The Thin Blue Line — What Would Happen Without It?

American flag with thin blue line

Law enforcement. LE. Law enforcement officers. LEO’s. The thin blue line. The police.

Those words invoke vitriolic hatred among many today. The police have been under a tremendous attack campaign for years – seemingly beginning with the infamous Colin Kaepernick kneel during August of 2016.

Today it has all reached a ‘fever pitch’. To the extent that some cities / towns are pushing towards de-funding their police to varying extents. Some actually want to abolish the police.

I don’t claim to understand the outlook of those among the black communities who shout police brutality. However I do know that policing can be an immense challenge under trying conditions and situations. As in all professions, there is always some bad among the good. Some can’t handle it. Most can.

The anti-police movement has been largely embraced among young white “millennials” and especially today’s college-age “Gen Z”. They’ve additionally embraced the Black Lives Matter political movement as well as ANTIFA. They rage against the police as they riot across America.

They are now targeting, ambushing, and shooting the police dead. How often have I heard them chant, “What do we want?” “Dead Cops!” “When do we want it?” “Now!”

Well, they’re keeping their promise. The mob wants anarchy.

I don’t intend to argue the “why” (we’ve done that plenty already – and most of us know why). Rather, I would like to suggest what life would be like without the police. The thin blue line.

Life Without The Police

Are you kidding me? Do you police haters and bashers have any idea?

First of all, any and all cities and population-dense suburban regions would descend into immediate chaos! Duh! The criminal element would rob, loot, steal, rape, assault, and murder at will.

This would lead to fights for “gang” control of streets, neighborhoods, regions. “Warlords” would essentially take over. They will have their own “judicial systems”. And you probably won’t like that…

Resistance would arise from militias, patriots, or otherwise “normal” people who just want to be left alone – who want some resemblance of law-and-order.

Another thing that would happen would be similar to the mafia of old… whereby they would take over an area (enforced by violence) and those living there would have to pay for “protection” if they wanted it.

The bottom line is — when there’s a vacuum, a void… something will fill it. When the thin blue line disappears, other “enforcement” will fill in.

Too many young idiots believe that life on earth would become some sort of happy “utopia” without the police. They believe that the police are the problem. What a bunch of fools. How would they establish their own systems of justice? Are they that stupid not to realize human nature — and what would happen?

Many of us have law enforcement in our families. We understand the challenges. The difficulties dealing with the bad elements of society. We do not take it for granted. Personally, I back the blue.


  1. These pampered little white punks who have been raised by adoring parents in a comfortable suburban community have no idea the hell that awaits them when the ones they are supporting (BLM/Antifa) turn on them like a pack of wolves.

    Just look at Chicago, St. Louis, NYC and it will give you a small glimpse of a city without LEO. When these “college educated” liberal women supporting anarchy are forced into sexual service for the cause it will be a harsh reality and too late to change it. Women have always suffered horrendously during an occupation and war and this time will not be any different.

  2. Many in my family were in law enforcement of some type. At one time, my uncle was acting director of the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. Others were police officers, dispatchers, navy MPs, CIA agents, crime laboratory specialists, police dog trainers, private investigators. Two were possibly killed in the line of duty (one died many months after suffering a severe leg injury while directing traffic. A clot from the leg went to his lung. Another died mysteriously while in a top secret investigation for the military. Our family think he was murdered.)

    Most people don’t realize how many things we rely on police for, — other than arresting criminals. For instance: traffic control, assisting paramedics, assisting the fire department, welfare checks, teaching school children about drugs, helping in natural disasters, standing by during evictions and child care custody transfers… Many other things.

    In just this week’s police notes in our town of 1,800, there were 2 traffic accidents, 3 false alarms, assisting an 80-year-old lady who had fallen, welfare check on two teenagers, checking on an abandoned vehicle, and investigating a tree that was obstructing people’s view of oncoming traffic. We frequently have problems with disposal of animals, such as mountain lions, bears, skunks, or rattlesnakes and the need to rescue injured or lost animals (both wild and pets.)

    Among other things the county sheriff responded to 3 traffic accidents, two reports of farm animals out in the road, took in 2 different found properties, rescued 3 dogs, assisted 2 motorist, a grass fire, an antelope versus deer accident (?!?), a missing person, a lost gun, and a child custody transfer between divorced parents.

  3. this would NOT be america any longer we would become balkinized with many cities becoming lawless shitholes with gangs becoming the leaders of mini kingdoms and the law of the jungle as rule number one

    these stupid turd democrat leaders will hire there own private security details and leave the rest of to die alone in those cities unless the people got out ahead of time and it WILL be something like william w johnstones book OUT OF THE ASHES
    MILLIONS will die in that case and warlords will take over so will many street gangs there will be all the horrors of what many sifi/horror writers have written about thankfully i have more years behind me than in front of me and i am scared shitless for my younger nieces and nephews for they face a very dark and grim future and theres nothing anyone can do to change it but prepare and hope they learn from what we do

    1. Kevin,
      I think we are headed toward Balkanization anyway, IMHO this election is going to force migration and choosing sides. Its coming, make no mistake.

        1. I agree, it is scary to me in that i worry about those around me who are ignorant to the realities, but then again, many of them supported or support the leftist. So really, they are getting EXACTLY what they voted for. I have voiced my opinion to no avail. So whatever befalls them is on them.
          For myself i am not afraid. I have had an excellent life. I would rather this pop sooner than later as my head and body as well as level of preparedness for this reality is still workable. Not my desire, but i have been and am prepared to stand against this garbage till the end come what may, it will not be pretty. I have no illusions about this.

    2. @ Kevin, I’m in the same boat as you. I have more yrs behind me than in front of me and I too am scared for my grand kids and great grand kids. I tell my son and son-in-law and they both just ” yeah, okay Dad “. So what do I do?

      1. Alfie,
        I am that age of your son and son-in-law. There are many in my age group that think that way too. It has to play out, for them to see it for what it is. I can see it coming and I’m in the minority. I’m ready, I wish more my age were also ready. The hard part is going to be knowing what we had and what is about to be lost.

  4. Good article Ken!
    It’s really crazy times. BLM says cops are hunting down black men. Funny how I don’t see black lawyers or doctors being shoot by the police. Just black thug criminals who resist arrest. Stay safe

    1. I don’t think color has anything to do with it. Its called: “do what you are told by the Police”. If you don’t you are going to get taken down forcefully, or tazed, or worse yet shot.

    2. Funny I was just having that conversation with my wife last night.i said the same thing. All of ones that have been shot have extensive police records and were resisting

  5. As a police survivor (my lovely DH LEO killed in CA), I can tell you how many wonderful acts he once performed. I have two sons and one daughter that are LEOs and three daughters working either as paralegals or attorneys supporting LEOs as I do as an officer of the court myself. Unfortunately, humans often need assistance. This is not always because of criminal acts, often accidental or circumstantial….but STILL in need of assistance. Who you gonna call?

  6. Of course – let’s abolish the police !
    But first, let’s take everybody’s guns away.
    Then we can all live in Peace & Harmony.
    Praise the Lord !

    1. You can use a lot of different things to harm people. Fists are weapons. Should we cut everyone’s hands off? When my rancher cousins find a wolf stalking a newborn calf, do you want them to throw sticks at it? You are being sarcastic, delusional, or have lived such a sheltered life you cannot imagine the reality of others’ lives.

      1. MamaLark
        I remember hunting wild dogs as a kid on the ranch we lived on. We killed all of them, either by gunshot, poison or by drowning batches of puppies we found.
        What is going on now is the same thing. Time to put down the feral dogs.

    1. What I can’t wrap my head around is, “officials” aren’t arresting any rioters/looters/arsonists. Just don’t make any sense.

      1. Jabba,
        I know, I really dont get it, they are arresting but then nothing ever happens, charges are quietly dropped. But then on the flip side they are arresting and prosecuting any conservatives? WTH!
        All i can think is
        Stay Away from Crowds!
        Ole Remus had something there,,,,

        1. Kulafarmer – George Soros poured a ton of money into getting his people elected to DA/prosecutor and other key judicial positions. A prime example is the prosecutor who went after the St. Louis couple who defended their home from the mob. Even when the police arrest these thugs, the DA’s won’t prosecute and just release them. Corruption in the halls of justice, at least on a state level. Perhaps there’s some hope on the federal level yet.

