Strongest Gun Support In 20 Years As More People Support Gun Rights


There is more support for gun rights by Americans today than during the past 20 years – since the particular Pew Research Poll began. More specifically, a recent poll indicates that there are more people who say guns do more to protect than put people at risk.

Currently, 52% say it is more important to protect the right of Americans to own guns, while 46% say it is more important to control gun ownership.

Even despite the constant negative ‘gun’ press, and the Sandy Hook shooting, (followed by an onslaught of gun control measures), Americans are waking up to their 2nd Amendment rights…

Support for gun rights marks a substantial shift in attitudes since shortly after the Newtown school shootings.

The balance of opinion favored gun control in the immediate aftermath of the Newtown tragedy in December 2012, and again a month later. Since January 2013, support for gun rights has increased seven percentage points – from 45% to 52% — while the share prioritizing gun control has fallen five points (from 51% to 46%).
Pew Research

Why is it that there is an apparent broad increase in support for gun rights?
(let’s hear your opinion)

One reason might be an increasing awareness of the slow train wreck that is going on around us, and the awakening of a self-protecting survival instinct as a result. More people are recognizing the teetering financial ‘house of cards’ and the probable onset of collapse that we are facing. When it all comes down, people are going to be facing potentially very dangerous times, and owning a gun is one major means of self protection.

Maybe the increased support of gun rights has to do with the belief that as a govt openly (and behind closed doors) encroaches further on personal liberties and freedoms while building a larger and larger regulatory ‘state’, a number of people will react instinctively in opposition – some of which roils into increased support for existing Constitutional rights such as the 2nd Amendment. Again, a survival instinct of sorts – one of self protection.

I’ve also noticed that whenever a govt makes a new attempt at further gun regulations, it results in a boom of gun and ammunition sales – sometimes resulting in severe shortages. In a sense, it backfires in the face of gun control advocates by enabling orders of magnitude new gun sales. Since there has been several major attempts during the past few years, perhaps some of this has ‘awakened’ some of the sleeping sheeple.

In general, I believe that many people have wised up to the fact that we’re living on borrowed time, so to speak, and they know that something isn’t quite right. In fact many people know that something is indeed very wrong… Not only is our own country tapped out financially, morally, and politcally, the world itself often feels like a tinder box. Between the global financial decay, the shifting global powers, and rumors of wars, it feels like something’s going to ‘give’, and it’s not going to be good…

Why do you think more people are supporting gun rights?

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