When People Get Scared They Get Protection

image source: ZeroHedge

I came across an interesting statistic, one which somewhat surprised me. The number of FBI firearms background checks for the month of May have set a new record.

Why was I surprised? Because since Trump was elected, the fear of “gun-grabbing” politicians has subsided. So what is it that’s causing even more people to purchase firearms?

“When people get scared, they get protection.”

I have a few ideas. Let’s also hear yours:


The Coming Civil War

…is already here.

In case you haven’t noticed, we are already in a sort of civil war here in America. The recent choice of the two primary presidential candidates indicates the deep differences of ideologies that exist today (nationalism – socialism). The fact alone that a non-politician was elected president is a remarkable and historical thing – which itself is further evidence that “the people” are deeply divided.

We are witnessing more and more verbal and physical confrontations, and even violence which is primarily emanating from institutions, groups, and people known for their far-left ideals.

The palpitation and anxiety is very real. More and more people are “getting scared”, so to speak, and are beginning to realize that our future may be very rocky as the acceleration continues towards what seems inevitable.

There are great forces at work in this ideological battle which go far beyond the borders of the United States. This essentially is a confrontation between a global agenda and its power structure versus nationalism and its associated ideals.

Each side has very much to lose in this battle.

The Globalists: Power, Money, Control
The Nationalists: Borders, Independence, Freedoms

When the stakes are high, when there are such stark ideological differences, when people are firmly entrenched in their own foxholes and when there really is no middle ground, it is a recipe for conflict. And we are seeing it. And it will likely get worse.

What is especially concerning is how absolutely and blatantly biased the mainstream news reporting has become. While they have always been left-leaning (no one can objectively argue that one), what we have been witnessing especially since election-2016 is stunning in its fervor. It is dangerous, and getting more dangerous every day.

Why? Because what they are doing is pitting one side against the other. While their constant barrage of ‘reports’ and attacks are appeasing their globalist controllers and left-leaning viewing audience, the other side is angered by the lopsidedness, many of whom don’t even consume their media anymore.

I have never witnessed such division in my life. And others even older than me are saying the same thing. People are feeling it and are getting concerned. I believe this may be a significant reason why FBI background checks for firearms have set a new record for the month of May – despite a gun-friendly president being elected.



The many recent attacks in Europe have permeated the news cycles. I do believe that regardless of the fact that they’re occurring across the pond, it affects people’s mindset anywhere – because most people know that given today’s policies, it could happen anywhere…

Terrorist Attacks 2017 -by all perpetrator groups (as of this post date)


Sourced from Wikipedia, Terrorist Incidents 2017, during the month of May-2017 alone their were 439 killed and 1,240 injured during “terrorist attacks” across the world. While the majority of fatalities and attacks occur in the Middle East region, they have spread into Europe and elsewhere. Reports of such are making the news and an increasing number of people living in their safe cocoons are witnessing the spread.

Terrorist attacks are also likely attributing to an uptick in firearms sales.


What are people saying?

I regularly scan and read through a number of alternative news websites and blogs while keeping my finger on the pulse of the people, and I don’t limit my observations to just one point of view. I can tell you with certainty of opinion that it’s getting rough out there. It has even risen to the level of hysteria for some. As the heat of the summer is about to set in, so too will the heat of the people. Something’s brewing…

A few comments gleaned from around the net:

“People can feel something brewing and are nervous. Just look at the daily conflicts of road rage and plain lack of manners, civility is breaking down and all it’s going to take is that one event to happen to bust it wide open. The more people who live around you the better the chance of having that one asshat who rampages and its getting more frequent, when people get scared they get protection.”

“The Left has made their intended tactics clear. After the Gifford’s photo, even the densest conservative gets it. Violence is the left’s plan. Thank God I live where I do.”

“Frankly, the most recent terrorist attack in London underscores the importance of an armed populace. Remember that when seconds count the police are only minutes away,”

“Everyone knows something is coming. It’s just a matter of what, when and how bad.”

No doubt there’s more to it than simply what I’ve mentioned (the MAY-2017 firearms record), maybe it also has to do with fear from “the left” since Trump won, similar to what “the right” would’ve done if Hillary won (although those firearms records would be shooting to the moon in that instance).

What do you think? What’s going on here?

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The divide(s) in our society have become clear. The only problem is that there are more than one – rich/poor, young/old, urban/rural, white/brown/black, socialist/nationalist/globalist, ….. everyone with a self-serving agenda.

The conservative leaders must begin to consolidate the support of all the fragmented groups and also the most important – the military and law enforcement. Without these groups, we become Venezuela, standing hungry in the streets getting fired on by some dictator after your guns and food have been confiscated.

It’s called multiculturalism. People in the know call it legal racism.

