Winter Thermostat Money Savings


During the winter, a great opportunity to save some money is by reducing your heating bill. How? By turning down your thermostat! Simple enough, right? Even better is to utilize a programmable digital thermostat – the type that can be set with multiple programs to automatically adjust the temperature for nighttime, weekends, etc.

Try turning down the thermostat 5 or even 10 degrees at night, and then turn it up again in the morning while you brew the coffee. If you can get used to that, you’ll probably save up to 10 percent of your heating bill.

When you’ll be out during the evening, turn down the thermostat. If you’ll be away for the weekend, lower the thermostat significantly. You’ll save on heating without risking a freeze-up of your pipes.

Whenever you can lower your thermostat significantly for a few days or more, you’ll even save some operating costs of the refrigerator and freezer, which won’t need to work so hard to maintain their cool.

A common myth is that when you lower the thermostat for a few hours, it will take more heat to bring your home back up to the desired temperature. This is not so. You will save money and fuel because your heating system will not have to keep your home so warm. You will use less energy overall even when you warm up your house from a cooler temperature.

For greater savings and comfort, install a programmable thermostat. They are available for most every type of heating system. With this type of thermostat, you can have the heat turned up before you get up in the morning and lowered just as you get into bed. Most of these thermostats come with several adjustable programs allowing you to set the home for multiple situations (at night, while at work, weekends, etc.).

The most popular Honeywell digital programmable thermostat


So, while modern survival includes the notion of frugality during today’s uncertain economic times, what are you going to do with all that money you’ll save? Maybe buy a few more preparedness supplies?


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