Lets talk about the weapons light. I would like to share with you a few of my own setups, some of the potential reasons why it may be advantageous to have a weapons light, and a simple inexpensive way to attach one to most any firearms barrel:

A weapons light. There are some really nice lights out there and there are many choices compared to years ago. Their specifications have improved dramatically too (lumens-brightness output).


Weapons Light Price Breakdown

If I had to separate the weapons light choices into three price categories, it would be the following:

The most expensive and one of the best is the SureFire X300.
SureFire X300 Ultra LED

The most popular and a great choice for most is the Streamlight TLR-1.
Streamlight 69260 TLR-1 HL

A great value from a respectable company is the UTG Compact LED Weapon Light.
UTG 400 Lumen Compact LED Weapon Light


The Weapons Light Advantage

The primary advantage is of course, to see a potential target when it’s dim or dark!

A secondary tactical advantage is to blind and disorient the target with bright (or even strobing) light, enabling target acquisition during those critical seconds.

I currently have a weapons light mounted on one of my .22 rifles, one of my handguns, and on my AR’s.


.22 Rifle Barrel Mount For Weapons Light

One of my .22’s (pictured above) is designated for coyote guard duty during nighttime “potty duty” for my little 14-pound mini-Dachshund. I have attached a weapons light to the barrel using a simple and inexpensive universal barrel mount (providing a short 2-slot Picatinny rail to attach the light) to “light up” any coyote looking for a nighttime snack here in the woods.

UTG Universal Single-rail Rifle Barrel Mount, 2 Slots

Note: The UTG universal barrel mount linked above will fit any barrel diameter ranging from .51 to.78 inches.


Handgun Weapons Light, Smith & Wesson M&P 45

A number of handguns today come with Picatinny rails, enabling easy mounting of a weapons light.

My .45 serves multiple purposes, one of which is at the bedside. Having a weapons light mounted to it makes sense for any nighttime “situation”. I also have a Crimson Trace Laser Grip which will highlight a nice red dot within the center of the weapons light beam. No need to use the sights… just follow the red dot, point-n-shoot.

Crimson Trace Laser Grips

If I’m using this handgun for protection while traipsing through the forests around here, I will typically slip off the light and holster it without…

Note: You can purchase holsters designed to accommodate a handgun with a weapons light. I have one of these (OWB) for when I wish to carry with the light attached.


Weapons Light For the AR Platform

As you know, there are endless possibilities while accessorizing on the AR platform. This flexibility enables you to mount a weapons light however and wherever you want it ;)


Weapons Light Precaution

Do note that while a weapons light will do its job lighting up an area or target, bear in mind that while a target of the 2-legged variety may become initially blinded/disoriented, they will recover and your light now becomes a point source…

What are you thoughts and/or experiences regarding weapon lights?

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