The Key To Victory Is Adapting One’s Plans And Options To Seize Advantage

Image: The Art Of War; Sun Tzu

According to ‘Sun Tzu’ an ancient warrior from China whose advice and teachings are on the recommended list of the United States Marine Corps, be it in battle (literal war) or be it analogous in some way, if you heed this advice, you will be victorious.

“The only aim for successful (war) is to defeat the enemy and there is no concept of anything approaching “chivalry” in describing the means of doing so.”

Successful (war) follows the path of Deception – making use of external factors – to act according to the situation and to seize the advantage by adapting one’s plans.

Here’s how…


How To Win Victory Of Battle (War)

When you are able to act, fake incapacity.

When you are distant, appear close.

When your enemy seeks an advantage, lure him further.

If he is in disorder, crush him.

If he is organized, be ready for him.

When he is strong, avoid him.

When he is angry, goad him further.

If he is humble, be over-bearing.

If he is resting, harry him.

If they are united, split them.

Attack where he is unprepared, appear where you are least expected.

Surprise is the key to victory.

A victorious leader plans for many eventualities before (the battle).
A defeated leader plans for only a few.

Many options bring victory.
Few options will bring defeat.
No options at all spell disaster.

The advice given above is one encapsulation of the writings of Sun Tzu, of ancient China 2500 years ago, and whose advice and teachings are on the recommended list of the United States Marine Corps.

The writings of Sun Tzu are world renowned and studied even outside the realm of battle and war – even in the world of modern business and industry.

While topics of battle, war, and deception are not polite, they encompass a subject of hard cold reality – one which every prepper (or anyone possessing a responsible determination of self-preservation or victory of battle) should understand.


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