including the armed guards.

  7. During hurricane Rita we had no looting. Due to a good police force and arm citzens. Everyone around my area pull together. we help each other. I fear that if we had a major problem that would not be the case. We had very little help from fema after Rita.

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