Wasp Spray Wards Off Flesh Eating Zombies

Last updated on July 26th, 2012

The zombie apocalypse may have begun… yet another zombie attack, this time in Louisiana, was thwarted from further flesh bites by a can of wasp spray being sprayed onto the attacking zombie. The man (apparent zombie), Carl Jacquneaux, was apparently high on ‘bath salts’ and was repeatedly biting Credeur’s face (the victim), “removing flesh the size of a quarter,” an affidavit said. The Louisiana attack is eerily similar to a recent attack in Miami by a man, Rudy Eugene (zombie), who while high on bath salts ate (chewed off) a large portion of the face of another man, killing him, before being shot himself by police. New synthetic drugs being marketed as bath salts are being viewed as an emerging threat, following the Miami ‘zombie attack’.

This type of cannibal incident has come to be known as a “zombie attack”, and increasing reports of other gruesome incidents have been popping up around the country, and world.

We have enough to worry about in this world of modern survival… now we actually have zombies… all the more reason for personal situational awareness.

On a lighter note, like a silver bullet against a vampire, perhaps wasp spray works for zombies. I can hear the buzz now around the marketing department of RAID for a new product… “Zombie Spray”.

…or maybe Zombie Bullets…
warning: graphic (unless you’ve been watching the TV series, ‘The Walking Dead’


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