          1. Farmgirl,,
            I doubt it!
            At the federal level its just another page from the same book.
            Who is John Galt!

            Really, all we can do (if we are smart that is) is to stay out of sight and have a plan or three,

            For myself, ill just watch it burn from afar in my lawn chair with dual cup holders and wide arm rests to support that bowl of popcorn!

  7. We’ve seen what happens when there is no LEO presence – such as when police are ordered to “stand down” during a riot (or as the lib media refer to it: “a mostly peaceful protest”).

    There are areas in and around downtown LA where police do not routinely patrol as they are simply too dangerous. These areas make the news when a rival gang decides to pay the area a visit, or when some unfortunate innocent driver makes a wrong turn Into a dead-end street after dark. Those are the headline stories for that nights’ local news – cause if it bleeds it leads. I’m confident there are areas like this in every major city in the nation. We all know to just stay away. I sure as hell don’t want that where I live.

    I remember President Trump saying something to the effect that “they” are after him because he stands between “us” and “them”. They are really coming after us -he is the man in the way. Well, I think it’s that way with LEO’s – the anarchists, the thieves and killers, the gang bangers, etc… are really all coming for “us”, and The Thin Blue Line are the ones standing between us and them.

    God Bless the members of The Thin Blue Line.

    1. I have a retired relative who used to be a truck driver. One time he had to take a load to Kansas City. He arrived to the city st night. He was driving through the streets like any person until he got pulled over by the police. Officer walked up and asked him why he stopped at the previous intersection. My relative responded ‘because the light was red’. The officer then said ‘in this area, never stop at a red light during the night’. This was many years ago. Things weren’t safe in parts of cities then.
      In Gary, Indiana, there are parts where a white person does not go when it is dark. That has been common knowledge around the area for many years even way before Rodney King. One of my friends was a firefighter in that city. He told me when they get a call for a fire located in some neighborhoods, they usually wait for at least 30 minutes before responding. The reason- most likely the fire was started by a rival gang and as people flee the burning house, the rival gang shoots those fleeing. If fire shows up too early, the rival gang will shoot at the firefighters and trucks. So, they wait! And when they show up, the rival gang has left and whoever was in the house has either escaped or is dead. My friend told me this more than twenty years ago. So, all this crap is not new. It is just in our face now.

      1. INPrepper,
        We used to have places like that in Baltimore when I lived there,
        and to think that some fifty years ago, wow, the more things
        change, the more they stay the same.

  8. And, of course, everybody should surrender their guns, too.
    Then we can all live in Peace and Harmony.

    1. Sounds like “if you want to keep your doctor you can”, or “we don’t want to take your guns.”

  9. 100% DEAD WRONG yes there those that want ALL cops gone i have MANY signs that want cops GONE and there are some democrap leaders that want the same thing the funny thing is the first ones that are gonna be screaming for protection from the masses will be those stupid turd democrap leaders

    1. one more time YES THESE COP HATERS ARE DEAD SERIOUS and i really dont give a damn what you THINK I KNOW what i have seen IN REAL LIFE RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET FROM WHERE I LIVE and i have talked FACE TO FACE with some of these stupid turds say all what you want I KNOW WHAT I HAVE SEEN and if you dont like it i really dont give a damn

    2. City of Minneapolis actually voted to ELIMINATE the police force entirely, that seems pretty SERIOUS if you ask me.

  10. Step 1, abolish local police and sheriff’s departments.
    Step 2 , let rape, murder and maybe reign for a time. Just long enough for people to become desperate enough to try anything to make it stop.
    Step 3, bring in federales to confiscate all legal firearms and arrest anyone who dared defend themselves (Kenosha, anyone?).
    Then live happily ever after under the gentle hand of the “progressives” like blm, antifa, etc..

  11. I am afraid if the Thin Blue Line is reduced or goes away it will probably be replaced with a bloody red line. I pray it never happens in our country.It would put us in a YOYO situation for sure.
    Venezuela is an outstanding example of gangs running the cities under the blessings of the socialist rulers. It ain’t pretty.
    There are many in our government at all levels who obviously appear to be leaning toward treasonous ways .
    God help us and guide us.

  12. If that were actually to happen – the cops not showing up when needed –
    the ‘Gun Control’ people would then know what it is to ‘suffer the consequences of your actions’.
    They would be the first casualties.
    And rightly so.

  13. There NEVER will be any county without the Police. What they want is to “replace” them with their own loyal head busters. Look at Venezuela , the Cops there have an arm called ” Collectevos” which go around robbing people and giving the proceeds to the Political class, also shooting anyone who dares to protest .

    They are playing a “head game” trying to intimidate the average Joe Six-Pack so we won’t fight back.

    Give me Liberty, or give me death- we can’t back down from this coming fight !

    1. S.W.

      They have already admitted that is what they are going to do. “Stealing from the rich is reparations.” The mob (BLM. antifa) will be the new political class.

  14. The backlash is starting-

    The democrats see the polling numbers drop and now say the word violence and it should not be. Too late, you own it.

    The backlash genie is out of the bottle and it is building.

    Should there be law enforcement, yes.

    Should people act like an adult when approached by law enforcement, obviously, but some don’t.

    Should the burn, loot and murder crowd get their a$$es kick until it stops, yes. Should peaceful protests and demonstrations be supported, yes, I may not agree with the opinion, but it is free speech.

    Should I put up being called every nasty four letter word, not today, not tomorrow.

    Show me what is envisioned as the solutions, not Oprah’s “something must be done”. Tell me what you see that might be done that resolves issues, what are the issues, if not articulated, then i conclude it’s just power grabbing. If you Can’t articulate it, then just shut up.

  15. Only when you find yourself standing in a true moment of terror do you realize that the sound of sirens racing towards you feels like the cavalry is arriving.

    Only when you see your loved ones blood soaked onto an officers uniform do you realize humbling gratitude for him kneeling beside them as they took their last breath to provide comforting words and a reassuring hand.

    And only when you watch a “peaceful BLM protest” become an hours long police ambush do you comprehend how thin a blue line exists, even due to one madman with a high powered rifle and sinister intent.

    For me it is personal, I back The Blue because The Blue has backed me.

    1. Many years ago I was caught in a riot. It was the 70’s and they were protesting Vietnam.

      I was driving down the street in Boulder, Colorado, with my 18-month-old daughter when all of a sudden a huge mob rounded the corner. I couldn’t go forward, and in a second, I couldn’t back up either. I was surrounded. My baby was screaming. I was in a car that had a hood you could just lift up, like they all were in the old days. Right away some of the demonstrators opened my hood and disabled my car. Then someone noticed my daughter screaming and decided to leave me in peace. Because I couldn’t move my car, I had to wait until the thousands of angry people swarmed around us, hoping the rest of them would just go around too.


      1. DaisyK –
        And back then you wouldn’t have had a cell phone to call anyone for help, which compounds the fear of being all alone. Thank God an angel was close at hand to turn their attentions.

        Yet it is so reminiscent of the story recently of the poor young mother who was surrounded in her car, with a small child, only to have the 911 operator say they had no one to send. I cannot imagine receiving that type of response in that moment, nor being told that I could place a call to my state rep to file a grievance during business hours.

  16. Most people don’t have a clue. They think they do. They build images in their mind based on the info the absorb….not from the source, no, mostly hearsay…most always through filter of the biases of the teller. Cops rarely share with their family, or even close friends, what they see and experience……maybe that’s a shortcoming on their part.

    Let me share just a part of my first day on the streets of South Dallas, my first day after graduation from the academy.

    Cleared the station after detail. Dispatcher was holding a call for the first available squad. Dead body found. We answer that call. We arrive on location, a concrete lined drainage ditch about 200 yards south of the south fence of Fair Park, in view of the famous Cotton Bowl. A beautiful 17 year old black female, completely nude, lying face-up, looking all the world as if she was posing for a porno magazine. Spread all around her was a pool of blood, her neck almost completely severed. Only possible suspect was an unknown BM seen by one observer, unloading something out of his vehicle at 3 in the morning. After the ME loaded her up we cleared on the radio and were immediately dispatched to take a burglary report.

