Tactical Platforms popping up across America



Apparently, federal money purchased this, and many other mobile tactical platform and surveillance towers (named, “sky watch”) to watch American citizens, exemplified in this photo at a Walmart parking lot in Hickory, North Carolina. Evidently they have been popping up all over America during 2010.

The sky watch platforms are built by a company named “ICx Technologies” with headquarters in Arlington, Virginia, who themselves build products for the federal government, Homeland Security, Military, and other organizations. “ICx Tactical Platforms” apparently are located in Alpharetta, Georgia, where they specifically build the platform systems.

Business must be good… a quick web search results in what appears to be numerous job openings.

The sky watch tactical platform certainly presents an intimidating presence, one that is jarring to the notion of a free America. They have been spotted at public gatherings, concerts, parks, parking lots, shopping centers, places where Americans normally go about their daily lives, be it entertainment, relaxation, travel, or shopping.

Why are these surveillance platforms being purchased and deployed around America?

It’s anyone’s guess… but obviously it is for surveillance. But one might ask, for whom? Are “they” looking for criminals? thieves? (no doubt that it is effective in this area), terrorists? perhaps to de-sensitize the American public to the presence of public monitoring? (or is that tin-foil hat conspiracy?) It certainly is a different America now.

Here are a few photos of the tactical platform product, followed by a YouTube video of someone interacting with a platform at Walmart.



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They are also at Walt Disney World, Orlando Florida.

This has to go.

i saw one outside a mall where there were a couple hold ups over holiday season.

This is the first step to get Americans used to guard towers (in “New World Order” concentration camps).
Remember ,the government officals will tell you this is for your own good, and they know what’s best for you!

The taller they are, the more satisfying crash they make.

I Agree, 6 to 8 fit people could easily tip this thing over and end it’s purpose – and it makes an excellent target for long range shooting comeptition sports…. just sayin…

Hey, remember in “Leathal Weapon3” when Mel Gibson charactor uses a 1 ton pickup truck, hooks a chain to the house on a bluff and pulls the whole thing down!! Now that is a thought on these NWO towers.

We don’t have these things in Canada, it’s just too bloody cold.

We just sit here, play hockey and eat our poutine.

God help us all.

Why don’t they install these babies the length of the Mexican/USA border?
That would help tremendously to keep illegals out…..hey Texas,California, NM and AZ…. buy a few hundred !!! Southern California is so Northern Mexico, even my cake mixes are written in Spanish.

To Californian, if you go look at their website is says that are using them on the border.

We are going to have to fight again for our freedom.

Get real. How can you really think that? gimme a break!

If they use them on the border then why do we have milions still pouring into the states?

That question there are popping up at sporting in Ohio too just seen on today in my little town

I know