According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), female engagement in target shooting grew 60% to 5.4 million participants between 2001 and 2013, and is apparently still growing.

The question is, what draws women to guns?

Especially if you are a woman, lets hear from you…

Natalie Foster, host of “Love at First Shot” on NRAwomen.tv, says that “Women are quickly becoming entrenched in every aspect of the shooting community – including some that might surprise you. And in doing so, they are greatly strengthening the Second Amendment.”

There is no ignoring it. Every major poll and survey acknowledges that women’s involvement in shooting is growing at an unprecedented rate for a decade.

The firearms market is even adapting to it from personalized firearm colors to luxury concealed-carry purses that rival high-end fashion labels.

Women are coming from different backgrounds and have various reasons for going to the range or purchasing a gun. They are soccer moms, college students, senior citizens, daughters, doctors, lawyers, and so much more.

Some women are drawn to guns for self-defense. Others for the comradery with other like-minded women. Some are competition shooters. And then there is the huntress…

According to the NSSF, 20 percent of shooting and hunting related sales were attributed to women, and of those women surveyed, 42 percent owned three or more guns.

So the question today is, What is it that you think is drawing more women to guns today than ever before? Let’s hear from you…

Source for stats and info: ‘America’s 1st Freedom’ magazine

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