    Before we arrived to where we had been dispatched, dispatcher pleas for anyone available for a call…..armed robbery in progress. My training officer tells dispatch to hold our burglary call and put us on the robbery. We didn’t get there before the robbers got away. Victim a WM, suspect a teenaged BM with a gun.

    We ended up answering 16 calls for service that day. About average for all the squads in our sector. Answered three more murders that week. Arresting two who stuck around too long. Still answering 15-20 calls everyday. All victims black, all suspects black. Didn’t eat any donuts that week, only able to finish one sit down meal without being called out to answer a priority call. Did write one ticket for an expired inspection sticker. Sergeants wanted at least one a week from the troops.

    Never told my wife about the beautiful 17 year old girl with the near severed neck. Didn’t want her to have that image seared in her mind for the rest of her life. Never told her about the one year old infant girl that bled out in my arms from her destroyed vagina while her mother’s boyfriend bragged to my partner about the size of his manhood that had destroyed that baby’s innocence and life………….I told her that we mostly ate donuts and wrote a few tickets.

    That wasn’t all we did my first week on the job….just some of the highlights. Have a wonderful day all.

    1. Dennis
      Knowing it was hard for you to share those times in your life as a law enforcement officer.

      You sir are a better person than I would have been after holding that baby in my arms while it died from such brutality.

    2. Hey Dennis, thanks for postng. I know that it aint easy sharing those types of memories. Especially with folks who really have no firsthand experience with the aftermath from extreme violence.
      I don’t post often but I make a point of reading everyone’s comments. I appreciate what you post.I look forward to your opinions on world matters and your heartfelt comments.
      Thanks for putting yourself out there…

    3. Dennis –
      Do you remember the night we were telling Tmc about the Ambush and you shared that portion of the transcript with us? He responded with shock and said “I never knew. Why wasn’t this mentioned in every media outlet across the nation?”. It got me to thinking about what you’ve just conveyed, how much we as citizens have never known about the day to day y’all actually had to face.

      Nobody is on the look-out for a Cop unless they’re speeding on the interstate and checking to see if he’s over the next rise with a radar gun. By and large, y’all just existed out of view, doing what had to be done and then not burdening us with what it had been. But by not hearing your stories and understanding the true extent of what you faced, it all just went unnoticed and unappreciated. The vacuum of our ignorance simply because you honorably set out to shield us from truth, just like you had shielded us from harm. Which opened up the possibility for someone to inject their twisted version of what the truth truly was for all of you and your level of worth to us.

      I think it’s time for us as a nation to share the burden all of you have carried far too long on your own by listening to what really goes on in the day-to-day life of our brave Officers. Only then will we understand that each of you has given us a far greater return on investment than our money could have otherwise earned. 👮‍♀️

      1. It’s just like Chicago. Some areas are worse than others. The bad areas have daily/hourly incidents. They are almost never in the news because it happens so much. The news usually will have such a story when something occurs in a better part of town or if it is of note such as a baby or little kid getting shot. Otherwise, most people have no idea what actually goes on in the bad parts but everyone just knows those are bad areas. I knew a feller who worked for the city of Chicago. He told me a few stories in the area that used to be Kabrini Green. There are people there that are absolute animals.

    4. A thousand tragedies, a thousand memories you don’t want and can’t forget. This is what it means to put it on.

      1. BigJ,

        Thank you, Dennis. A tiny glimpse into a world most of us will never have to be part of thanks to you and all who have been and are in blue.

        My heartfelt thanks.

    5. Probably shouldn’t respond, but I guess you’re right. Some police officer should of been sitting in the living room of their home, uninvited, waiting for the mother to pass out after shooting up, stop her boyfriend from raping her infant child. And since the police on the night shift had so much time on their hand, they should have caught that throat slitter by their psychic powers as he drove around among the other cars on the street. Of course, if they had…..absent a traffic violation, or even at least an observable illegal act….and even then..would have been accused of only stopping them because they were black.

      You win, my patience has run out, you have beat this one into the ground. You’ve got all the answers, your right, everyone should follow you, and admit your the man…… just won’t be me. No anger on my part, just pity. Shame we didn’t have you on the force, you are a marvel to behold.

      1. Dennis –
        Sadly he won’t get my vote as “The Man” because I don’t meet his stated criteria to cast that vote. Pity.

      2. Dennis – Sometimes the only way to win is not to play. “Cast not your pearls before swine.” (Not calling anybody swine, just saying if the value you have to offer isn’t appreciated by a particular person, don’t offer it to them. Words of wisdom.)

    6. Dennis , I have been there with you and it sucks, I think we have seen much worse? I have been out of regular duty for a long time , but it never changes. Went federal in79 after that it all seems the same. 100 years ago 100 years in the Beyond it will still be the same.

  17. Been giving this some though in my AO… The Sheriff for now acts in the interest of the citizens. Promises to Protect our Constitutional Rights so I hope he is good on that commitment. We will see. Trust but verify…

    Any how kicking the idea of forming up a “neighborhood watch” or “community peace patrol” with my fellow local rednecks and vets…We’ll be carrying flashlights and wearing t shirts that state ‘We are unarmed.’ 😉

  18. Been giving this some thought in my AO… The Sheriff for now acts in the interest of the citizens. Promises to Protect our Constitutional Rights so I hope he is good on that commitment. We will see. Trust but verify…

    Any how kicking the idea of forming up a “neighborhood watch” or “community peace patrol” with my fellow local rednecks and vets…We’ll be carrying flashlights and wearing t shirts that state ‘We are unarmed.’ 😉

    1. White Cracker, I like your style, but I wounder what your group will do when you run in to these fools bent on destruction?

  19. Besides an increase in crimes, a city without an empowered police force will see property values drop, businesses leaving (and unemployment subsequently rising), and an inability to insure property as insurers leave. No one benefits, except for the criminals who move in to prey on the law-abiding citizens.

  20. Besides an increase in crime, a city without police will see property values drop, businesses leaving (with unemployment subsequently rising), and an inability to insure property as insurance companies leave. Only the criminals benefit as they have more opportunities to prey on innocent civilians.

  21. Humans have the bad habit of not caring till something happens to them personally. My past LEO told me about an up scale silver spoon Doctor in Nashville who hated the police. Gave the LEO’s in the community a hard time for any reason…..until……. his house was broken into with him and his family at home. All of a sudden the a.. hole got it.
    There was a man raping women in the Vanderbilt University area back in the early 1990’s. It was in my LEO’s jurisdiction. This was before I knew him. He told that he knew he was going to catch the rapist and was looking for any sign. Sure enough on patrol one day he saw a man entering a home that just did not feel right. Calls for back up and heads to the house. The perp was surprised, the old woman was surprised as the chase began in the house and out the back door where the rapist was found under a car and arrested. Rapist in jail for a long time. (Perps don’t really go jumping over ten fences and get away like in the movies) It did not matter what color person was in the house he was doing his job. I know this is true because I saw the letter the elderly woman wrote to the police chief. I later passed this letter on to his daughter after he died. How do you despise someone who is putting themselves in jeopardy for your benefit? Why does the bad seed in our society always get the attention? We have become a sad sad mess.

  22. Police are being vilified and made to stand down. It’s exactly what they want. How are they going to get the military on the streets if the police are handling the situation. And, as for Antifa, BLM, etc; just a bunch of useful idiots. Have them cause trouble until regular citizens start fighting back by killing a few of them. Perfect excuse to not allow citizens to have guns anymore. Here comes the military and do you think Antifa or BLM will be running things. Not a chance! You will not hear another word of Antifa or BLM after the fact.

  23. For a real life example in our country, see CHAZ or CHOP. It was not the advertised ‘Summer of Love’, and that was only after 6 weeks. Burglary, physical and sexual assault, extortion, arson, murder etc… No thanks. Nature abhors a vacuum, so there will be some form of enforcement. What we have now may not be perfect, nothing is, but it’s pretty darn good most of the time and I’d rather avoid the alternatives.

