Test Your Situational Awareness By Watching These Short Videos…


Situational Awareness (a semi-regular topic here) is a condition that is GREATLY lacking among the common public at large. It makes sense I suppose, given our modern society filled with safety nets. There’s little reason to hone one’s situational awareness skills. Or is there?

It does seem that as we descend further into socioeconomic decline there will be more reason to hone one’s situational awareness skills for the sake of security…

With that said, I happened across a few fun YouTube videos which cleverly highlight the things that we sometimes ‘miss’…

How many passes does the team in white make?
Test your awareness and Do the Test!

Test your Awareness with Do The Test’s Whodunnit.
Who Killed Lord Smithe?

Awareness is a learned and practiced thing… not always so seemingly simple. With that said, our brain can only absorb ‘so much’ at a time and there will be things that go unnoticed. However by simply being aware that it is relatively easy to misdirect, then this alone will help your situational awareness ;)


  1. In the first video I could see something that looked different but my screen is to dark to tell what it is/was. The second one I probably would not have noticed most of the changes but it was only showing the people from about the waist up.

  2. I can’t load videos but see these types on brain Games on Nat Geo.
    Situational awareness is like watching a magician in a card game. Often there’s a distraction to take your eyes elsewhere while a card is being put in the deck, or you are so focused on the cards, you don’t notice a man in a dog suit walks behind him.

    Sometimes we go on with our regular chores and interests without noticing Nikkei Stock Average closed Tuesday NIK, down 5.4%, falling 918.86 points overnight. I used to sell to their 5th largest company. Along with EU’s failing economies and banks, it is strange when all the neighbors homes are burning to the ground around them from a wildfire, most people don’t notice it, and don’t notice that their house is catching fire as well. I hope I don’t miss anything to be there and be aware.

    1. I was just going to mention Brain Games. It’s a great series full of stuff like this that really goes into how the brain and awareness works.

    1. @ Texasgirl
      Me too, I totally missed that truckload of Budweiser driving through :-)

      1. @NRP hahahaha say what? A Texan missing a truckload of beer? I am so embarrassed.

        1. @ Texasgirl
          Well no “truckload of beer” but I wonder how many I got looking at that vid 50-60 times HAHAHAHA

  3. Yes I saw something similar on brain games. I watch that show whenever I can. I need all the advantage I can get. It has helped me to see things I would not have seen before that show. I routinely practice this while watching a basketball game. It’s hard not to just watch the ball handler, it takes practice.

  4. RE: the first video….

    And I thought I was so smart to get the right number of passes BUT….

    That’s a good one for young people to watch too, nice bridge into conversations about situational awareness….

    PS I was out doing errands the other day with DD. Sometimes we do a count of people who are driving and texting…dangerous!!!
    A lady was at a major intersection with lots of lights, cars, and turn options was moving FW in car but not looking ahead but reading a text…

    Set good examples for your kids and talk about consequences of distracted driving

    Peace n out~

  5. I’ve seen the first one before so I knew what to look for, but I missed it entirely the first time. The funny thing was that it was a different version and everything was light colored so I really should have seen the bear/monkey. But I didn’t. I caught three of the changes in the 2nd one. Shameful showing. :)

    1. I just noticed! At the end it says “Look out for cyclists”! Now I’m laughing!

  6. This can also apply to things we HEAR, in the media for example. Especially, (like in the first video) when they TELL you what to see.
    I often remind myself that when the media is focusing on a particular subject incessantly that they are most likely trying to take our attention AWAY from something bigger that they don’t want us to think about!
    Like many on here, when I saw the videos I automatically thought of Brain Games,(the show on Nat Geo). Is good mental exercise to try to see the bigger picture.

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