Besides the terrorism thing, it has become common for non-whites to openly and loudly advocate violence and hate against whitey. Things will go tribal, as they always do in “multicultural” societies.

If they want to survive, White people had better become raysis. The non-whites are already very much so. They are very openly about their own tribalism.

What a wonderful life it would be if government and other people would just leave us all alone.


Not to be TOO cynical, but after you have have given all your money and all your stuff to the free s**t army, they will leave you alone laying in the street dying as they step over you.

Oh I know, I would love to just be left alone, that’s more a warning than anything. I know myself well, and once that can of worms is opened its going to be tough to close, I have no patience for this crap.

It is amazing how ignorant people are, I see it daily, and at all levels of our society, from wealthy self absorbed jackazzez to the barely civilized idiots. They all think they know best what everybody else should be doing, or paying for or whatever but think they should be excluded.

I’m not especially conservative and think Trump is nothing more than a big middle finger to the DC status quo, but I am also not interested in any of the BS the left at any level represents either. Locally that’s the majority, democrats and far left azzholes, and the crap I hear would send the founders spinning in their graves.

It’s the same trash we read about that is happening all over our country now, the self righteous entitlement crowd, the far left NIMBY crowd, the highly educated dumber than a bag o hammers crowd and the far left kumbaya drummers and wanna be hippy crowd,,, makes me want to gag.

Where this ends? Who knows, but I will be damned if I get stuck paying the tab, they can sift my payment and bones out of the ashes, and go foog themselves.

I’m not going along to get along, for now I’m quiet, peaceful, just doing my thing, when things come unglued it ain’t going to be pretty, these dummocrap idiots think they can bully everybody into submission they got another think comin, all these sue happy, self indulgent, dope smoking do gooders are going to find out why all the peeps like me have been doing what were doing.

Tell us what you really think!!??!!

@ Nailbanger

Well y-all, now we know how to get Nailbanger all fired up…

9.8 on the Rant-O-Meter, good job my friend.

I have to add though, I know a LOT and I do mean a LOT of worthless, white trash, POS, Rep’s that are just as bad or worse that what you described.


Oh, I know, never said anything about color in there cuz…
In fact I wasn’t even thinking about that as almost everyone I was thinking about are white.


The swamp has many faces.

I have nothing more to add, I think you summed up exactly how I and most people feel. Excellent observation :)

For those who haven’t heard, the leftist leaders have brought in UN mercineries, they call Peace Keepers before Trump took office! They have the experience of killing already in other countries and will show NO mercy. What concerns me is that I’ve seen no evidence that Trump has done anything about this!

When things really break loose, I expect these so called peace keepers and sleeper cells will NOT give a flip if you’re right, left, black or white. If you have a gun, You’re going DOWN!

If you are in a city, or in the suburbs, If you can get most of your guns, ammo, extra food hidden away from your known residence into a rual setting of like minded people. if you can get out of the city or have a plan with several routes to quickly escape when the trigger event happens. The evil under belly of the Globalist have a plan that is slowly being exposed. Every freedom loving, Patriotic American needs to have a plan also. The internet, mobil phones, social media are being monitored. Place your chipped CC and mobile phones into a small metal box when ever you go to any place you don’t want anyone to know about. Be discrete about your plans.

Many of us that visit this site are already at our BOL and are continuing to plan ahead. I have a network of trusted relatives and friends close to my BOL that will be able to communicate via SW Radio 24/7. We’ve had drills and have had training in tactics. We’ve also planned a few surprises for the bad guys!

Stay aware and stay safe!!

Being watched,

Have you lost your mind?


Fear affects people in many different ways. This one opinion is a little too far over the edge for me.

referring to BW not your opinion Anon.

I used to be worried about UN trucks/gun confiscation…what if we got invaded types of worries, but after looking at the topic hard, there is just no way it will ever be effective. Look at the US military in Iraq. All those troops could barely keep the cities under control. Now, look at the size and population of our country. The military and all police are less than 2% of our society. There is just no way. Look at Chicago right now. They can’t even control the murder rate there with all their resources. People and military will go and guard the essential assets of our society under a disaster. They would need all the police and military just to control a few major US cities. The supposed Chinese troops in our country would be eliminated fast with all those who are civilians who are armed.

Martial Law will be impossible in a true US wide SHTF scenario. It will be you and your neighbors banding together.

The FSA has nothing but contempt for the people paying for their freebies.

Fear is a great motivator. On the other hand, this could be a simple matter of a mass awakening. It takes some people longer than others to wake up and realize the benefits of owning a weapon of mass protection. I’ve been a card carrying weapon of mass protection owner all of my life since I learned at a very early age the advantages of having an equalizer close at hand.