  24. This election will decide whether we SAVE the American Dream, or whether we allow a socialist agenda to DEMOLISH our cherished destiny.

    It will decide whether we rapidly create millions of high paying jobs, or whether we crush our industries and send millions of these jobs overseas, as has foolishly been done for many decades.

    Your vote will decide whether we protect law abiding Americans, or whether we give free reign to violent anarchists, agitators, and criminals who threaten our citizens.

    And this election will decide whether we will defend the American Way of Life, or whether we allow a radical movement to completely dismantle and destroy it.

    President Trump

    He is 100% correct. This election is not about Democrat vs Republican as many Democrats are sickened by the destruction their party has encouraged and incited. The election is not about black versus white, it is not a racial war we are fighting. This is not about the liberal culture versus a conservative culture.

    The entire fight we are battling across the country right now, is solely about saving America or letting the Democrats, Antifa and BLM rioters burn it to the ground.

    1. SMG
      Unfortunately i dont think this election will be anything but mayhem my friend,,,,

  25. I am an old man in a foreign country. This is not the land I grew up in. The college indoctrinated are useful tools of the Marxist-communists. They do not seek to remove the police but rather replace them with stasi or kgb. Also, I did not capitalize the word preceding communists in this post. Spellcheck did.

  26. The movement to defund or rid America of modern day law enforcement appears to be well funded, coordinated, and placed. From Soros money, to coordinated protesting, rioting, and agitating, to politicians (Soros and other entities placed) introducing and passing legislation to eliminate “qualified immunity” and reduce LEO’s Use of Force policies that will put them either in jail or lose their personal property and livelihoods…

    This is not a conversation or debate to be had to change “the other side’s” mind or reach any kind of compromise. This is a war tactic that is succeeding. The accusations of “systemic racism” are their flagship and attempt to keep modern day Americans always on defense and unable to mount any kind of offense to simply survive.

    When these qualified immunity and Use of Force policy changes pass, (and they will sadly) there will be (and already is) a mass exodus from our front lines. The only solution I can think of to plan and try to get ahead of the continued unrest and violence that will increase, (oh boy, the November election may make this spread like wildfire) is to form trusted groups and bring about strategies for true “community policing” that will be needed.

    Would love to hear any other ideas from the MSB community.

    1. There was an article on natural news a while back. It had something like two hundred and done companies that have donated to BLM. Some are McDonald’s, Burger King, Taco Bell, and obviously many tech companies. It’s an eye opener.

  27. I feel like an old man in a foreign country. This is not the country I grew up in. The college indoctrinated are useful tools of the Marxist-communists. They seek to replace the lawful police with a national police like the stasi or the kgb. Also, I did not capitalize the word preceding communist in this post. Spellcheck did.

  28. Reading some of these comments, I think to myself: ‘Oh no, another Cop Story.’
    I’m full of them, so ‘Why not’, here’s one of mine. (They’re endless !)
    Keep in mind, this was in Florida, early ’70s.
    I and my partner were just sitting in our Patrol Car, shooting the *hit, when right beside us a car went right through a red light. Soo – we had to pull it over. In the front seat were 2 early teens white girls, still chatting away with each other, laughing it up, totally ignoring us.
    In the back seat was a white boy, several years younger than the girls, having sex with a black girl even younger still. The girl had this bored look on her face, like this was nothing new to her. I and my partner just looked at each other, and he being the senior, said “Oh well, what the hell”. He just turned around and returned to the Patrol car, with me following. The girls then just drove away, and we went back to ‘shooting the *hit.

  29. I think we all know what would happen if there were no police…100% pure wrath’s of hell!! I personally think anyone that would want to abolish the police has issues!! I can tell you from a personal point that when your being robbed at gunpoint & that gun is pointed directly at your head , you are praying to god second by second someone is coming to help you whilst wondering second by second if this is going to be your last breath, not seeing your family, kids , spouse!! Thank god I did have help & the police came..They had my back , have lots of people backed!! And I might add they put themselves out there on the frontline in some towns with not enough pay.

    1. To me, imho, those that want to get rid of the police are the very same people who have regular contact with the police based on their poor choices in life. They just want to run around and do whatever they want without any repercussions. It would be like me refusing to sign a lease on an apartment because it says that if I destroy the apartment I have to pay for damages. I want to live like a rock star and then just walk away. I know, it sounds completely ridiculous. Just like putting the fox in charge of the hen house. What could go wrong with that?

  30. I fully support police, without them even if their hands are tied we would be worse off than we are now.I just hope the voters in these violent cities will elect the kind of people in the future that would support law enforcement.These mayors who tell their LEOs to stand down should be tarred and feathered and ran out of town.

  31. Wait! I just had a brainstorm!

    Lets just replace the police with social workers! Yay!!


    1. Considering the social workers are already on a first name basis with most of the peaceful protestors that is an excellent idea.

      1. Considering some of those social workers are the protesters and in some case the rioters!!!

  32. I think we all know what will happen if there were no police.. 100% pure wrath’s of hell.I think anyone who wishes to abolish the police chase serious issues!! From my own personal standpoint, I can tell you when your being robbed at gunpoint & that gun is pointed directly at your head , your praying second to second to god to please send some help, whilst fearing second to second this is how I’m going to die, not seeing your family, your kids your spouse ever again!! This is it!! Thank god I did have help & the police did come. They had my back, like they have many backed! They put themselves out there everyday on the frontline & In some towns with very little pay, I might add!!

    1. I sincerely apologize!! For some reason my post didn’t go through earlier! Now it’s in here several times!! Apologies to all!!

    1. I don’t know why AG Barr has not turned the full force of the DOJ and DHD into arresting every leader of BLM and Antifa for domestic terrorism, inciting riots and treason. They should be shutting down every business, corporation and any individual that provides financial aid or shows any support to these terrorist organizations.

      Also arrest the parents that allow these BLM/Antifa “protesters” to live in their homes and charge them with harboring terrorists. Time to make it extremely painful for the ones that are actively engaged or are supporting those who’s goal is to overthrow the government.

    2. Ken J
      If you listen closely the voices you hear are not native born Americans. Sounds like they are from a desert tribe, possible Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran. Pay close attention to the female voice leading the pack of brain dead, even they sound like foreign born here probably on school Visa’s.
      This what our men in blue are suppose to protect, as I shake my head😣. No wonder they are looking else where for a position.

  33. Ken –
    Since you mentioned Social Workers, I can say from many years experience dealing with them, they are the most naive, easiest conned people there are !

    1. I apologize, I posted earlier & it did not go through, so I post again & now it’s in here twice!! Apologies to everyone!!

  34. I think one of the Marxists goals is to vilify and neuter local and state LEOs and when the dems regain the White House begin replacing them with federal LEOs that they can control and direct the direction of enforcement.

    They will eventually try to intimidate “rogue” Governors, Police Chiefs, Sheriffs that refuse to cower down in order to gain control of their states and jurisdiction. This is when Balkanization will begin and states will have to choose between retaining control or giving up to the feds.

    I see in the very near future, rural areas pulling away from urban cities within their states and forming alliances with neighboring rural areas in adjoining states?

  35. This is just a continuation of Soros and company buying DAs…first get persecutors that wont prosecute, the next step is cops that wont arrest or enforce…then the feds come sweeping in and take over law enforcement…no more local cops, they’ll ship them all over the place so they have no connection to the community they’re in. Bad scene all around.

  36. Wasn’t it BO that fanned the flames of the racial tensions between the public and police work?
    “The Cambridge Police acted stupidly.”

    “Travon Martin could have been my son. That could have been me, 35 years ago.”

    “Overwhelming racial profiling of police department”

    I Back the Blue

    1. JC
      Couldnt be,
      Wasnt he the guy who got a Nobel Peace Prize? Before he actually did anything?
      Thats how you can tell all that stuff is just total and complete BS.
      Sorta like placing Saudi Arabia on the UN human rites commission

  37. Wasn’t it BO that fanned the flames of the racial tensions between the public and police work?

    “The Cambridge Police acted stupidly.”

