Alien Life Confirmed by NASA Astrobiologist

Credit: Journal of Cosmology

Richard B. Hoover, Ph.D. and Astrobiology Group Leader at NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, recipient of the SPIE society Gold Medal, has discovered fossilized extraterrestrial life and published the findings in the March Journal of Cosmology.

The Astrobiologist has been collecting and studying meteorites for a decade, and has come to the startling conclusion (for some) that we are not alone in the universe.

Using a scanning-electron microscope and a field emission electron-scanning microscope in a sterile environment, a unique and rare type of meteorite (CI1 carbonaceous chondrites) was cracked open and what fell out of the bits were what appeared to be fossilized bacteria as well as other unrecognizable organisms.

Some of the organisms were stunningly similar to those found here on earth while others looked very strange and were not recognizable.

Certain that the study would be controversial, the Journal apparently invited over 5,000 scientists to review the study and invited critical analysis. According to a report on FoxNews, Dr. Rudy Schild, a scientist with the Harvard-Smithsonian’s Center for Astrophysics and the editor-in-chief of the Journal of Cosmology said, “No other paper in the history of science has undergone such a thorough vetting, and never before in the history of science has the scientific community been given the opportunity to critically analyze an important research paper before it is published.”

Credit: Journal of Cosmology

Credit: Journal of Cosmology

What does this all mean?
It is interesting how there has been more and more ‘official’ hints and mention lately regarding the possibility of the existence of alien life or extraterrestrial life. Check out the Hollywood summer film lineup for 2011, which includes a number of ‘alien’ related films. Sounds like it’s going main stream.

I suppose that any reasonably logical person could not deny that there are others out there in the mind-numbing expanse of the universe.

We are not alone…

So long as they don’t like the taste of humans…

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