I will never forget the feeling of control and calm relief that overcame me one day back when I was about 8 years old as I was being stalked by some ne’er-do-well hobo’s when all I did was calmly brandish an old single barrel shotgun. I didn’t even have shells for it… I just calmly held it like I knew what I was doing. It was a bluff but the potential confrontation quickly faded. That was a powerful lesson and I never told my parents about it. I took my coke bottle money and allowance and bought a box of shells several weeks later. That was back in the day, when an 8 year old kid could actually walk into the country store and buy bullets without activating a full scale SWAT raid, or go to Sears (with a parent) and buy a .22 rifle or .12 gauge shotgun without a background check. Those were the days!! We could buy all kinds of things without a permission slip… firecrackers, bullets, tobacco. It is sad how far down the rabbit hole our society has crawled.

I too remember those days, my brother and I went to an army surplus store in downtown Tampa in the early 60’s and bought an Italian carcana rifle, the same rifle that Oswald used for $15.00. Two boxes of shells and tax came to a total of about $20.00. My brother was 14, I was 11. Used it to go coon hunting until our parents found out. Oh well.

CN.. I remember those days, as a 12yr old I worked the summer cultivating corn and was on my way the bank with my pay for the month and stopped at the hardware store for something and came out with a new Ruger 44 Blackhawk. No one though much about it, granddad just said don’t scare the cows when you shoot it. Did have wait till next month to buy the ammo, even took it to school for show and tell, still have it 2××serial# times have changed, but then we didn’t have TV to bend our minds like now.

I have to go back to work , some times this blog is like time trap,

The prelude to show time. Continuing to fill in gaps, sharpening specific skills, expanding capabilities, upgrading equipment and knowledge. Focused on keeping silent, eyes open and clear with continuous pulse check of “environmental” conditions to decide what, if any, actions are needed. Always gray, polite, observant and processing. Difficult part is filtering out the noise.

Gray said, “Always gray, polite, observant and processing.” Well, Gray, I was doing just that this morning….on my daily ‘commute’ to get my granddaughter, I got stuck behind a small town event that blocked traffic on my side of the road completely. At the end of this event (at an intersection), the group in the road turned off and left. One unmarked cop lagged behind, right as the lane divided into two separate lanes. The cop then veered about a foot into the second lane as I was driving into that lane. I was heading straight ahead and had the green-light to go forward. He was in a turn lane that should have put his car into turning right, but the fact that I was going to pass him on his left must have set him off. He stopped his unmarked vehicle which forced me to stop. I saw his right hand forcefully move upward as he put the vehicle in ‘park.’ He then rushes himself out of the vehicle and as soon as he stands straight, his right hand goes to his gun — and he walks towards me in my truck! I lowered my window and as he came to my window he yelled out “What is your problem?” I wasn’t rattled at his aggressive behavior or accusatory tone. He was raging and it was evident. But I stood my ground, despite being somewhat concerned at how over-the-top he was behaving. I told him that I was going around him because he was in the right turn lane but also over the dotted line, too. I then told him that I was 25 minutes late because of that little town event and there was no warning or detour route for commuters. He said nothing. There really was nothing he could say — he didn’t ask for my ID or registration. He was just interested in being aggressive and pulling a little road rage event for himself. Then I pointed to the light and said it was green and I told him that he was impeding traffic and now blocking an intersection. I was polite, but firm in what I said, the entire time. He had nothing on me and only stated “take it easy” as he walked away. WTF?? Honestly, who peed in his Fruit Loops this morning? To me, his behavior was WAY out of line and for no reason. I’ve never in my life had something like that occur to me! So, what Ken said struck a chord this morning: “Just look at the daily conflicts of road rage and plain lack of manners…” Road rage is out there and I like to avoid when possible. But road rage by a LEO because he wanted to be ‘in total control’ of 2 lanes? Is this part of our conflicted state — our New World Order — or is this an isolated case of a small ego that went out of control? Seems to me that we… Read more »

MT– I am sorry you had such a lousy, scary, inexcusible experience. I come from the Emergency Services, and God has given me a few things to think about when I was not being considerate, thinking derogatory thoughts. I try to put myself in their shoes. Maybe the officer has a dying child at home, maybe his wife just left him, maybe he just learned he did not make a promotion. I am absolutely not saying it is right, but I am saying that 1 LEO with a bad attitude does not make for the rest of our law enforcement. In every occupation, there are also those who should not be in that profession.

Modern Throwback
A little off the subject line…but

I will never look at another bowl of cereal again the same way..especially Fruit Loops. You made dh & I rolwl.