    “Travon Martin could have been my son. That could have been me, 35 years ago.”

    “Overwhelming racial profiling of police department”

    I Back the Blue

    1. As one black governor/mayor?? said….the only black profiting or gaining from his years in office was him.

  38. defund social workers. The ones I have known are corrupt and do more harm than good.

    Or we could defund colleges. Most of them are now online and/or have terminated many services and activities but still charging the same tuition.

  39. I don’t know what this country would be like without the thin blue line. I know where I live we will always support one another in a crisis. I know where I live people are armed and prepared. Many have their own wells and many have stock piled over the years.

    I cannot imagine what it would be like in the cities and suburbs but I do agree with Ken that gangs and gang leadership will become the “law”. As stated, “The bottom line is — when there’s a vacuum, a void… something will fill it. When the thin blue line disappears, other “enforcement” will fill in.”

    Kamala and her “gang” will fill in to the detriment of America and Lebron James will be the warlord we all fear. I hope my jokes amount to nothing but in my heart, if Ms. Harris gets in all bets are off. The mail-in voting is a scheme to steer the election to the left if it doesn’t work the second option for the Democrats will be to call the election in-conclusive thus making Nancy Pelosi the president.

    “And Jesus wept.”

  40. I think we all know what happens if there is no police… total 100% pure chaotic hell!! I think anyone that wants to defund or abolish police has serious issues!! From my own personal standpoint, when your being robbed at gunpoint & that gun is pointed directly at your head, you are praying to god from second to second for someone to help. Scared that I’m going to die right now, I’ll never see my kids , my spouse, my family ever again!! Thank you god bc someone did come, the police came! They had my back, just like many other they’ve backed!They are out there on the frontlines putting their own lives at risk & many of them in some towns aren’t compensated enough!!

  41. Remember the days when the lefties had a poop fit, with the easement of restriction on CCW permits?
    “It’s gonna be like the wild west. People shooting each other in the streets.”
    The only thing, back then, there was a clearer definition of right and wrong. Some lived up to it, others not so much.
    You want your wild west dream come true?
    Well it is.

    Defund the police. Tie their hands from enforcing the law.
    Loonies would much rather slit your throat, if you look at them in a manner they find offensive.
    Wrong color.
    Wrong shoes.
    Wrong age.
    Wrong demeanor.
    Wrong answer.

    Release the prisoners.

    Shut down state homes that house the unstable.

    Keep pumping the mind altering scripts.

    Open boarders for all to share.

    Perfect plan for destruction.

  42. So Cal Gal:
    Please remember
    “Nobody serious is proposing the elimination of police”
    They are just defunding them, no money no police, giving the “Stand down order”, but ….. let’s do the play on words…. again /s

    1. NRP and Blue,
      I know, you’re right.

      And when I try logic I either get the twisted version back, or I get silence. As has already been pointed out, some people will not acknowledge a reasoned argument, or ever agree at all – no natter what.

      At least if I don’t agree with most of what someone says, I try to find the common ground and agree up to a point.

      I love Kens blog and our MSB family of friends, I guess I have to continue winnowing down what I read and respond to. It gets old when some people constantly push forward their opinions as more than opinion. And while I’m whining, I’m running out of patience for those who like to virtually shout their opinions in all caps.

      Okay, mini-rant over. Big hugs to you and Blue!

      1. So Cal Gal:
        Thanks for the years of understanding and friendship.
        “Is 600 rolls really enough?” 😁

      2. So Cal Gal

        Uh-oh, I just did part of a comment in all caps. Sorry about that. But honestly, I really do shout what-is-wrong-these-people several times a day….I can’t help myself!

      3. Chipmunk,
        I do it, too – several times a day. Often with expletives that are pretty salty.

        Gotta have an outlet.👍😉

    2. SoCalGal:

      It is an immutable defect among people like us; to give the benefit of the doubt; to just about anyone. We are easy troll-bait.

    3. TMcG,
      You are right. I like to think if people take the time to find their way to Ken’s site and add discussions that they are open to other viewpoints and have similar priorities and values.

      My bad.

    4. So Cal Gal – I discovered I have an internal ‘ignore/block’ button, kind of like the ones I’ve seen on some social media sites. It works really well! When I see that the majority of a particular poster’s comments seem combative or provocative without purpose, I just hit that button. It totally erases the desire to engage, and avoids the reactive emotions I can have when someone’s clearly trolling.

  43. I remember when discussions included imagining giving several states to liberals/blacks/drug addicts/alcoholics/freeloaders, and that sort….AND put fences around those states, letting them support themselves best they can and govern themselves–kinda like seceding from America??.
    I remember we guessed how long it’d be before those states collapsed and they came running to American government for help….think about it–3 months tops!!!

  44. BLM, ANTIFA, Democrats, Soros and the DeepState understand if you don’t support but persecute, don’t reasonably equip but tie the hands of, don’t respect the character but dismiss and dishonor LE, the good and decent members are likely to leave. The forces left will be filled with former mall cop wannabes eager to prove themselves and wield their newfound powers in ways that will meet what for now is a dishonest description of law enforcement. The left can then say see we told you so and most shallow thinkers won’t know the truth.

    1. MamaLark, I like your style. I have been wondering if any one would take this to the level it needs to get to. If Soros and the DS. are the men behind this whole psi op they must be pretty happy right now. But I’m worried the LE’s even fully funded, wont be able to manage the unrest we face post election if sleepy Joe wins the election are if it is contested. I support police 100% and pray for their safety.

  45. What ? You say you’re ready for another of Grandpa Joe’s police stories ?
    OK- but remember, you asked for it.
    Again – Florida – early ’70s.
    My partner and I were making our early night patrol, which included a lakefront area, that at night served as a popular parking spot for couples looking for a romantic evening – but it was our job to clear the area after dark, as part of our patrol.
    We would enter the area, slowly with out blue light lit. Back then, it was a dome light mounted on the roof that rotated, much light a lighthouse beacon, sweeping the area in a continuous circular motion. This gave everybody parked there ample time to depart.
    Well, this one bright moonlit night, all cars present departed right on schedule – except one,
    Soo, we got out of the Patrol Car and approached the car, flashlights in hand. (Back then, the standard was a 5-cell Maglight, solid and often used as a club. (I still have mine, with a real nasty gash on one end. But, that’s another story.) Shining the lights into the car. 2 people in the back seat were busily engaged in ‘sexual activity’. It was a Black couple, male appeared to be early-mid 20s, female appeared younger, mid-late teens. We banged on the window, and told them to get dressed and go. As they got their shorts and t-shirts on, still in the back seat, it was observed (Of course we were watching closely – they could have had weapons – right ?) the female was exceptionally well sculpted. Beautiful, actually.
    The full moon was reflected off the water, the moonlight shimmering off her body. I have to admit, being a young man, my hormones were stirring. (I know, I know – but as I said, I was a young male of the species.) Another fact to be noted, was that they acted rather casually,
    not rushed, as you would expect. I’m sure the young lady was well aware she was being watched closely, and she was in no hurry to slip into her shorts and t-shirt. It was surreal, like watching a movie. Finally, they finished their act, climbed into the front seat and drove off. We returned to our Patrol Car, and just sat there for a while, gazing out over the moonlit lake. After a bit, my partner, probably about 25 years older than I, and an experienced cop, still gazing straight ahead, sighed, and said: “You know, it wasn’t too many years ago, that this would have ended a lot differently. We would have sent the guy home, and we would have taken her home ourselves.”

    1. JoeFriday, perhaps if you share another story it will not involve a backseat of a car. My LEO talked about old school policing, he joined in 1976. Some of which is needed now along with ‘new’ policing which would have never let kids in a car proceed on while a young girl seems to be being raped in the back seat. Your first posted story from a women’s point view comes across as just that.

  46. DAMedinNY said, “…or you are hired to create the some of chaos and discord.”

    It is absolutely 100% accurate that some people are hired to disrupt sites. This could be one of them. There’s no way to know for sure. However logic and reason would suggest that a frequent disruptor on a given site is either disturbed in some way, or probably a paid disruptor.

