Our Security is in The Constitution – But it’s Under Attack – Now What?

Original We the People

Where Our Rights Come From

The Constitution of the United States is the only Constitution to recognize God, not some king, prince, dictator, president, or ANY PERSON or GOVERNMENT as the grantor of “the blessings of liberty”.

The concept of God-given rights – you don’t have to believe in God to understand what natural rights are – “because I am here rights”.

We as a people have a real Bill of Rights to protect the freedoms of every citizen from the enormous power of government.

The Bill of Rights – Full Text

Ours is the only founding document of its kind which give every law-abiding citizen the right to pray, or not, as we believe and to keep and bear arms, a right that “shall not be infringed.”

We are the only country where every law officer, every member of our armed forces, and every elected official takes an oath of office with words like these:

“I solemnly swear to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, to bear true faith and allegiance to the same.”

That pledge is not to a person or a political party. It is to the U.S. Constitution. Every word of it.

It’s an oath that ends with the words, “so help me God.”

I have filed this blog post under ‘Security’, having written it while inspired by recent words from LtCol Oliver North (recent “1st Freedom” magazine). The founding documents surely are our security, if we can keep it. Unfortunately we’ve been giving it up a little at a time while powerful political, governmental, and even private entities are essentially tearing down their constraints.

We are in a Constant Battle

We are in a constant battle to protect the 2nd Amendment, the ‘holy grail’ standing in the way of ultimate power over the people.

Our First Amendment and freedom of speech are facing a particularly grave threat today. Right leaning viewpoints are under full attack. Christians and values thereof are under attack. If you’re white and (God forbid -gasp) a white male, you’re under major attack. They’re not even hiding it anymore.

The Fourth Amendment has been under particular assault as our privacy has vanished to high tech tyranny and powerful government agencies. We are spied upon 24/7. If they can spy on a U.S. President while attempting a coup, then anyone can be targeted. Anyone at all.

It’s as though we are now beholden to Big Tech and Big Government rather than a higher power. It’s as though the Constitution really doesn’t matter so much anymore.

Up for grabs…

Our “God-given” individual rights and freedoms which are guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution are seemingly up for grabs.

Government always gets bigger. Never smaller. They always grow more powerful. Never less. More tyranny. Less freedom.

Our rights come not from man. We are born with them as individuals. At least that was the original thought from the founders.

Apparently minds are changing. Evidently many people now believe that our rights are granted to us from government, a socialist government at that… I read a few reports the other day how a recent poll indicates that at least 4 out of 10 embrace some form of socialism in this country! …while 57% of democrats are in favor (6 of 10!).

For Socialism then Communism to Flourish

Think about that for a minute.

Now what?

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  1. Our Constitution was designed for a Christian populace of Western European origin and values and steeped in the best traditions of Western civilization. In other words, it was designed for a high-trust society, the kind of society the USA has not had for decades.

    Constitutions mean little or nothing if they are not followed. And they are especially meaningless when ignored by the very people entrusted with administering and safeguarding them, that is, politicians and government officials.

    The Soviet Union, during its existence, had four constitutions (1918, 1924, 1936 and 1977) but they paid little attention to them, especially anything having to do with rights of the common man. The operative principle was, the interests of the state supersede any written law. This was a consequence of their constitutions essentially conferring unlimited power and authority on the government. Contrast this to the US Constitution which is based on limiting the power of government and guaranteeing inalienable rights to the citizen.

    We live in an age where the US government is leaning more toward the Soviet view of constitutional law, that is, the interests of the state (government) supersede any and all constitutional principles.

    John Adams said, circa 1780, that the US was designed as “a government of laws, not of men.” This sounds good in theory but not so much when you realize that it is men who write the laws, implement the laws, enforce the laws and, not infrequently, ignore the laws.

    1. Heres the thing,
      Our 2A
      Was precisely worded giving us a means of redress from tyrant political class azzhats.

      It wasnt about hunting
      It wasnt about target practice
      It wasnt even about self defense in our homes.

      It WAS so men could retain a free state, free of political persecution or religious persecution or racial persecution.

      The day we should be utilizing that 2A may well have passed as most have their illusion that they are free enough and the good guys in DC will take care of everything and they dont understand why anyone would need an AR or STANDARD 30 round capacity magazines and everybody needs to be willing to compromise.

      Sure ill compromise,

      When im at the drive through, ill buy the big fries so i can share with my sweety.

      Beyond that sort of compromise no more…. period

      The jacks at the NRA have compromised our rights away. Inalienable rights, not with disclaimers or exclusions.

  2. Here is the problem….

    Our Constitution/Bill of Rights was based on the fact that there was a higher power….GOD…..like it or not.

    Look how we (they) have so slightly abolish the belief of God over the decades.

