“Know your enemy” (from the ancient Chinese military text “The Art of War”), is always good advice when strategizing security. In the context of a post collapse society, this is also true. Who will be your enemy?

First of all, it will be ‘people’.

In a wide scale society-impacting disaster scenario, when the consciousness of the people is transitioning from full awareness to desperation (and probably before that to a lesser extent), there will be a definitive stereotype of individual and group(s) who will become your greatest risk to your overall security.

Apart from an invading army or a government turned against it’s people, the enemy will be…


They will be mostly ‘younger’, the age when most feel all powerful and invincible.

They will not have prepared in any way. The concept of prepping may have been beyond their financial capabilities or it had never entered their mind.

Their attitude will be (and mostly has been) to simply go out and take what they need, when they need it. This is the easy way for them, and they will be convinced that they can do it with impunity (invincible).

Many of this type have already faced tough/harsh conditions in their regular lives on the streets, and have been hardened from it.

They are used to violence.

They will band together in groups and are comfortable with a hierarchy of command and control. They will gravitate towards each other and be indoctrinated into organizations (gangs).


These are the people that we should fear the most during a worst-case post disastrous collapse. I do not mean fear in the sense of trembling from fright or giving passive respect, I mean ‘logical’ fear or a realization of threat… something to prepare for or have a plan against.

Planning a passive, defensive, or offensive strategy to survive this enemy may be far different than what you may have thought. This enemy is ready and willing to export violence, and will have no qualms doing so. They are not the type who will politely knock on your door. They are the type who will purposely seek out prey while looking for opportunities, weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

‘If’ things were ever to decay to the point where a large portion of the immediate population is in despair or desperate straits, chances are high that many preppers (and others) will encounter this enemy. The question is, what can you do to prevent it and what will you do if you cannot?

It’s best to plan ahead for the ‘what if’s’. It’s also best to take a look at your situation from the outside looking in. In other words, imagine as though you are a scout for the gang as you pass by your place. What do you look like to them? Are you an obvious target? If so, why? Is your home or location easily visible and/or vulnerable? What are the things you can do to create more deterrents so that you may be passed by?

Also ask yourself this… What will you do if a group of thugs bash into your home from the back and the front with overwhelming force? Think it couldn’t happen? Home invasions happen all the time, and we’re not even in a collapse situation!

There are very many questions and there are even more answers to them, all worth lots of words and discussion. The intent of this is to invite you to understand and accept who your greatest enemy may be, should our society collapse into a heap of dung.

Once you accept that, then it’s on to solutions… to follow.


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