At Thanksgiving and Christmas you can usually find bargains on Turkeys. Sometimes BIG bargains.

I’ve seen Turkey less than $0.50 a pound. In fact just a few days ago 38-cents a pound, as a special!

After You Buy The Cheap Turkey…

Cook the turkey on day 1 and put it in the fridge overnight after it’s done.

Next day cut it up, putting all the meat in a big bowl. Put back in the fridge.

Separately put all the scrap and bones in a large pot with about 8 quarts of water. Simmer the scarp & bones for at least 3 hours .

Now it’s time to can. I like 3/4 full of meat topped off with broth. You can easily get 7 quarts of meat and broth from an 18 lb turkey, and you can get about 5-6 more quarts of broth only.

This is sooooo good just like Thanksgiving year round.

I generally dump the broth in a pan and make gravy. Then put the meat in to warm up. Serve with mashed potatoes and a veggie and you will wonder why you didn’t can more of this!

P.S. You could cook it and can it all in one day. I just find it a lot easier to get all the meat out of the turkey once it’s cold. Pulling a hot turkey apart with your hands is no fun!


You might take advantage of cheap prices of Turkey after the Holiday is over. Or immediately before when they put it on Sale to get rid of their last inventory.

Can it! Shop smart, save money!

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