    And so the ingrained ungodliness, nulls our Constitution.

    Ban the Pledge because it contains the word God.


    It might offend others. BFD
    I’m offended. Does that matter?
    Hell, no

    But cinco de mayo-naze, the mexican flag, alla f tard, the religion of beheading nonbelievers is just a-ok.

    Abolish the US flag, NRA, t-shirts, what have you…..

    GDamn these socialist/communist pigs.

    May they hang. Their time is nigh.

    1. Simmer down there sonny boy. First let’s deal with the “there is no God” crowd in relationship to the concept of God-given rights. You don’t have to believe in God to understand what natural rights are. Or what I like to call them, “because I am here rights”. If you stand in your unbelieving neighbor’s yard they understand they have the right to demand that you get the hell out of their yard. I could give more examples, but I don’t need to. The point is you don’t have to convert them to believe in God to understand the constitution, which would be nice, they just need to recognize that the constitution states their natural right instincts.

  3. Socialism has failed/is failing everywhere it has been tried. Did they not notice that?

    Oh, that’s right…WE know how to do it better.

    1. @Newbie Dan,

      The amazing power of indoctrinating our young – who are now adults, even into their 30’s. While not throwing all educators under the bus, the apparent vast majority of college professors are the ‘indoctrinators’ of a anti-American pro-‘progressive’ attitude.

      Then of course, the media. Pretty much all the branches of media and social platforms. Left. Hard left. Very hard left. Progressive. Vehemently anti-conservative anything.

      Then there’s the general cross-section of brainwashing the masses into believing that they’ve somehow been screwed out of their fair share, and socialism must be the answer… because government will take from those who have been successful and redistribute it in the form of benefits and services to those who have not. And they think that there will be no bad repercussions with that. Simply astounding in my view.

      1. Speaking for myself, when you are young you are not aware of the consequences of your actions. Applied to the idea of socialism, when you see yourself as a recipient, you are all in as long as you are blinded to the reality that someday you will have to pay the price.

  4. I swore an oath for defend the U.S. Citizens and Constitution against all enemies both foreign and Domestic…. Remember men, one mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter.

  5. Sully1
    Thomas Jefferson said it best “those who do not know their history are doomed to repeat it”.

    We as a people fled from the persecution of tyrants to form a more perfect union for piece tranquility and freedom for all, not, for a government but for the people,and by the people.

  6. Along with many others here I have taken that oath more than once. “support and defend the constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic and bear true faith and allegiance to the same” It has become time to live up to that oath. Expose the traitors who also swore to the constitution now usurping and going around our founding documents and the overarching law of the land. RLTW DOL This we defend!

  7. It is significant and fundamental to understand that the philosophy behind our constitution was to reign in government from restricting our God-given rights.

    The failure to grasp this concept is common and breeds ignorant allegiance to tyranny.

    In 2001 Obama displayed this arrogant ignorance: Our constitution is “a charter of negative liberties. It says what the states can’t do to you. Says what the federal government can’t do to you but doesn’t say what the federal government or state government must do on your behalf.”

    That is the intro to a scheme to reverse the intent of our constitution from that which restrains government from encroaching upon our God-given inalienable rights to a government that provides our liberties; and what the government provides is what the government has taken away.

  8. Now What? If the move to have the popular vote majority decide the outcome of elections, a few urban centers will determine what protections under the Bill Of Rights and the Constitution are to be granted to us. The tyranny depicted in the Bracken Series and Atlas Shrugged are slowly coming to pass. The majority of citizens can see this trend and have only one possible way to avoid enslavement, 2020. Or civil unrest.

    1. Hermit,
      Howzit hangin up north?
      Fun stuff huh,,,
      Its gone so far that people are already afraid to speak their mind.
      So much for a bill of rights

    2. Our laws are based on government can only do what it is authorized not if it doesn’t say I can’t I can. That is what bothers the socialist mob

      1. Jaeger
        The limitations set out in laws certainly did not stop the last President from using his phone and pen – Daca come to mind.

        1. Our laws, and the constitution, are not a straight jacket. Because they exist doesn’t mean they are enforced. They are only enforced when somebody does something to enforce them.

        2. Chevy
          The 30 million or more illegals in this country certainly is an example of “doesn’t mean they are enforced” But the system is crumbling under the increases of eco0nomic migrants that have no way of supporting themselves – the welfare magnet.

        3. The last administration was the most corrupt authoritarian unconstitutional group of criminals we have ever had. The O bots are still out there.

  9. Sadly, few of our elected representatives will uphold the Constitution like they swore to.

    Those who own them don’t want them to!

    1. The truth is very, very few representatives at any level of government have any notion of what is in the constitution.

      And true, they never had any intent to do that; as you said, they are owned and paid by their masters, which ain’t us.