    1. Watched it. This comes from Wikipedia on the beginning of McCarthyism.

      President Harry S. Truman’s Executive Order 9835 of March 21, 1947, required that all federal civil-service employees be screened for “loyalty”. The order said that one basis for determining disloyalty would be a finding of “membership in, affiliation with or sympathetic association” with any organization determined by the attorney general to be “totalitarian, fascist, communist or subversive” or advocating or approving the forceful denial of constitutional rights to other persons or seeking “to alter the form of Government of the United States by unconstitutional means.”[13]

      1. History repeats,
        NEVER give up your guns people, you might as well use them because if you give them up you are already dead

    1. A fact check disputes this, but if you read what Hitler did do, it was worse… actually similar to what Obama did.

  47. Gotta question…..why do we have the military?

    After all….think about it. Not a one of us has ever been attacked, on U.S. soil, by a soldier representing a foreign government……much less a full army, navy, or air force.

    Why do we train, maintain, and station these mostly useless citizens in bases all over America, and around the world? Not once have I ever called them to stop an invasion in my neighborhood ’cause my neighborhood has never been invaded. No military has ever done anything for me. I can’t see the need for them. I’m sick and tired of paying my tax dollars for such a waste.

    Oh, I’ve had contact with some of them over the years and they treated me with respect. I have no beef with them personally….I just think their a waste of my taxes.

    But, really, just use your brain, even in those war zones, far, far away from where I live, only about one out of every ten will ever use a weapon in actually combat. Why should I have to support that with my money?

    Even if I needed the military, if them mythical commie soldiers started falling into my neighborhood by parachute, how long would it take them to get there? Days, weeks, months?

    Don’t get upset with me, if you can’t understand why I’m right….well that’s on you…..

    (for those who don’t understand the intended sarcasm, I am a veteran, and support the soldiers, airmen/women, and sea men/women, and support people that make it work)

    1. I would rather have the POPO and military between the bad guys and me personaly

  48. I love it,
    The idiot leftist governor asking sheriffs from other counties to send support to portland and they refuse because the portland mayor and governor dont support the police,,,,
    Karma beechez

    1. Saw that.
      The news also said that a riot was declared at weelers (misspell on purpose) residence. Evidently burning flags in the street , breaking into nearby businesses, and trying to start his apartment building on fire is not OK. Who woulda thunk it? Since he wants to give BLM and Antifa their wishes, he should have let the place burn. You know, for the cause.

      1. INPrepper,
        Ya, what a missed opportunity for him to cement his support, in fact, he should have lit it himself!
        Just mind boggling the stupidity.
        These people deserve this crap

    1. Got something against the thin blue line on a flag? Been around for a long time. Got it on my truck too. Proud of it. Glad to back the blue.

        1. Ken – I think that is entirely appropriate in current conditions. Let’s face it, most of our elected officials have no respect for the flag or what it stands for. It’s a beautiful sight! Consider me triggered.

          1. That’s why I posted this article to begin with… the “current conditions” (attack the police) warranted a little support in my view. It also flushed out a few apparent ANTIFA-type tendencies among the crowd here. Very interesting indeed.

  49. Kulafarmer
    I will continue the research for the stickers, but if you are looking for a specialized flag you can find them at flagsusadotcom.

    1. Kulafarmer
      Found them for you thinbluelineusadotcom, come in several different selections. Also found on Amazon if you choose that route to support Ken.

  50. Today’s headline: “Chicago-area police reportedly warned by FBI of gang pact to ‘shoot on-sight any cop'”

  51. To all who have served, THANK YOU and GOD BLESS! Which includes Leo’s, Soldiers, Nurses, Doctors, Paramedics, and the Clergy.

    To Red Duck Monster, piss off troll, nobody’s buying the crap that you are selling. Try SHTF Plan, there are plenty of Kooks there for you to feel at home with.

    1. You are in China. Talk about law enforcement!! They will drag you off never to be seen again. In fact I’m surprised the Chicom gov lets you comment here…

    2. Thats the thing aint it,,,
      On the one hand there is cohesion and commonality
      On the other is ideas that run contrary to the common conceptions.
      There is a place for both, in theory anyway,
      But like Ken said,
      Not for the light hearted,
      When someone clicks out an idea that is contrary to the norms that have evolved they best not be butthurt over having their contrary idea dumped back in a heap,
      Just sayin is all.

      That said, in this day and age it just isnt worth getting into a spitting match, ta hell with it, not important enough in the grand scheme

  52. Having been a police officer for a number of years ( but I never made my full 20 for the pension and retirement ). I can say that after my first shooting and subsequent training I was sent to:

    I was one of those officers that had keys to the special weapons locker and had the status of: “break glass only in event of war/civil unrest”. More shooting events were to follow in the subsequent years because there are some people that would rather be taken down fighting as opposed to going ( back ) to prison.

    My mentors told me if I went down this path, I would never make my “20” meaning 20 years for a pension. They were right.

    Most of my academy classmates were fresh from the military, had a spouse with 2-3 kids or their fiancee was pregnant. They did not have the benefit/option/luxury to easily access or afford going to college or trade school. Some, like myself, did not have the support of our parents or siblings when we took the oath and received our badge.

    I was fortunate in I went in realizing that I had another life skill/trade that I could do if my mentors were right and I did get cut from the police dept. I had skills in emergency medicine.

    As an old guy with a long resume these days, when I meet a young person that is waiting for their appointment for the Academy, I congratulate them and I mention to them or their proud parents: “consider a trade” as a possible back-up to a career that can go south in a second on any given day.

    Coming from me these days, I got a lot of young people and young officers thinking. I support them in their job. It is/can be a dangerous job. Most cops I see out there are putting up with the aspects of the job and the danger of the work only because they got family waiting at home for them. They do not have the option of “going back to college” like I had.

  53. Lastly, I would like to send the LEO’s out there off with a prayer for your safety and wellbeing until you get to the end of your watch and are able to return home safely.

    Advice for you folks in blue, before you crack the seal on that bottle of booze, hug your kids and kiss your spouse. At times, you may be tempted to: go to the cop bar after shift with your buddies or go home. Take the second option and go home. Be good to yourselves and I hope your commanders will understand when you take some time off to be with your families.

    All my mentors were family guys and gals. John Q Public does not get this when they see police wearing helmets and riot gear.

  54. GOD Bless this whole post. I pray daily for the police to continue to have the support they deserve in my town and across the nation. With out their efforts the land of the free would not exist. Any one who can’t see that is deluded. I am dismayed by what I see today in America! How can so many be so easily led to riot and burn and loot our fair cities. Where do they think this will get them. With out law and order I believe we will be taken over by some one or some thing for for more dystopian then even I, dooms day nut, can imagine. Please support your local authorities and protect the Thin Blue Line.

  55. Now’s the time to see how well the social workers will do. Let’s see how they stop the mobs from destroying the cities.
    Are the social workers going to make up the difference for the goods and services eliminated by the 80% of truck drivers that say they will not enter cities where the police have been defunded?

    1. I tell you what, I sure wouldn’t want to be one of those social workers that the politicians expect to go into those situations.

      1. It’s almost entertaining. The social workers right now won’t go into a lot of situations without a police escort. So the cities are going to use the “windfall” from defunding the police to provide martial arts training, tasers, guns and weapons training to civilian social workers?

        Didn’t think so.

  56. Check this story out.
    Its at Fox news. Here is a little bit of it.
    To long to post the entire thing.

    Frontier Airlines is facing criticism from a top police officer organization and Republican Rep. Doug Collins after they were accused of prohibiting a federal air marshal from boarding a flight in Atlanta due to his face covering, which featured an American flag.

    The National Association of Police Organizations first flagged the incident at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport on Aug. 23, when the air marshal “was told to remove his American Flag face mask because other passengers would find it offensive.”

    The airline has since called the incident a misunderstanding, saying that the airline has a policy banning certain styles of masks, but not the image of a flag. The federal air marshal (FAM) was wearing a gaiter-style mask.