Let me start out by saying this: I support NO presidential candidate and frankly I only vote on a local level because it gets more done. With that said, I agree and disagree on some points. This has little to do with Trump or Hillary. It’s the ideal of who is right and who is wrong. At some time during the last 30-40 years, we have lost the individuality in this country that America was founded on: The right to the individual should be above all else THEN country. Somehow, the country founded by individuals have become individual groups only interested in their own well being instead of their fellow man. Did either of these candidates have the power to change the country? No, but they have divided us. WE the people are going to make this country great again. WE the people have to work together to do so. And WE the people are greater than any government. All we have to do is become that group of individuals again.

The biggest problem with all that is if ya want people to work together for the common good you got a long way to go to convince me that I should waste my time, energy and ability for the good of people who just want to use me as a donkey to carry their load.
Who is John Galt!

Oh I agree (personally, I HATE Ayn Rand LOL Although, she did inspire my wife and I’s favorite video game, Bioshock! LOL) but here’s the thing. We have to set limits to that kindness. It’s okay to say no once in a while. It’s something we HAVE to do or we get run roughshod over. There’s a difference between kindness and weakness. I prefer the former because that’s the way I was brought up. However, I am also a cynic, that has been screwed over enough that the latter is no longer one. I tell people whether or not I can help. If they get ticked off, that’s on them.

Where my biggest aversion to all of that lies is in being forced to do things for the collective good… that to me is just BS, no grey area, just BS and I will make no bones about that.
Like you, I will chose kindness or charity or to be helpful because it is what I desire to do, but when the “you didn’t build that” crowd starts mandating my compliance I’m done, period.

Same. I’ll defend it if I have to. I did this work, you didn’t. I’ll be the first to admit, when I had a low paying job, my wife and I had to go on EBT because we barely had enough to make rent and electricity, let alone a phone bill and car payment. Was it a hand out? Not to me. It was a hand up.

And that’s a lot of people’s problems on both sides of the argument: entitlement. The only thing we are entitled to in this world is the air we breathe. I grew up in the 80’s where almost EVERYBODY I grew up with was on food stamps at one time or another (sometimes it was pretty much their entire childhood), and sadly it has become almost a multigenerational case of entitlement.

Case in point, a woman who has 14 children with her husband (I believe a few may be step children) and he happens to be in jail. She goes on the news saying ‘I need somebody to pay to help me with these kids.’ My first thought was ‘Oh hell no!’ My second thought was…something I can’t repeat here LOL But the point is, people have become WAY too dependent on the system and then complain when these things get gutted or revoked because they won’t progress.

Am I saying that Trump and his new crocodiles in the swamp he SWORE he’d drain are in the right? From a moral point of view, HELL NO. From a fiscal point of view, I understand it but don’t like it. I don’t like it anymore than the next man, but we CANNOT rely on politicians to right things that they made wrong for their own selfish ends. Not to say that they ALL are crooked, but when you have a bunch of politicians who are lawyers previously….well….LOL

Here’s an interesting tidbit of current events regarding the whole entitlement debacle: some counties in Alabama and Georgia have recently begun requiring able-bodied people who want to continue on food stamps to either have a job or be in a training program. The number of folks drawing food stamps has DRAMATICALLY reduced (I think it was like 40% in Alabama). Hmmmmm.

KA had that same program until the whinny .gov’s were placed into office. Guess we know where the FSA will be moving to now.
Could be the reason I have seen more out of state license plates recently when I have no choice but to go into town.


The drop would be even more dramatic if people were required to pick up welfare, EBT, … and show ID.

referring to the able-bodied and perhaps undocumented.

Yes Dude but

The Tea Party was made up of individuals with no cohesive agenda. It was easy for the libtards to pick off or besmirch individual after individual until the freedom movement was crushed.

hermit us
The freedom movement is not crushed, the news papers no longer carry articles about them. Which gives one the perception of it being a DOA, those chapters still exist. The same as the militia units, who train for emergencies-floods, hurricanes, mass medical emergencies, oh..yes riots. There are several in the north state, who have to put up with the KA .gov of brown.


Glad to hear it. But, if two or three million descended on Washington to motivate this dis-functional Congress, we might solve some national problems – beginning with the debt.

As shown in Afghanistan, local tribes can only do so much. They can assist the local community but do little to strengthen the country.

Those numbers will be easy to get when and if Trump et al decide to screw over retired Americans via Medicare and/or SS…and that’s why those programs are almost never-ever touched.

Also, as the ‘unemployed’ (but no longer counted) numbers remain high and both frustration and anger continue to fester, a full frontal-assault on Congress in person gets easier by the day. Tea Party or no Tea Party.

