Angry Face on the Sun?


Thought you might find this interesting… While keeping an eye on the enormous sunspot region 1339 as it moves across the solar surface and begins to face the Earth – threatening to explode into a CME, I couldn’t help but notice the very extraordinary ‘face’ that has developed on the surface of the Sun.

This happened before, nearly exactly 11 months ago to the day, during Dec-8-2010.

The large sunspot that we posted about yesterday is the ‘right eye’ in the images (the ‘eye’ on the left as you face the image).

Just coincidence, or, is the Sun trying to warn us 🙁

Real time images from the Solar Dynamics Observatory


Other than the interesting observation itself, from a preparedness standpoint, I challenge you to visualize what life would be like without our power grid. Although rare, a large enough Flare / CME could bring it down one day. All our eggs are in one basket… electricity.

CME, Coronal Mass Ejection, a very large emission of plasma from the sun, a large-scale solar event involving an ejection of hot plasma that may accelerate charged particles and travel as far as the Earth’s orbit, preceded by a shock front that may create a magnetic storm on Earth.

Our way of life has a single point of failure. There is one single point of failure for all of the systems that bring us our modern day way-of-life, and that is the power transmission system grid, or electric grid – electricity.


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