    1. McCatfish –

      Frontier Airlines huh? I flew them; once; 1993 or so. Do you remember “Sky Pagers”? I had one on my belt. Suddenly I was accosted by a flight attendant… of a heritage that I am no longer allowed to mention. She began barking at me about FAA regulations that “all electronics must be switched off once the main cabin door is closed”. I told her I knew that already and the pager was switched off. I offered to show it to her. She accused me of “sassing” her and she warned me that I was about to be “removed from the flight”. This…… idiot… was taking note of the little LCD CLOCK display that is present when a Sky Pager is OFF. She wasn’t having it. I had to dismantle the locked battery compartment and remove the battery so the little LCD would fade out, quickly; before the retarded power-tripping jackass had me beaten and dragged off the plane. Yeah…. Frontier Airlines.. Just want to get that in there twice for the search engines.

  57. Funny. A group of folks gather together to discuss preparing, survival, security, self sufficiency, and sub groups under those skills.

    They share personal experiences while pursuing those goals, failures, successes, give advice, share learned skills, current and future projects and plans. Only occasionally discuss politics, only those things that may pose a coming threat to our lives and well being.

    Then, occasionally, a new contributor(?) shows up, claims to be a long time follower, doesn’t share an preps they’ve made, if any, no sharing of acquired skills, contribute no suggestions related to the goal of being prepared……, just to tell how wrong any and everybody on the site are on their politics and personal beliefs…….

    …………..but resent being associated with drive by trolls…..okie dokie……explain to me again why you’re here? Sure don’t appear to be to be a congenial contributor.

    1. “Sure don’t appear to be to be a congenial contributor.”

      That’s because this is a pure “troll” who actually despises all that we do, say, and stand for.

      This putz was banned before. And most everyone that I’ve banned in the past has relentlessly tried to circumvent the filters and get back on the blog. It’s amazing how they are inspired to do that! So having released all bans over a month (or two?) ago, this one is back. Amazing! Is there a shrink in the house to explain that? Seriously!

      He is either paid (could very well be the case), or a very strange individual (there are PLENTY of strange individuals in this world!).

  58. Ken,

    Beats the heck out of me. Never did much internet surfing before I had heart surgery. After, while recovering, and because I had always been into self defense, prepping, survival skills, I started visiting sites that catered to those interest. I was already a subscriber to Backwoods Home Magazine and started following Massad Ayoob’s blog, and made the first contributions to the conversations I had ever made on an internet blog.

    Discovered your blog during that same time, was impressed with comradery, family atmosphere, sharing of legitimate prepper info. I’ve never looked back, seldom even visit Mas’s blog anymore. Never understood those who try to disrupt what we’ve got here. Must be some sort of sickness. I’ve known people who lead dull, miserable lives, mostly self inflicted, who spend a lot of energy to make sure everyone is as miserable as they are. Good possibility this is what we are seeing.

  59. Ken – Not a shrink, but compulsive behaviors are usually carried forward from unresolved issues early in life. If I had to guess why someone would insist on engaging people like they’re in a fencing match scoring points, I’d say just to get attention, pure and simple. When the attention is withdrawn, the engagement usually winds down. Usually. Some attention seekers escalate when they can’t provoke the response they want. In the case of the cyber sphere that kind of escalation requires some skills though that most don’t have.

    Hence the ever eternal wisdom: Don’t feed the trolls!

  60. Farmgirl

    So basically, we have a person with a lack of meds on board….?

    No one ever said I was PC.
    Being PC just rubs me the wrong way.

  61. latest headline: “Ohio school district bans ‘thin blue line’ flags after football player carried one to honor coach”

    1. Lately I find myself saying “WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE!!?” several times a day. Geesh!

      1. Chipmunk – It is certainly not very forbearing of me, but I find myself mumbling “Idiot” under my breath a lot. If I’m where no one can hear me, sometimes the “Idiot’ is more of a loud declaration. Sometimes there’s an adjective preceding the word “Idiot”.

        Of course, then I have to give myself a talk about being more compassionate and forgiving. Lately, that talk is getting a little shorter.

  62. So I haven’t a story that can beat Dennis or Joe Friday, but a story, none the less.

    I was working reserves one night, after a ten hour shift at the factory.
    My partner says
    Ohh, man. I’m sorry.
    Sorry for what?
    The radio traffic from X pd, just put your son in jail.
    No, shit?
    Get to the jail at end of shift, arresting officer:
    Dude, I’m sorry.
    So sorry, dude.
    My boy was peeing outside a gas station. Officer approached him and his vehicle.
    Charged him with just an MIP.

    In the end, I was asked:
    You gonna see your boy?
    You gonna bail him out?
    Me showing up in uniform would get his ass kicked in the cell.
    Let him call his ma, to bail his ass.
    He’s damned lucky he didn’t get charged with indecent exposure.
    I’m going home. Going to bed. Let him think about it, before his ma saves his ass.
    Let me know, if he needs me.

  63. How deep is the subversion reach into all areas of our society today. We see the treasonous behavior of the intelligence agencies, the IRS, judges, attorney generals, ….

    I am not in law enforcement or the military so, I ask out of ignorance, how far have the military and the police forces been infiltrated by radicals, maxists, socialict, foreign spies, trans crazies, …

    How bad has the lack of proper vetting become and how much have the standards of training been lowered to accommodate the PC crowd?

    We have seen the corruption of our education system particularly on university campuses. We have seen the control by social media against any hint of free speech. So, why would the police and military be exempt from pressure to bow to the fringe activists. I fully support both but, I have to ask that when navy ships collide with tankers as one example, who has allowed standards to fall?

    1. I am glad that you support both.

      Additionally, EVERY organization / bureaucracy / profession / etc.. has its share of bad. We as humans are not pure. Yes, there is obvious infiltration as you’ve suggested. We must root it out.

      1. Ken, it appears that your site is being overwhelmed by a few trolls and it may be time to apply the “thin blue line” of policing to root out this nonsense as well.

        1. The thin blue line in that regard will be a requirement to register to comment. I’m done with banning and chasing down trolls who relentlessly try to circumvent the filters. I don’t get paid enough for that. It’s mind boggling how these people never stop after ordinary banning. Definitely some sort of disorder…

          1. No, it does not.

            This is my house. My bar, so to speak. When rabble rousers come in, they are NOT welcome here. Go find another bar if you’re looking to stir up shit and start a fight.

          2. Ken, I fully support registration as well. Even a fee for access.

            The crap will get even deeper as the anger over divisions in our society rages toward the election. And you thought your site would be a peaceful collection of beneficial prepping information to help us all become more self-sufficient. Watch that stress. Your guidance has helped so many.

          3. Ken ,
            it’s just mental masturbation going on with some people. They’re time bandits and to me time is a precious commodity not to be wasted.Before I started my own company I would run construction crews.
            It seemed like there would be one guy stirring up BS on the job. I’m of the opinion that if you are stirring up BS on the job you were not producing for the pay you received. So those guys would get hammered. They either got with the program or got run off.Most left cuz they couldn’t skate by.
            I’ve been in SHTF mode for 4 years now.My group is probably better prepared than 95% of the folks out there. That being said,I dont have time available to stir BS up. So my gut tells me they are paper tigers .
            “All show and no go…”
            Ken,it’s your site so you get to decide what’s tolerable to you. That’s your decision. You’re a straight shooter so I’m personally ok with the decisions you make.
            Like my local list of miscreants I have a mental list for certain posters here. I go right by their posts cuz I’m not wasting valuable time reading inflammatory garbage.
            But that’s just me…

  64. A fairly decent Article with 257 comments of basically bickering and bull shit.

    A LOT of pissed off folks that support this site are tired of being spoken to from both sides of one mouth. And never getting the same answer twice or a complete answer.

    Amazing how 2 trolls can alter the flavor of a great site.

    BTW don’t like the word Troll, or my comment DON’T read my post. As you have said, not my problem it’s your problem.

    Ken, time to make some undesirable changes I believe.

    1. NRP

      Rodger that. I came hear to teach and learn, just like you. We need to get back to the basics.