YES! But only because they were an individual group with a hive mind and NOT a group of individuals who have their own set of morals. They just ALL went with it because it opposed the status quo. Me? I’m a free thinker and will back up one thing and one thing only: THE TRUTH. And the truth is such a delicate thing. Facts and evidence are overshadowed by lies and fear. If people took the time to actually check on those facts, they wouldn’t be so fearful. As they say, knowledge is power.

When that one little lemming steps back and sees what all the other lemmings are doing, he can either step into the flow and scream and try to warn them, or get out of the way and watch the carnage.

Truth sometimes leads to more fear, not less.

I get your meaning. The truth is quite brutal sometimes. But look at it this way: That first lemming tells the second lemming but in a way the second lemming will understand and not be afraid (not mollycoddle them but be honest yet not brutal). That next lemming shares the same idea to the next, until it finally becomes a group of individuals again.


“When that one little lemming steps back and sees what all the other lemmings are doing, he can either step into the flow and scream and try to warn them, or get out of the way and watch the carnage.”

My personal philosophy has always been to never get between a determined suicide and the edge of the cliff. Just can’t see an up side in it for me.

I swear Ken reads the same Alt News as I do; I’m going to stop trying to out write him in articles… HAHAHA, A day late and $$$ short, again.

“despite a gun-friendly president being elected.”

Despite what some may feel, the Lib’s are not stupid, nor are they poor, for the most part. They also, as Ken mentioned, are scared, literally frightened to death of the Radical Right, Conservatives, Republicans, Capitalism, AND Trump. They are also scared of 99% of the same things we prep for.

Honestly some are doing exactly what we have been doing for quite a while (or some of us anyways); they are ‘preparing’ for the bad times. Maybe this is a sign they also don’t trust the .gov as much anymore? Maybe they are concerned as much as we are about an EMP, Economic Crash, Grid Down, or other ‘stuff’? Or maybe they are just trying to protect their families and loved ones as we are? Maybe, just Maybe, they are realizing the Ivory Tower the USofA is living is not going to last forever?

Personally I do not blame them, nor do I want in any way to discourage them. My Libtard family that happen to live in Pot-Land Oregano have actually been reaching out for advice on how to find the ‘Lifestyle’ that I live, and I’ll tell ya right up front, I am happy as hell to help them in any and every way I can; even if they are Liberals they can see and know what’s coming down the Pike, even if “in four years a WACKO Democrat gets elected” (my nephew).

I believe that Ken has only touched on the surface of what’s going on, but the fact is everyone and I do mean EVERYONE (even wacko libtard’s) need to be covering their azzes and preparing, even with Firearms (and everything else), BUT!!!!! Get some training, please.

We are all brothers in this GREAT Country; I welcome prepared ‘anyone’ when/if TSHTF, for they may be the one person that covers my ‘6’.

Remember, ‘Behind every blade of grass’.

We are all brothers, but even brothers need to earn respect and trust,,, unfortunately my trust of and respect for others has taken far far too many hits over the last few years,
I am under no illusion when it comes to that stuff, i will give the benefit of the doubt through a jaundiced eye, to do anything else is naieve

Exactly brother. I call people that until they prove they aren’t. I am optimistically cynical and cynically optimistic. Some people would say that is impossible. Nothing is impossible. My own brother says I only see things in black and white, that there is no gray area. I see things as black and white because I AM the gray area.

In the runup to the election, a far-left liberal friend told me that he was buying more guns because if Trump got elected it was all going to explode. He hasn’t stopped. Another individual (who shall remain unnamed) was burying his guns because Trump was going to confiscate them.

Interesting that both sides were being fed the same narrative, and even in the same words. You’d think it was coordinated.

Nah, that’d be conspiracy…

In the last two years my wife and I have been invited to a lot of cook out or cocktail party’s. The subject of weapons comes up every time when people find out my back ground. This would be normal in the North Georgia mountains but not to the degree at Atlanta engagements we have experienced. Everyone wants to see my CCL and talk about the handgun I’m carrying. Now that my wife has a CCL and is armed she is the hit of the party with the other woman. We have taken a number of people to the range and help them get started on training. We have found education or social status and political party not to be the driver. Personal safety is what we hear all the time.

How many strong leaders in history have actually had the interests of the population in mind? The results have been hundreds of millions of deaths. It seems that every group gets subverted by evil. Any better (but certainly not perfect) leaders that I can think of were killed or discredited before any significant change was made. I don’t know that human nature can be cured. Perhaps Nailbanger is right – go Galt.

