You Will Comply For The Sake Of SAFETY And SECURITY


All they need to do is put ‘safety and ‘security‘ in front of just about anything and people will comply. After all, only criminals or terrorists would be against anything that people have to comply with for their own ‘safety and security’, right? …

Strip search, Back-scatter scan, Hands down the pants, Grope the privates, Shoes off, Hands up, Grandma to the special room, Search the boy in the wheelchair, the Freeze-in-place drill, Test your drink at the gate, the Questioning – where are you going, and why? – step over here please, the new Stress scanners, papers please…

Billion(s) rounds of ammo purchase, Automatic weapons purchases, Armored vehicles, Grants and Militarizing the American police forces, Molecular laser scanners, Drones, Crime prediction technology, License plate scanners/trackers, EO’s to take over all communication systems, EO’s to classify preppers and constitutionalists as domestic terrorists, Lock-down a city region of millions, internal training documents that Paul Revere and the likes were terrorists, illegal searches…

Recording all your email, texts, tweets, posts, FB conversations, phone calls, website visits, store purchases, locations, habits, TV viewing, mail/letter envelopes scanned, your financial transactions, your medical records…

Well, it’s all for your safety and security – don’t ya know…

It is now so unbelievably and amazingly easy for your government (any government?) to do whatever it wants, as long as they say it’s for your safety and security.

The FED, Bubbles, Phony zero interest rates, Bail-outs, Bail-ins, Manipulation, Artificial Wall Street, High frequency trading, Illusion, Printing, Buying the government debt, Pulling the strings, Running the world…

People are so completely ignorant of what is really happening here…

The citizens are so afraid, that they are willing to comply with anything, so long as it’s for their ‘safety and security’. No questions asked. No further thoughts.

I read recently,

“How this has not led to outright revolution in the Land of the Free is beyond me.”

“At this point, the Founding Fathers’ list of grievances nearly pales in comparison to the indignities and injustices to liberty that people suffer today under their government.”

-Soverign Man

The next time you hear a government ‘official’ or news media proclaim that we ‘must’ take action because it is for our own safety and security… please think about what ‘it’ is, and do not accept their rationale as entirely legitimate.

You must ask questions. Be skeptical. Be analytical. Do not comply blindly and willingly. Know your rights. Don’t make it easy for them. Know your Constitution. Understand how the government is ‘supposed’ to work. Know their boundaries.

Anyone with a brain can see what is happening, and our fast eroding freedoms and liberties. One day it will be too late, if it isn’t already (realistically, it probably is). You must say and do something, now. Let your voice be heard.

The reason I bring this up today is influenced by the current march towards war with Syria, which will likely lead to Iran and WWIII. Most all Americans are currently against this, while the war-mongering politicians feet are still pushing down on the pedal – full throttle.

We have a unique opportunity in history, right now, to stop Congress. Let them know how you feel. Our government is looking for trouble – they’ve certainly been preparing for internal trouble – let’s not let them have it…

Find your representative – U.S. House
Find your Senator – U.S. Senate



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