      Politics and Religion are often very heated topics, where agreement is often off the table of discussion.

    2. NRP,

      Agreed. I was just going to post that it needs to stop. Enough! Was at work all day and didn’t check in until tonight and all I see is this crap. Coming here for years, Learned a lot, offering some info when I can. There is enough BS going on right now in the world that those of us that spend some cycles on trying to learn and get better prepared are getting tired of parsing through the noise. I for one would rather be constructive and share knowledge/experience in a positive way. This is one of the few sites I look at daily trying to better myself and my preparedness. Think about it kids… What happens if the lights go out and we don’t have any resources like Ken’s blog. All you folks going back and forth, LET IT GO. Let’s get back to the site, Modern Survival Blog and figure out how we’re going to survive the coming $#1tstorm. That’s my Rant…..

    3. NRP
      Personally I think of them as ‘Gremlin’ as in the old movie. Can not remember if it was food or water that brought more them to fruition where by they terrorized the peaceful human beings..

  65. Kulafarmer

    Rodger that. Best post I’ve read in a long time

    My hats off to you, my Patriot friend.!

  66. WOW, we will all face the enemy soon enough. I’ve felt all along that this site was a community of like-minded people sharing and learning.Why do some feel like they need to attack each other on every subject. We are all supposed to be in this together.It’s time everyone grows the …. up .and realize we are not the enemy.We will all face an uncertain future let’s get back to mutual respect for whatever lives we’ve led and just learn from each other.!

    1. “Why do some feel like they need to attack each other on every subject”

      The short answer is personality type. Unless there’s a sort of membership (and control/regulation of “bylaws”, “guidelines”, “rules”) to join a group, a club, a community (fill in the blank) of like-minded or similar interests – if the door is always open for anyone to come in – eventually you’re going to get some trouble makers walking through that door. That’s just life.

      So when that happens, unless there’s enforcement, those trouble makers can wreck the atmosphere right quick. And they know it. They “enjoy” doing it.

      Over these years I’ve battled with the rabble rousers off-and-on in various ways. This year has been exceptional. Though still not terrible like many other sites!

      I continue to “play it be ear” so to speak. That’s all I can say for now…

      1. Keep up the good work Ken, and thanks for all your research it is read and appreciated.

  67. To Ken.

    “Over these years I’ve battled with the rabble rousers off-and-on in various ways. This year has been exceptional. Though still not terrible like many other sites!
    I continue to “play it be ear” so to speak. That’s all I can say for now…”

    The election this year is a critical one. It will literally determine the course of America over the next decade – or longer. We all know who the players are and we all know that sites such as these are prime targets of both the extreme right and especially the extreme left. I am particularly fond of this site because the “players” are generally reasonable and much more civil than the savagery I have encountered elsewhere. Ken, you have done an excellent job of navigating through the current events and I applaud your actions. But it is up to your readership to halt the influx of trolls by not feeding them, period. If they can restrain their comments, slowly, the trolls will back off. By responding to a troll you only give them more incentive to push the subject matter forward and antagonize people. That is their job and their duty to whom they serve. Make no mistake, Kamala, Bernie, BLM, ANTIFA, and the rest are out in force on the web trying to sway people to their cause. They will not stop until they win, and they will win anyway they can.

  68. Since the idea of this post sorta took a crazy turn I will post my opinion here. I found this site a few years back while doing a search for something. It is easy to read and find information. I then searched some other sites and found them very negative and full of the ugly words. I am not a prude by any means, but the other sites were not for me.
    We humans are an imperfect bunch. It does not matter what your profession or place in life is, preacher, priest, doctor, teacher, store clerk, CEO, or the homeless, or on and on. In every profession or place in life are those humans who are just going to be angry or who are unable to control their actions. Even each of us has our own inabilities to do so. Not one of us is perfect. Not even close. We are in the days of where any sort of minority has the power to disrupt us and we allow it. Do not allow negativity to push YOU into the negative space of no control.
    Lets just try and learn here and not dig at others. Let us tolerate others opinions. Is this not what we are going to fight for? Right now the left is not allowing for others opinions….. There is enough BS going on in the world with out us slamming each other in this nice community.
    Peace, Love and get your preps ready, hug hug from ole Mrs.

  69. I just read the entire thread. Personally, I enjoy as many facets of an argument as can be allowed but generally lean toward the logical. I too have read here for some time and especially in transition between seasons because of the valuable experience people have with gardens and outside projects. My thanks to you all.

    About halfway through reading, I remembered a Cambodian proverb that seems instructive:

    In the river, there is the crocodile.
    On the river bank, there is the tiger.
    If you go to the forest, there are the thorns.
    If you go to the market, there is the policeman.

    Coincidentally, on a small radio in my office, this song is playing:

    In the high school halls
    In the shopping malls
    Conform or be cast out

    That’s a proverb by Geddy Lee.

  70. Never thought about problems with using multiple devices. I use my phone via home wifi or as hotspot or kids’ wifi. My tablet or laptop via home wifi or work wifi or hotspot. Home desktop. Rarely work desktop outside the VPN. Not very techie but I suppose that might be confusing to see from the other end. I also regularly use 6 different emails as a 1st step to keeping the traffic in channels.

  71. Hey all, long time reader (lurker?) and infrequent poster, but this topic drew me in. I used to be Security Police in the Air Force, I have the utmost respect for LEO’s of all departments. My DW and I have even bought the lunches of the boys in blue in our local cafe when we see them dining.

    It’s reprehensible what some of the server’s in restaurants and coffee places (Starbucks!) have done to cops!

    I put a thin blue line sticker on my truck the other day… living in the Sacramento area like I do, I wonder how long before my truck is vandalized?

  72. Thanks for that. And yes it is stunning the disrespect in some parts of the country.

    Good luck with your truck in sacto!

  73. – When it comes to shooting, I will simply repeat what I was told long ago. “Stop shooting when your target collapses, changes shape, or catches fire. Ammo is cheap; lives are not.”

    – Papa S.

  74. DBC,
    Until things cool down, they need to switch to a war time mindset and keep their head on a swivel, and gear up for the same.
    Especially in urban “ hot “ zones.
    Pro-America politicians might consider revisiting their personal protection game plan and make any necessary changes or adjustments, before this situation escalates and catches them off guard as well. Best to keep at least one step ahead. Plenty of protection and consultation available.

  75. I just read that the L.A. City Council is sending Mayor Garcetti their plan (approved 14-0) to start sending non-LEO’s on certain 911 calls.

    Once signed (and that shouldn’t take long) the city will firm up the details. Their plan is for social workers and mental health professionals to respond to emergency calls including: the homeless, mentally ill, “conflict resolution”, people under the influence, suicide threats, welfare checks and “behavior distress”.

    And what will the headlines read when a social worker is stabbed by a high homeless person or attacked by a domestic abuser or mentally ill person off their meds?

    LA says it plans to model their new system after one used in Eugene OR, a city of 250k people who are predominantly English speaking non-minorities.

    What could go wrong? Unbelievable.

    1. And what will the headlines read when a social worker is stabbed by a high homeless person or attacked by a domestic abuser or mentally ill person off their meds?

      They’ll say that the police should have stopped it, of course. It’s on the same level with using civilians in active military operations.

      My question would be, where are they going to get volunteers? Or are the majority of social workers so clueless that they think they’ll be safe?

      1. Lauren,
        I guess they will find out. I can’t imagine any counselor or social worker wanting to be the first responder to most of these calls.

    2. So Cal Gal
      . . . .
      Friend of mine recently retired after a career as a mental health specialist at a large hospital lock-up ward. Told me that neither doctors nor social workers would get near patients unless they were calmed – either by medication or restraint. I’d bet no one in their right mind would sign up or last a shift being a first responder in domestic violence situations.

      1. Anony Mee,
        That makes complete sense to me. I get sending a counselor along to a person ready to jump to their death, but we’ve all seen stories of people committing “suicide by cop”. And anyone who has lived in a city has seen unhinged homeless people who none of us would want to confront.

        And domestic disputes – we already know at least one person is violent. Seems like the City of LA is going to have to work hard to recruit people to answer these calls.

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