Long live “peak obedience”

(see )

The increase, in my view, is because people see the outrageous behavior of left leaning extremist, mob violence on a single individual over their beliefs verses the victim. Portland is a powder keg, and I believe outside forces and money it forward. This Griffin thing, common sense says that shouldn’t be done..but common sense and decency are products of the past to radicals. These late night talk show idiots…they have an audience that dines on their trash. We see black people come on Talk Shows and go ballistic over perceived white entitlement and scream, throw their arms around…and in most cases have to be cut short or off! We have Supreme Court Justices making unfavorable comments about Party Nominees, and Liberal Judges who are Political Placements deciding what the President can or not due based not on the Rule of Law, but their allegiance to the Democratic Party and the President who appointed them. I watch our liberal colleges that allow and tolerate, and in my view encourage student dissent after whacko Professors who espouse their socialist views on impressionable minds. I seriously believe people are buying weapons because of their concern that our police are overwhelmed now, and it is only going to get worse. Fear of poor or no response to 9ll is a real motivator – we have to take care of ourselves.


There are probably 20 or more powder kegs with fuses waiting for a match. Ferguson was just a taste. Berkeley is just a taste. As a result of the fear factor Ken is talking about comes depopulation of some cities, preppers like us, arming for protection, and a society wondering how we can reverse the decline to anarchy.

Trump was elected, at least partly, because middle America was worried that we were losing the country we love. After we succeeded in getting an outsider, non-“part of the problem” president, we discovered the true depth and breadth of our problems with a political elite who would destroy our republic before relinquishing power back to the people. I submit that this is why folks are more alarmed now than before. We thought that maybe, just maybe, this election would change the direction of our country.

I watch with some wry humor, the reports that it is becoming vogue for some snowflake students to carry baseball bats as protection from those whose ideology differs from theirs. Do they not realize that aggression with a ball bat can be met with deadly force? Please, don’t anyone tell them.

What is the prelude to a civil war? Failure to accept the results of an election? Refusing to enforce legislated laws of the country? Openly defying the law. The evolution of “city states” who control and ignore those who live in that same state? City states that make their own treaties with foreign countries who are not our allies (Los Angeles/China)? States that ignore the rights guaranteed by our constitution to its citizens, i.e 2nd Amendment? A mobile militia roving from city to city to foment unrest against the sitting president (black lives matters, anti-fa) paid for and supported by an ex-president and his benefactor George Soros?

Makes me sad that I gave up my guns some time back.


Right on target. Get your guns back.

Ok Ok, I just had to toss this out there because of so many people think that Gun Violence kill MILLIONS of people each year and think Guns should be taken away and confiscated.

The numbers in 2017 so far; remembering the total population of the US is 325,189,432 and growing FAST with at least one Firearm per Man, Woman, and Child.

Murder by gun: 4956, Seems kinda high huh????

Now to quote the top 11 reasons of death in the USA, again to date ‘ish’ in 2017

Abortion : 470861, Very controversial
Heart Disease: 264894
Cancer: 255128
Tobacco: 150912
Obesity: 132372
Medical Errors: 108422
Stroke: 57391
Lower Respiratory Disease: 61634
Accident (unintentional): 58663 non vehicle accidents
Hospital Associated Infection: 42687
Alcohol: 43118

Guess the Gun haters need to actually realize ‘what’s Killing America’ and who’s going to protect America.

Ohhhh and just for the heck of it; 40,200+ people died in accidents involving motor vehicles in 2016



Add in drug overdoses and suicide. The guns deaths become far less significant – especially if you take out Baltimore and Chicago.

@ hermit us

Amazingly enough Baltimore is expected to pass Chicago in daily murders, and BOTH have the strictest Gun Control Laws in the US. Of course the ‘bad guys’ could care less about the ‘Laws’ yet the people are stiffened with them……

Baltimore 2017 year to date 151 and rising QUICKLY
Chicago 2017 year to date 254
That’s only 5 months, so figure well over 1000 in ONLY 2 cities….. Amazing.

Each year there is an estimated 44,193 suicides and deaths from Drug Overdoes; estimated to exceed 65,000 this year.

I’ll be keeping my 3 firearms thank you very much.


hermit us, NRP,

If you take the red/blue map of the last election, broken down by county, and deduct the crime crime statistics of the red (democrat) counties from the national stats, the U.S. becomes, by far, the safest country on the planet. Yet, these are the same people who try to dictate to the rest of us on how to control crime.

Hermit, I can probably dig a few of them up.

Brain death is a terrible consequence of aging. Should have read… “blue (democrat)counties”.


Thought they went down in a boating accident with your PM’s. :)

hermit us,

Is that right? Darn, I’m confused now. I can’t recall for sure now, brain death don’t ya’ know. Can’t recall where they went, I just don’t have them anymore.

@ hermit us

At the bottom of Navajo Lake….


EVERY time I hear someone bring up the gun violence and how many people are killed with guns, it always brings me back to a scene in All In Family (I was 4 or 5 when the episode aired but rediscovered it on Nick At Nite later in life) when Sally Struthers character Gloria say ‘Do you know many people are murdered/killed with guns?’ And Archie Bunker’s response is something I still use to this day: ‘Would it make you feel better little girl if they was pushed out of windas (windows)? BEST. RESPONSE. EVER.


