Don’t let an ‘apparent’ economic recovery fool you into spending more of your money foolishly!

Economic Recovery? Are You Kidding Me?

If you have pulled back on your spending during the past year or two since the meltdown of the stock market in 2008, go ahead and keep on scrimping and being smart with your money. The main stream media and government politicians want you to believe that things are much better now and they are hoping and planning that you will start spending more of your money.

There are ongoing efforts to maintain the philosophy of a throw-away society, and a society where we should keep up with the Joneses by buying the latest shiny things, bling, new cars, gadgets and toys. Instead, in our opinion, you should be spending your discretionary money on survival preparedness, a well stocked and secure home, and on tools and skills for self-sufficient living.

Not a whole lot has actually changed to justify the Wall Street comeback since March, 2009 other than massive company layoffs and other tricks to maintain or squeeze higher profit margins. The majority of consumers have not much, if any more money to spend than they did immediately before the 2008 crash. So why then does the main stream continue to spout off that things are getting so much better? Maybe the bankster gangsters of Wall Street are flush with money, but Main Street is not. How many vacant store fronts do you see around you in your travels? Lots, I’m sure.

Don’t let the attempted brainwashing get to you. Stick to your plan and keep preparing for worse times ahead. The economies of the world are teetering, and are essentially intertwined as a stacked house-of-cards that could come tumbling down at any time, and very quickly.

Many (or all?) fiat (paper) currencies are currently being challenged for their worth. Governments are severely in debt and owe billions and trillions of dollars. Lenders are realizing that there is little or no chance of being paid back at present levels of value. Governments would like nothing more than to continue to dilute the value of paper money (print and create more out of thin air) so to pay back existing debt with future money which is worth far less. This means that your money will continue to purchase less and less product as time goes on. Governments will (are) also looking for new ways to tax us. Hide your wallets.

What Should We Spend Our Money On?

So, what should we be doing with our money? In my opinion, first and foremost, check for spending hemorrhaging and stop the bleeding! Are you shopping for essentials or wants? Are you shopping smart?

Any debt should be paid down, especially any non-house-mortgage debt like credit cards, car loans, or other higher interest rate loans. Debt is THE life blood of the beast that keeps people shackled.

Thinking back to the days of our grand parents and great grand parents, debt was unheard of. People knew how to take care of themselves back then. What I mean by that is, people were able to survive without the help of government and social programs. They were largely self-sufficient. It is incredible what has happened in just a few short generations. The problem is, it is so bad now, that those of us who are somewhat self-sufficient will be adversely affected by those who are not – when TSHTF. Desperation will lead to unrest and violence.

Pay down all debt beginning with the debt with the highest interest rate. Pay the most you can afford on that one while paying minimums on whatever else you have. It is extremely important and beneficial to pay more than the minimum payment itself, the extra of which will go directly to the principal balance and greatly reduce the time to pay it all off. Once it is paid off, move to the next highest interest debt and continue until it is all gone. Being debt free will bring on an amazing feeling of joy. While you are paying off your debt, it is important to visualize and imagine this feeling. It will help tremendously. Believe it! It will happen!

While you are paying off your debt, it is advisable to spend some extra money on developing at least a minimal food storage supply. Your survival is more important than that of the bank. The amount of food storage is a personal decision and will depend upon the number of people in the household that you will be supporting. It should be fairly easy to save up at least a one month supply of extra food that could be used in the event of a minor disruption. Once you have established that minimum, go ahead and build up more if your instincts tell you to. I personally would recommend a next goal of a 3 to 6 month supply before challenging yourself for even more.

If you buy the foods that you normally eat, and if you rotate your stock, you will be saving money in the long run because food prices will always continue to rise. The more usable food storage that you have, the more money you will have effectively saved. The peace of mind of having significant food storage will surprise you. Knowing that you have in your possession, a quantity of an essential element of survival, you will discover that you have a new outlook and attitude towards life. You will feel empowered like you never have before. You can snub your nose at ‘the system’ and continue to move on towards other self-sufficiency preparations. It really is a rewarding way of life, and one that will give you a calm sense of happiness and satisfaction. You will sleep better at night.

A warning though, if you take the Red pill and go down this road of survival preparedness, your eyes will open to many things including what is really going on around you in this crazy world. Once you see it, there’s no turning back (for those of you that have watched The Matrix). If you would like to remain ignorantly bliss, just take the Blue pill and go down with the ship…

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