How often has it happened to you after purchasing a product, that you discovered it was inferior or even damaged in some way, but you didn’t return it or notify the manufacturer or distributor of the problem?

You were aggravated, but there were a number of reasons holding you back from complaining about the product, including the following reasons…

Your time is worth more than the effort involved in filing a complaint.
Your life is too busy to deal with it, unless it was an expensive item.
You found a way around the defect and are just ‘living with it’ the way it is.

Here’s a simple but aggravating example…

On occasion I’ve been duped into believing that the hardware I had purchased was strong enough to hold up to the normal stresses of ordinary installation and use. I have purchased ordinary wood screws of various sizes, only to discover that the screw heads will ‘strip’ with hardly any excessive torque being applied whatsoever. This was due to the fact that the company selling them had purchased ‘cheap’ soft screws made of poor quality and manufacture, and hardly if any hardening techniques applied during the manufacturing process. This was from a well know hardware store chain! Junk. I had to throw them all out with disgust.

It is genuinely difficult to find good, well made products that will hold up and endure what used to be considered ‘normal’ wear and tear. The advancements in modern engineering design and manufacturing have enabled products to be built that are barely on the edge of holding themselves together, with little margin of ability to endure shock, dropping, bumping, etc.

It is so easy today to design ‘cheap’ and to build ‘cheap’. And in fact, nearly all products today are built with this philosophy in mind. ‘They’ have researched and discovered the point at which they can get away with building cheap stuff compared with the point at which a threshold-number of people reject the product due to its being ‘too’ cheap. This maximizes their profits of course. The problem is, we pay for it and accept it.

I have been guilty myself at times, of not complaining when I encounter aggravating circumstances with a product that I’ve purchased with a certain expectation as to its quality, only to discover it is far inferior to that which I had expected.

I’m old enough now to have experienced a time when things were made well. Things were often heavy duty by default. Things lasted longer. They were built better, stronger. Nowadays, forget about it – good luck finding it.

We live in a throwaway society, a generation of people who know know no other way. The system absolutely loves this, because it keeps people buying new stuff when it doesn’t last, or when it breaks.

If you are disgusted with this, then start complaining to your retailer AND to the manufacturer! We all must begin to take the time, even though the product in question may not be worth our time. If we remain silent, NOTHING will change.

Today it is pretty easy to find the manufacturer’s contact information on the internet. Just Google it. Then, it may be more effective to actually write a letter rather than email them. Send it to the Director of Sales. Same thing with the Retailer. Send them a letter!


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