      1. And when the current president reverses aexecutive order judge rules against. Hint the judge should be impeached his job enforce constitution not partisan b’s. Judges has corrupted the rule of law and will of the people. The issue is how much longer do we roll over. The same conditions that resulted in our nation’s revolution are present today. Only instead of a parliament and a king across the ocean it is now “socialist communists ” who are attempting to rewrite history. From within guess we can identify enemies domestic.

  10. Consider for a moment that progressivism started 100 years ago with Woodrow Wilson. Some would say that Teddy Roosevelt what is progressive also but he was also a Republican.

    Now add FDR to the mix and the new deal and all that he did, consider what LBJ did, then Clinton and Obama. That’s a whole lot of progressivism right there. And progressivism is actually quite socialist. And every bit of it has nothing to do with what the Constitution allows.

    In that same 100 years the Constitution has not been properly if barely even taught in schools. So our lawmakers don’t really know it because most of our lawmakers don’t have any more education in regard to the Constitution than any other person. In fact you would have to be a political scientist for the most part know the Constitution better than most and many of those who have been employed by the Democrats are there in order to manipulate the constitution. Republicans also employ people to do the same they’re just not as aggressive at it.

    So how do you defend the Constitution that very few people understand if they’ve even ever been actually exposed to it at all there is no government office of constitutionalism. There is no defender. Of course in Congress, they bat it back-and-forth over the net when it serves their purposes as a foil to keep the other side from doing what they don’t want to do. But if the constitution isn’t being used as a battering ram it’s pretty much something that they lean in the corner and forget. But the people vote for representation and the representation even though swearing oath’s that are required by law to defend the Constitution, they generally do not follow it because there is no reprisal for not doing so. Well, there is one reprisal. The voter. The voter is supposed to be their reprisal for legislators who don’t follow the Constitution. We are supposed to throw them out. How can we do that when we don’t even know what the Constitution means?

    By we, I mean the people. There are those of us who have studied the Constitution and we do know what it means, but it takes a majority of people who care to make any change or affect. The Constitution already has term limits in it, but we’re too stupid to realize that we have the power to reelect or not. And so we just read elect instead of not.

    The conundrum is that you’re never going to get the government to fix the government. They like it the way it is that’s why that is the way it is. Understand that if you don’t understand anything else. Government is very happy with the way they have manipulated things to run, thank you very much.

    So how do we fix it? Well it’s going to take a collective of people who to form a majority of Americans who know the Constitution and wish to enforce it upon Congress, the executive branch, the judicial branch, and the political parties. And Until we know it well enough to do that, they will continue to get away with everything they want because the media helps them and the education system helps them. And that’s a whole lot of control over peoples minds right there.

    The fact that we are talking about it is good, but we need to grow in numbers. We all need to talk about this and we all need learn that constitution. It’s the scariest thing that the government knows. And we need to hurry because as this blog says, government and the people we elect to it are continuing to encroach on the liberty and freedom we have in our lives.

    Solo or is something a lot of people like to kick around, but logistically it’s going to be extremely hard to prevail. You’ll have a hard time finding two different Second Amendment supporters who agree with how to do it. When you consider that only 7% of the people in this nation are veterans since the Vietnam War, that would mean that most of the guys who been drafted are in their late 60s now. It’s hard for senior citizen to be as agile as someone in their 20s. But they can still shoot. How are you going to feed everybody and resupply them against an organized military? And a militarized administrative branch? So you’re better off to trying teach the people how to resist and correct because in truth, the people of America are still the sovereign citizens, the presidents in the legislature is not a king. If people understood what they needed to do they couldn’t do it. But they have to learn what they don’t know in order to prevail. And for now the social networks, school system and media are convincing them that they both should be socialists instead.

  11. In my considered opinion, humanity is simply incapable of developing and sustaining a moral, ethical, rational, and productive, social construct for very long, if they ever have.

    We came close with the American efforts to imagine and create a government, where every effort was made to restrict the application of its coercive force to those, who transgressed against the innocent, and the enemies of our Liberty. A Constitutional Republic, subordinated to Individual Liberty, which was deliberately designed to make it as hard as possible for tyranny to manifest.

    The problem was, as the problem has always been, overlaying such a government over a Nation’s people, many of whom do not comprehend it, do not adopt the philosophy behind it, or, for whatever reason…or lack thereof… actively reject and attack it.

    The enemies of our Liberty have been seeking to return us all to the status of Subjects, since the first day of our Citizenship. These vile human vermin are criminals seeking to steal our lives, by stealing what sustains them…our labor, our property, and our minds. These scum cannot be reasoned with, cannot be compromised with, and cannot be trusted to ever refrain from instigating harm against us.

    The proof is in every history of the human race. Jefferson was right about watering the tree.

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