You listed tobacco behind heart disease and cancer. But many heart and cancer deaths are really due tobacco, also. I know because my parents and husband were both killed by tobacco, but the listed cause of death was heart attack (my husband) emphysema (my father) and COPD-Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease (my mother.) Some other deaths are actually at least partially due to tobacco, also. Stroke, lower respiratory disease, for instance. Auto accidents are more frequent among smokers, too, maybe because the cigarettes distract them. You add them all up and tobacco is probably right up there with abortion.

It occurs to me that we are about to lose abortion as a cause of death. The reason is that the left is pushing to allow men in women’s restrooms. Roe v. Wade was decided on a woman’s right to privacy. If SCOTUS does away with privacy rights — bye-bye Roe v. Wade.


@ kevin

Ohhhhh I can guarantee you that trying to ‘take firearms’ form this ‘LAW ABIDING PEOPLE’ WILL!!!!! very well make ‘MATTERS WORSE’, a LOT worse.


They can have em from my cold dead hands after they dig me out of the pile of brass and ashes

LOL, before it gets that bad, they’ll just call for a drone strike on your coordinates! Its best to NOT be where they think you are at. It’ll be best not to wait for that perverbial knock at the door before you act! Be ready to be mobile at a moments notice, stay aware and always know your options where ever you go just in case the unexpected happens!!

Access to information outside of the MFN is easier than ever. There is lots of discussion happening regarding corporate control of government, endless wars for profit for the few, the fragility of the world​ economic bubble, and the likelihood of cyber attacks disrupting our systems. People are waking up to the realities of the world and country we live in. When they realize the potential consequences, they either freak out or start prepping. I hope that increased gun sales are due to the latter rather than the former. IMHO, none of this divides neatly along the left/right duality.

“When people get scared, they get protection” you say this like it is a bad thing.

Political transitions are never smooth. During transition you can do one of 2 things: Adapt and overcome and work with the new changes OR

You can set booby traps and retreat ( Grenades with pins removed inside coffee cups.) Having been a career govt. worker, I have noticed that when the Democrats are voted out, they tend to do the latter with greater frequency. and I have been in Government work since Reagan was President. ( now I feel old…)

To NRP: Tell your family and aged mother to go southeast in order to retire in Bend or John Day. Plenty of like minded folks over there. East of the Oregon Cascades the shopping cart is the full sized diesel truck with a shell over the bed. Both Bend and Redmond have a good sized health care infrastructure. Portland has too many bridges. One good earthquake will shut that city down for a while.

NRP’s family would fit in better in Bend than John Day Oregon.

John Day they would be ostracized for their PL association, that is where my uncles ranch was, and knowing how they feel about outsiders. Better mix would be Bend, they would blend in better and be accepted. jmho

AC your right about John day I had a real ranch in that area ,was looked at as a out sider till I shipped the first load of cows. BEND or SISTERS might be better

I really do have work to do

@ CaliRefugee, Antique Collector, 0ldhomesteader

Interesting y-all should suggest the Bend and Sister area, my nephew’s wife’s family own a fairly good size ranch there and were trying to get me to move there….. Problem is, it’s STILL Oregon. And who the heck wants to live that close to relatives????? BUT, if/when New Mexico slides into the Gulf of Mexico, maybe then?


Perhaps there is such angst because the pro-American right doesn`t want to end up like Venezuela. See American Thinker “Why Venezuela Matters”.

We shall see what fear has done to motivating people in the UK election. I have not followed the campaign too closely so I do not know if any party is offering more protection or more deportations. Where is Churchill when you need him. Ya I know, but there must be others.

The increase in ‘training camps’ which can be found in a news article might be one of the reasons for up tick in background checks.
When the fox has been let into the hen house to grown and prosper, well I will let you finish the analysis on that matter.
Dh said we need another .22 so we will go shopping before it is outlawed here in the KA state run by brown.

