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I came across an interesting statistic, one which somewhat surprised me. The number of FBI firearms background checks for the month of May have set a new record.

Why was I surprised? Because since Trump was elected, the fear of “gun-grabbing” politicians has subsided. So what is it that’s causing even more people to purchase firearms?

“When people get scared, they get protection.”

I have a few ideas. Let’s also hear yours:


The Coming Civil War

…is already here.

In case you haven’t noticed, we are already in a sort of civil war here in America. The recent choice of the two primary presidential candidates indicates the deep differences of ideologies that exist today (nationalism – socialism). The fact alone that a non-politician was elected president is a remarkable and historical thing – which itself is further evidence that “the people” are deeply divided.

We are witnessing more and more verbal and physical confrontations, and even violence which is primarily emanating from institutions, groups, and people known for their far-left ideals.

The palpitation and anxiety is very real. More and more people are “getting scared”, so to speak, and are beginning to realize that our future may be very rocky as the acceleration continues towards what seems inevitable.

There are great forces at work in this ideological battle which go far beyond the borders of the United States. This essentially is a confrontation between a global agenda and its power structure versus nationalism and its associated ideals.

Each side has very much to lose in this battle.

The Globalists: Power, Money, Control
The Nationalists: Borders, Independence, Freedoms

When the stakes are high, when there are such stark ideological differences, when people are firmly entrenched in their own foxholes and when there really is no middle ground, it is a recipe for conflict. And we are seeing it. And it will likely get worse.

What is especially concerning is how absolutely and blatantly biased the mainstream news reporting has become. While they have always been left-leaning (no one can objectively argue that one), what we have been witnessing especially since election-2016 is stunning in its fervor. It is dangerous, and getting more dangerous every day.

Why? Because what they are doing is pitting one side against the other. While their constant barrage of ‘reports’ and attacks are appeasing their globalist controllers and left-leaning viewing audience, the other side is angered by the lopsidedness, many of whom don’t even consume their media anymore.

I have never witnessed such division in my life. And others even older than me are saying the same thing. People are feeling it and are getting concerned. I believe this may be a significant reason why FBI background checks for firearms have set a new record for the month of May – despite a gun-friendly president being elected.



The many recent attacks in Europe have permeated the news cycles. I do believe that regardless of the fact that they’re occurring across the pond, it affects people’s mindset anywhere – because most people know that given today’s policies, it could happen anywhere…

Terrorist Attacks 2017 -by all perpetrator groups (as of this post date)


Sourced from Wikipedia, Terrorist Incidents 2017, during the month of May-2017 alone their were 439 killed and 1,240 injured during “terrorist attacks” across the world. While the majority of fatalities and attacks occur in the Middle East region, they have spread into Europe and elsewhere. Reports of such are making the news and an increasing number of people living in their safe cocoons are witnessing the spread.

Terrorist attacks are also likely attributing to an uptick in firearms sales.


What are people saying?

I regularly scan and read through a number of alternative news websites and blogs while keeping my finger on the pulse of the people, and I don’t limit my observations to just one point of view. I can tell you with certainty of opinion that it’s getting rough out there. It has even risen to the level of hysteria for some. As the heat of the summer is about to set in, so too will the heat of the people. Something’s brewing…

A few comments gleaned from around the net:

“People can feel something brewing and are nervous. Just look at the daily conflicts of road rage and plain lack of manners, civility is breaking down and all it’s going to take is that one event to happen to bust it wide open. The more people who live around you the better the chance of having that one asshat who rampages and its getting more frequent, when people get scared they get protection.”

“The Left has made their intended tactics clear. After the Gifford’s photo, even the densest conservative gets it. Violence is the left’s plan. Thank God I live where I do.”

“Frankly, the most recent terrorist attack in London underscores the importance of an armed populace. Remember that when seconds count the police are only minutes away,”

“Everyone knows something is coming. It’s just a matter of what, when and how bad.”

No doubt there’s more to it than simply what I’ve mentioned (the MAY-2017 firearms record), maybe it also has to do with fear from “the left” since Trump won, similar to what “the right” would’ve done if Hillary won (although those firearms records would be shooting to the moon in that instance).

What do you think? What’s going on here?

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