As I read this post and the comments, the point that keeps coming back to my mind is prepping is about being prepared for anything, and the biggest parts of that must be done before the incident. I’m really not trying to step on toes, but rather hope my comments cause some reflection, motivation, and action. Lord knows I still have things I’m working on. Some mentioned not having guns or only having a few. We all know they want to take them from us, so having many firearms is high on my prepping list. You really need at least a handgun, rifle and shotgun for each adult. I would also recommend a firearm for each child. They may be too young now, but if there ever is a ban, at least you will have one for them. I also learned after Sandy Hook to have lots of ammo, magazines, and parts on hand. You really need at least 1000 rounds for each caliber. I would recommend at least 5K. Some also mentioned issues with where they live. I know it’s hard and sometimes the timing isn’t right to make a move, but where you live will likely be the difference between life and death regardless of how prepared you are for some SHTF events. It took us a few years to get our homestead, but the security it offers is invaluable. Having said that, I do think Ken hit the nail on the head. All of his listed reasons are concerns of mine. The media and left organizations have created a powder keg that will ignite at some point. Because we are conservatives, it is our nature to try to let things work themselves out if we can. It’s too late to try at this point. This division can never be undone. It is about ideologies, not single issues. All sides have drawn their lines in the sand, and the left isn’t interested in talking. They very firmly believe they are correct, and they will attempt to shove their crap down our throats.

@ Chamele0n

Ohhhhh no, you have it all wrong; I personally only have 3 firearms, and 2 & 1/2 boxes of ammo….. Remember DHS is watching :-)



I distinctly remember having gone exclusively to “green” (environmentally safe) ammo before I lost track of them.

@ Dennis

Yes Sir that is absolutely correct, all green-tip 5.65 :-)


Did you mean 5.56 ?

@ Anonymous

I’m absolutely sure that’s what I typed, betting it’s Ken’s Blog messing with my words again?? HAHAHAHA

That’s my story and I’m sticking with it. :-) :-)


I love this site. You guys have me laughing my a$$ off!

Just like Stevie Ray.

They can blow me

@ Nailbanger

What I really about you, we all never have a problem understanding how you feel about something LOLOL



When the director of Homeland security says–“if you knew what I know, you would not leave your house”– trying to scare everyone, so he can get more control of your lives and more money to do so, some folks get more scared and cry for more security.
That is the plan!


I am really afraid – DHS scares the crap out of me. I think we have enough of other agencies that this one should go – along with Dept of Education.

“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” Benjamin Franklin

I don’t Believe Anything Coming Out of This Government. These are the Same People Who Said Trump Could Never Win Because of His Poll Numbers.
U.S. Dept, Unemployment Numbers, MSM Polls, it’s all Fake News.

@Eli Wag

I believe 99.99% of the people on this Blog will agree 10,000% with you on that statement



They are also the same people who were training on desensitizing targets of kids and pregnant women and who were establishing their SOP based on recommendations of the SPLC….


Mark Twain is credited with the saying “figures lie and liars figure”. Nothing has changed except the information highway now makes it easier to uncover the lies.

This was a lively topic. Actually had two bags of popcorn.
I have too agree with most of you, it’s getting ugly out there!
And starting July 2nd.
Soros and his scum bags are going to start causing major havoc at protests.
I think by August and September, with the debt ceiling issues. Times are going to get a little rocky.

Stay aware and safe.

I believe that the rise in FBI firearm background checks is significant and that doesn’t count private sales and/or transfers between individuals. Have you been to a gun show lately? They are booming. People are going “underground” more and more every day.

I believe that the Internet and cable TV are the number one factors in all of the hype. Yes, Hype. It is true that Terrorism and the fear of an economic downturn is fueling the firearms frenzy and has for years. Even this Web site has benefited in the hype.

Prepare: food, water, security, community, gold/silver, energy and your health.


Have you ever visited Enterprise and Joseph Oregon? Seems like better area that is further from Potland – ya I know still in Oregon. But it looks well protected by mountains and has much fresh water. Looks almost as good as being in Idaho.

…The great object is that every man be armed. Everyone who is able might have a gun”. Patrick Henry, June 5,1775.

Unless you live in Canada and you are not permitted to defend yourself, your family, your home or your business. I have come back from vacations to the US and our border guards even ask us if we have pepper spray. Meanwhile the Hells angels control the illegal drug trade up here and are armed to the teeth. Law abiding Canadians cannot legally defend themselves from a thug who comes to the house in error and then threatens to rape and murder an old lady, or old man, or child, or young lady, etc. Canada is a violent country that is impotent to defend itself, plus there are many homicides in pockets of my country even in tourist areas such as The Byward Market in Ottawa. Tourists pay a lot of legal money for dinner and entertainment and risk being collateral damage in a shoot out between gangsta 1 and gangsta 2. I know enough to boycott the market area, but do innocent tourists?

I believe that the public sphere will decrease in importance and be replaced by the private sphere as in the private family sphere. Movie theatres and other places for large public gatherings will be replaced by the private home theatre, the cottage will replace hotels, the home library or ebooks will replace the public library, the private school will replace the public school where the state indoctrinates your children in leftist propaganda, etc. The home theatre for friends and family is probably the cheapest one for people to afford. With more and more attacks against the civilised world only fools would not retreat. People will self segregate for their own safety.